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ITS Services

On this page, you'll find a list of all of ITS Services and current service status. To the left you'll find a list of some specific service areas that you may find useful. For questions about services, please contact the Service Desk, 507-389-6654.

Alphabetical List of All Services

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Service Status: Functioning normally Service Status: Functioning Normally
Service Status: Experiencing Performance ChallengesService Status: Experiencing Performance Challenges
Service Status: System DownService Status: Service Down or Unavailable

Service Name Service Description Service Status
Audience Response System ChimeIn is Minnesota State Mankato's custom audience response service. This service allows audience members to participate by submitting feedback with the use of a web browser on any computing device or through text messaging using a cell phone. System Status: Normal
Badging This pilot service is designed to help faculty and departments interested in developing co-curricular assessment and credentialing systems for the curricula. System Status: Normal
Braille Translation Instructors using books or research articles in their courses are required by Section 508 of the ADA to provide equivalent alternatives for students with visual disabilities. ATS has nascent but emerging capacity to assist in braille translation of print materials for visually impaired learners. System Status: Normal
CAMPUS Account Management The CAMPUS username and password are the local credentials used for accessing services such as e-mail (MavMAIL), file sharing and storage (MavDISK), wireless network access (MavNET), Desire2Learn, and other services. A CAMPUS username and an official institutional e-mail address are automatically created and maintained for all individuals currently employed or enrolled at Minnesota State Mankato. System Status: Normal
Cell Phones Cell Phones can be ordered for business use with department approval. Use of cell phones must comply with Minnesota State Mankato and MnSCU policies, which can be found at http://www.mnsu.edu/telecomm/cellphones/. Service plans may include voice, data and text messaging service. System Status: Normal
Classroom Design The Classroom Design service provides consultation and planning for new technology enabled classrooms. This services is available for classrooms, conference rooms, computer and other specialized labs. System Status: Normal
Classroom Software Installation Installation of licensed software in classrooms and computer labs. System Status: Normal
Classroom Technology Upgrade Classroom Technology Upgrades can be reqeustsed for existing technology enabled classrooms to be updated or upgraded with new equipment. System Status: Normal
COB New Recommended Laptop Setup and Distribution Students purchasing one of the recommended College of Business laptop models from the Campus Computer may have their laptop setup and configured for use in COB Laptop Program courses by Information and Technology Services. Following the initial setup, students are asked to attend a distribution session that where information regarding hardware warranty, printing, and support services is presented. System Status: Normal
COB Reimage Students who are currently enrolled in a Collge of Busines laptop course with a recommended COB laptop model may have their personal laptop reimaged at any point. Reimaging a laptop will remove any previous data and replace the contents of their laptop with a fresh College of Business laptop setup and configuration. Students are asked to create a backup of their documents, pictures, music (all data) prior to bring their laptop in for this service. If assistance is needed with the file backup process this can be provided. System Status: Normal
COB Software Installation Students that are enrolled in a College of Business Laptop Program course and have an approved laptop may ask to have COB licensed software installed.

