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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Lync is an enterprise ready unified commutations platform and offers the following features:

  • Instant Messaging and Presence
  • Desktop and application sharing
  • Polling
  • Soft Phone
  • Conferencing (very similar to WebEx and Adobe Connect)
  • Online meetings
  • Integration with campus phone system

What username and password do I use to log into MS Lync 2010?

Use your MavMAIL username and password.

Where can I get the Lync Client?

  • Windows Client can be installed from the "Run Advertised Programs" in your control panel. Or you can manually install Lync from \\mavdisk\software\Staff\Microsoft\Lync-Client\Lync-PC\
  • Macintosh Client can only be installed from \\mavdisk\software\Staff\Microsoft\Lync-Client\Lync-Mac\
  • MavCHAT or Lync is integrated into the new MavMAIL.

What is Instant Messaging and Presence?

Instant messaging lets you send quick short messages to one or multiple people.

Presence enables real-time status of staff, faculty and students (based on calendar information, login/activity status, and user preference) to be displayed across the University to enable users to contact the right person using a quick chat session.

Available Presence states: Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Be Right Back, Away, Appear Offline.

How do I change my presence status?

Presence is automatically updated based on your MavMAIL or Outlook Calendar. If you want to change your presence status, you can do so by clicking the small arrow next to the Presence indicator in MavMAIL or Lync.

MOC Presence screenshot Presence indicator screenshot

How do I start a chat session with someone in my contact list?


Double-Click the name of the person you would like to chat with. A pop-up window will appear.List of contacts close-up in MavMAIL


Double-Click the name of the person you would like to chat with. A pop-up window will appear. In the pop-up window you can start typing a message to that person. Notice that IM (Instant Messaging) is selected. contact im


How do I share my desktop or an application?

In your chat window, click on the down arrow next to "Share". Then you can select the monitor you would like to share, and this will only display your selection. You can use the same process to share an application.  In the chat window, click on the down arrow next to the word "Share" and select your program. A new window will open up, in which you can choose what you would like to share. The other people in your meeting will only see your selection.share monitor

How can I create an online poll?

In your chat window, click on the down arrow next to "Share" and select "New Poll", which you can name in the "Create a Poll" box. A newly created poll can be used later in an online meeting or chat session. Write your question in the question box, and your offered answer under "Choices". Click 'OK' to start sharing the poll.

poll question poll answer

How can I create an Online Meeting with Outlook?

After you have Lync installed, there will be a new button in the Outlook rib that says "New Online Meeting" in the calendar view. Click the "New Online Meeting" button.

outlook new online meeting

In the body of your meeting message you will notice some instructions on how to join the meeting. The attendees can join by clicking the "Join online meeting" link, or you can copy the URL to a web browser. You can also join the meeting by phone.

join online meeting

Once you click on the URL to join the meeting, it will automatically launch Lync. If you do not have Lync installed, a web page will open instead, and offer three options:

  1. Join the meeting using your web browser.
  2. Download and install Lync Attendee
  3. Use Communicator

join meeting web

Joining the meeting with your web browser comes with two options. Join as a guest, which is very useful for attendees who are not students, faculty or staff at Minnesota State University, Mankato. They will have limited functionality in the meeting, but they do have an option to type their name and then click "Join Meeting".


Guests will have to wait in the lobby to be admitted by the presenters who are hosting the meeting. The presenter will have to click on "Admit" in Lync or *8 on their phone to allow everyone in.

admit jim

Now that everyone has been admitted to the meeting, the meeting can begin. Make sure to look at other sections of the document that discuss joining a meeting using your phone, sharing your desktop or using polls.

web client done

How can I create an Ad Hoc Meeting?

To start an Ad-Hoc meeting click on the down triangle settings gear in the upper right hand corner and select "Meet Now". This will start a "Group Conversation". To add people to your Ad-Hoc meeting, you can drag and drop names from the contact list into the group conversation window. If you click on the "Join Information and Meeting Options" link, you will see the details for the meeting. There will be a dial-in number. (507) 389-2800 and a conference ID: ##### followed by a meeting link. The meeting link can be emailed to anyone so they can join the meeting through a web browser.

meeting options

How can I attend a meeting using a phone?

To attend a meeting using your phone dial (507)389-2800 and then enter the conference ID of the meeting that you would like to join. The conference ID can be found in the "Join Information and Meeting Options" within your meeting or if the meeting information that was emailed to you.

Can people who are not faculty, staff or students attend an Online Meeting?

Yes, but you will need to send them the meeting link through email. Once they click on the link, a web page will open. If they have Lync install on the computer, it will automatically start and join them to the meeting. If Lync is not installed, the web page will provide links to join the meeting using the web browser, download and install Lync Attendee or use Microsoft Communicator. Joining the meeting with a web browser will be the easiest option.

What is the difference between using a web browser or Lync Attendee to join a meeting?

Lync Web App or joining a meeting with your web browser will give you basic Lync functionality. You can instant message, share your desktop or share a program. Lync Web App does not have voice or video. However, you can still call into the meeting with a telephone, or if you have enterprise voice enabled with your Lync account, Lync can call you.

Lync Attendee does not have the contact list that Lync has. Lync Attendee cannot initiate meetings. But it still can join meetings with instant messaging, voice, video and program and desktop sharing.

How can I record a meeting?

In a group conversation click on the two ">>" near the upper right hand corner and select "Start Recording". This will announce to all participants that the meeting is being recorded.record
This will record the following actions in the meeting:

  • Instant messages
  • Voice
  • Video
  • Desktop sharing
  • Application sharing
  • Powerpoint
  • Polling
  • White board

recording stop

To stop recording, click on the stop button in the lower right hand corner. It looks like a square. Once the recording has stopped, Lync Recording Manager will open or display a balloon message near the clock that Lync Recording Manager is processing the recording. You can also open Lync Recording Manager by using the start menu. Once the status is complete, the recording can be played. The recordings are saved on the local computer running Lync in .wmv format. This format can be play with Windows Media Player.

recording manager

Can I chat with someone outside of MSU (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, and Google)?

At this time, Lync can only communicate with other Lync users in our campus organization.

Where can I find more information?

If you would like more information regarding Lync, please contact the ITS Help Desk @ x6654.

MavCHAT is a subset of features available from the Microsoft Lync 2010 Server. Go to for more information on Microsoft Lync 2010.