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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Protect your devices

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Keep track of your devices at all times!

Would you leave a pile of $1,000 sitting around for someone to steal? The data on your computer is just as valuable if not more.

Your smart phone is not a "phone" its a highly portable computer! It has all the processing power and data storage capability of your laptop. Hackers love smart phones becuase they are the least protected of all of your devices. Smart phones have a very short security life. While Microsoft Windows continues to receive updates for up to 10 years, smart phones get updates for only a year or two after they stop being sold.

What do I have that hackers would want? I don't have anything on my computer worth their time.


Your computer contains all of your online activity. All of this activity can be put together to steal your identity!  Your identity is who you are everywhere. With your identity, hackers can ruin your life.  Cleaning up identity theft can take months or even years. 

University Technology Assets

Univeristy technology assets (devices with permanent storage) must be inventoried and tracked at all times so that we know what have to protect and where it is.

Any time these devices are passed from person to person or disposed of, they must be scrubbed and reloaded by the IT Solutions Center. Data Scrubbing is the equivalent of a REALLY good eraser.  Reloading the operating system is like repainting and patching a car. It puts a new shine on it and patches all of the holes.  This helps keep us secure as well as helps keep track of our inventory.

Old devices laying around can have private data on them. Would you leave all of your credit card numbers laying around for someone to steal?  Old devices can have credit card and other personal information stored on them for hackers to steal!  

Whenever you are assigned a University technology assets, you are responsible for it. Do you want to continue to be responsible for something that is no longer in your posession?  When you are ready to pass that device to someone else, contact the IT Solutions Center and let them know you are passing the device to someone else. They can arrange to pick up the device and have it delivered back to the new person.

Whenever you have a device you no longer need, contact the IT Solutions Center to let them know the device is ready to be recycled.