The following software is available for installtion:
Office 2010, Project 2010, Visio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2007, Smart Board, Symantec EndPoint Protection
System Status: Normal
Computer Accessory Setup and Configuration Assistance is available for departmental purchases of computer accessories from the campus computer store, including desktop printers, scanners and external hard drives. System Status: Normal
Computer and Accessory Purchasing The Campus Computer Store sells desktops, laptops, printers and many other technology accessories. We offer computer sales of Apple, Dell and HP with warranties that can be serviced here on campus through the IT Service Desk. Most items are sold at educational rates or priced low to offer the best value to students, employees and departments. System Status: Normal
Computer Surplus The Computer Surplus service is the official University method for disposing of State asset tagged computer equipment. System Status: Normal
Conference Calling A Conference Call using Meet-Me will allow for up to 100 callers from on or off campus to partipate in a conference call. This service provides a special conference number to be called into by conference participants. Off campus callers are responsible for any long distance charges incurred while dialing into this conference call. System Status: Normal
Consulting Information and Technology Services will provide professional consulting services to help identify the best solution to meet your technology needs. If ITS does not offer a service that meets your needs, we will work with you to find a solution from an alternative provider. System Status: Normal
Course Transformation Program The Course Transformation Program is a program designed to allow Colleges and/or Departments to co-invest to promote faculty innnovation and redesign in their courses. The program can take different forms and formats, but often includes a stipend for faculty Duty Days as well as money for technology or technology tools to help transform a course to make it more engaging and improve student learning and motivational outcomes. System Status: Normal
Curriculum Design Support Designing a curriculum can be tricky. ATS provides services to help colleges and departments define broad curricular goals, articulate all external requirements (such as accrediting body standards), and develop a clear, comprehensive plan for their courses that help drive toward those overarching outcomes. System Status: Normal
Customized Training Each college and department within Minnesota State Mankato is unique, as are their training and support needs. We offer customized training related to a range of technologies and tools, whatever your needs may be. System Status: Normal
Data Integration Data integration services allow third-party applications that have been purchased for local installation on Minnesota State Mankato servers or hosted remotely as "software as a service" (SaaS) to access data from University or MnSCU systems. System Status: Normal
D2L course web site support ATS serves as the primary support mechanism for D2L and provides all support, training, and liaison with MNSCU support services. While we have little control over the actual servers in D2L, including upgrade schedules and the services provided, which are handled nearly entirely by MNSCU, we serve as the primary support team that bridges the MNSCU system with the Minnesota State Mankato faculty and students and advocates on behalf of our faculty at the MNSCU level. System Status: Normal
Digital Signage This service provides consultation and technical support in joining the digital signage system on campus. System Status: Normal
Document Imaging Using ImageNow, the document imaging solution provides employees in colleges, divisions and departments with instant access to the infomration they require without having to search for physical documents. ImageNow also allows automated workflows to increase efficiency and productivity. System Status: Normal
eAcademy Software Download Actively enrolled students can download the current version of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows at no charge. Download is through eAcademy which is available through the software download page http://www.mnsu.edu/its/student_software/. System Status: Normal
eBooks/iBooks Development This pilot service is designed to help faculty interested in developing eBooks/iBooks for their courses as a means of providing students with additional modes for accessing content and conducting ongoing assessment via mobile devices, and perhaps of saving students money by providing free textbook alternatives. System Status: Normal
E-Commerce Event Registration The e-commerce event registration service allows the creation of an online registration website. In addition registration, this service can be used to sell products or tickets for general admission seating. System Status: Normal
Enterprise system landscape monitoring and development ATS is regularly monitoring innovations in the space of enterprise systems related to academic technology and making recommendations at the University level for adoption of new tools. We are happy to collaborate with you to help identify new enterprise tools that can help your department or college fulfill its strategic mission. System Status: Normal
Faculty Development Each college and department within Minnesota State Mankato is unique, as are their faculty's training needs. In collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, ATS offers both University-wide training, such as our Certificate in Excellence in Online Teaching and Learning, and customized faculty development opportunities through our Enriching Learning Environments (ELE) program. System Status: Normal
Game and Simulation Development This pilot service is designed to help faculty interested in developing games and simulations for their courses as a means of providing students with additional modes for practice and assessment in simulated, "authentic" assessment models. System Status: Normal
GMetrix SMS Practice Test Software Practice test software to prepare for official Microsoft Certification tests. Current students, faculty and staff can download and install practice test software at no additional cost.

