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Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Do you cover your mouth when you cough?

You should, for the same reason you shouldn't open up emails from unknown addresses or suspicious addresses. They could spread viruses across campus faster than the common cold.

Do you accept friend requests from strangers on Facebook?

You shouldn't. And you shouldn't share details about your personal life with strangers on social media or anywhere online.

Would you share your ATM PIN?

Never! So don't share your passwords either. Protect yourself by changing your passwords regularly, and by keeping them to yourself.

Would you touch a hot stove?

Of course not! So don't get burned by opening attachments from unknown senders or clicking on links in suspicious emails. That puts you, and the rest of the University, at risk for cyber attacks.

Do you lock up your bike when you
leave it outside?

You should. And you should lock your computer whenever you leave it as well. Keep your data, and the University, safe.

Would you leave your wallet unattended?

No. So don't leave your phone, tablet or laptop out either. It only takes a second for someone to walk away with it. And if you don't have it password-protected, they can take all your contacts and personal data too.

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Let us help you protect yourself.


Information Security

Information & Technology Services Security helps protect your personal information, ensure your continued productivity and preserve the University's reputation that is essential to attract and retain students, faculty and staff.