Stakeholders are College of Business Accounting majors.
System Status: Normal
Guest Accounts Faculty and staff who which to sponsor guest access to the MavNET wireless network can create guest accounts through an online web form. Guest accounts will also allow guests to log into public lab computers on campus. Every person that makes use of computer systems and network access provided by Minnesota State University, Mankato is expected to abide by the MnSCU Acceptable Use of Computers policy (http://www.mnscu.edu/board/procedure/522p1.html). By sponsoring these guest accounts you agree to make the users aware of the policy and you agree to take responsibility for any misuse of these accounts. System Status: Normal
Information Security - Copyright Takedown Digital material that is being hosted by University computer systems in violation of copyright law may be taken down or blocked in accordance with applicable law. System Status: Normal
Information Security - IT Investigation Information and Technology Services will gather documentation about a user’s computer and network activity on campus as part of an official investigation. This service does not include suspicious activity of third-party services (such as Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc.). System Status: Normal
Innovation Support Departments and colleges interested in general consulting services to help createa broad technology plan for their department are encouraged to contact ATS to develop a customized plan for their longer-term technological strategic needs. We'll collaborate with your local stakeholders, including your college's technology director, to help ower your strategic vision. System Status: Normal
Instructional Design Support Developing learning goals and designing and aligning course activities and assessments to those goals is trickier than it first appears. Our team of trained instructional designers can help make connections between your instructional goals, the literature on effective practices, and technology to help you optimize your students' learning and motivational outcomes. System Status: Normal
Instructional Innovation Consulting The world of instructional technology and technology-enhanced learning is changing rapidly. ATS is constantly watching for new technologies and pedagogical strategies on the horizon to ensure that faculty and students at Minnesota State Mankato receive the best opportunities afforded by the best teaching and learning strategies that are emerging in the research literature. System Status: Normal
Instructional Lanscape Monitoring and Development ATS is regularly monitoring innovations in instructional design and pedagogical practice and making recommendations at the University level for the adoption of emergent effective practices. We are happy to collaborate with you to help identify new instructional design and pedagogical practice that can help your department or college fulfill its strategic mission. System Status: Normal
ISRS Data Reports MnSCU ISRS data reporting is available to University personnel for ad hoc reports on essential services. System Status: Normal
Land Line Phones Land line phones are availalbe for faculty, staff and department offices on campus to provide telephone services. The cost of a land line phone is $16.50 per month. System Status: Normal
Lecture Capture: Camtasia Relay We offer a suite of support tools for lecture capture, including Camtasia Relay, a tool that allows instructors to record lectures on their personal computer and upload it to Kaltura, our media management system. System Status: Normal
Lecture Capture: HD Lecture Capture Studio We offer a suite of support tools for lecture capture, including our high-definition lecture capture studio in the Faculty Resource Center. The HD Lecture Capture Studio allows faculty to record their course lectures in high-definition quality with "Hollywood" quality audio, lighting, and video. The files can then be converted and uploaded to Kaltura, our media management system. System Status: Normal
Lecture Capture: iSpring We offer a suite of support tools for lecture capture, including iSpring and iSpring converter, a tool that allows instructors to record lectures on their personal computer by recording audio directly into their PowerPoint slides. The files can then be converted and uploaded to Kaltura, our media management system. System Status: Normal
Licensed Software Installation Software installation services are available from the IT Service Desk for all campus licensed software as well as software licenses purchsed through the Campus Computer Store. System Status: Normal
Live Event Production ATS manages a team of student videographers called Mav Visual Productions. This team of well-trained inviduals can produce and stream a live event for you, such as athletic events, colloquia, student events, or theater productions. System Status: Normal
Loaner Laptops Loaner laptops are available for use when an employee's departmental computer or a College of Business student's approved laptop is being serviced for software or hardware issues. System Status: Normal
Long Distance A long distance code allows the user of a land line phone to make long distance telephone calls at a rate or 5.5 cents per minute. System Status: Normal
Malware Removal from Personal Computers Assistance removing malware from personal computers is available through the IT Service Desk as a fee-based service. This includes the removal of computer viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other forms of malicious software. System Status: Normal
MavAPPS v1 MavAPPS is a remote desktop service that allows authorized users to run university software remotely over broadband internet. MavAPPS can be used from any computer that meets the minimum requirements. Using MavAPPS is similar to using a regular workstation on campus. Files can be retrieved from and saved to MavDISK, and printing using MavPRINT is available. System Status: Normal
MavAPPS v2 MavAPPS is an on-demand application delivery solution that enables users to run computer lab software remotely over broadband internet on a variety of devices. Using MavAPPS provides the same level of access as using a regular workstation on campus, allowing users to connect from anywhere they have internet access to perform the work they need. System Status: Normal
MavCHAT MavCHAT provides users with instant messaging, presence status of other users (online, offline, busy, in a meeting, etc.), web and phone conferencing, and desktop sharing services. MavCHAT is powered by Microsoft Lync and is available through the Lync application or through the MavMAIL online application. System Status: Normal
MavDISK File server space is available to the University community through MavDISK. Storage space can be used by individuals and departments for file storage and sharing. MavDISK can also be used by individuals to host their personal webpage. Course folders are automatically generated for use by each class at Minnesota State Mankato. System Status: Normal
MavGUEST MavGUEST provides guests to Minnesota State Mankato wireless network access in the Centenial Student Union as well as other locations during special events. System Status: Normal
MavMAIL MavMAIL is the email service provided to members of the Minnesota State Mankato campus community. MavMAIL is available online at http://mavmail.mnsu.edu and can be accessed with most email applications. In addition to email, MavMAIL has calendaring, contact and task features as well as being integrated with MavCHAT to provide presence status of other users and instant messaging. System Status: Normal
MavNET MavNET provided both encrypted and unencrypted wireless access to the Internet and campus information resources. Authentication is required using a CAMPUS user account. System Status: Normal
MavPRINT As part of your Student Technology Fees, students can print 300 pages each semester at no charge at numerous building on campus with some 50+ printers available. Charges run at $0.05/page for Black and White printing, and $0.40/page for Color. Please review http://www.mnsu.edu/its/started/mavprint/ for addition information on this service. System Status: Normal
MavePRINT Mobile Printing Addition to Pharos Uniprint system that allows printing from mobile devices for currently enrolled ​students with valid MavPRINT accounts. Charges are same for black and color prints.

NOTE: students MUST configure their mobile devices to use MavPRINT as a sent-from address. MavPRINT Mobile Printing will use the MavMAIL senders address to link to the student's accounts. A message or document received from an outside address such as yahoo.com and spam messages received will be discarded and not available at the release station.
System Status: Normal
Media Captioning Support Instructors using media in their courses are required by Section 508 of the ADA to provide equivalent alternatives for students with hearing disabilities. ATS has a well-developed process for captioning media, with a 3-5 day response time and nearly 100% accuracy. System Status: Normal
Media Consulting Increasingly, instructors, departments, and colleges are being asked to use media strategically for instruction, marketing, and a range of other purposes. ATS, in partnership with the University Integrated Marketing team, can help you think through your media production needs, and strategize about how you'll use media to further your departments' goals. System Status: Normal
Media Digitization Services Instructors are increasingly dependent on a wide range of media to support instruction. If you have a video or audio clip, we can help get it digitized and posted online, while assisting in making a four factors Fair Use analysis to ensure that we are as compliant as possible with copyright and intellectual property statutes. System Status: Normal
Microsoft Home Use Program Employees of Minnesota State University, Mankato may PURCHASE and download ONE copy of Microsoft Office Professional 2013 or Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac at a significantly reduced price for use on an employee's personally-owned computer.

Note: Microsoft Office 2013 and 2011 for Mac is available at no cost only on state-owned computers.
STUDENTS - As part of Student Technology fee, MSU students can download a FREE version of Office 2013 Pro for PC or Office 2011 for Mac, and Windows 7 Pro

Information is available at http://www.mnsu.edu/its/msoffice/

Download and installation support is provided by Digital River by telephone and e-mail.

Employees can download Office onto their personally-owned computers at home.

Requires an active @mnsu.edu MavMAIL account.
System Status: Normal
myMNSU Portal myMNSU gives MSU students, faculty and staff single-sign-on (S-S-O) access to their MavMAIL, MavDISK, MavCash, and D2L. They can view email, upload or download files, and open their D2L account with only one click. And if they select the Full S-S-O option, they also have one-click access to the MnSCU registration portal for courses, transcripts and tuition payments.

Other features allow personalization of the portal page with RSS news feeds. Add favorite external news, sports, or entertainment sources from the Internet using My News Feeds module in the left-hand navigation. Also available are other MNSU department and college news feeds.
System Status: Normal
Network Printer Configuration Network printers purchased by departments can be configured onto Minnesota State University Mankato's network and permissions controlled by ITS Staff. System Status: Normal
Network Printer Setup ITS will assign static IP numbers to LAN (Local area network) capible printers as requested. After which time we can create a Print Queue on our Print Server which allows us to assign access rights to printer as requested.

Any Uniface or ISRS printing alsor requires the printer to have Printer Control Language, or PCL5 support. Only around 40% of all new printer now support this printer code so please contact our Campus Computer store and let me know you need PCL5 support so we can ensure the printer you intend to purchase supports this needed protocol.

Please Note we do not assign static IP numbers to wireless printers at this time.
System Status: Normal
Non-Standard Computer Purchases Departments can request approval to purchase a non-standard computer when the computer hardware available for purchase through the Campus Computer Store does not meet their techincal or functional requirements. This exception must be approved by the VP or Dean of the purchasing department as well as Information and Technology Services. System Status: Normal
Official Web Sites for Colleges, Divisions, Departments, and Programs Web site creation, consulting, and editing support are all available to Colleges, Divisions, Departments, and Programs. This service includes creating and updating pate layout, graphics and content body. Tools allowing page owners to edit their own content are also available. System Status: Normal
Out-of-Warranty Hardware Repair Out-of-warranty hardware repairs are available for any computer hardware without warranty coverage or other repair services not covered under the warranty. Following a hardware diagnostic, possible problems are identified and a cost estimate for repairs is provided to the customer. This service requires a $35 diagnostic fee which is applied to the cost of the repair service. In cases where a problem cannot be identified, no diagnostic fee will be charged.

Refer to online service price guide at http://www.mnsu.edu/its/help/er.html for common repair, upgrade, and labor costs.
System Status: Normal
Personal / Individual Instructional Consultation Instructors interested in designing or reviewing their courses to help ensure alignment of their learning goals with their course activities can schedule an appointment with a member of our instructional design team to get personalized assistance in designing and building their course materials. System Status: Normal
ProductivityTools Support and Consulting Training in basic productivity tools such as the Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft OS are critical to the efficient functioning of the institution. ATS offers training through the Microsoft Academy, as well as asynchronous training through Atomic Learning, for these types of basic, yet useful, productivity tools. System Status: Normal
Quality Matters Support Quality Matters (QM) is the national gold standard for quality in online courses. The QM standards are based on robust instructional design principles. ATS has certified QM reviewers on staff, and we are happy to help you integrate Quality Matters principles into your course or your entire curriculum. We have also developed a list of QM recommendations for meeting the standards. System Status: Normal
Quality Matters Template Quality Matters (QM) is the national gold standard for quality in online courses. The QM standards are based on robust instructional design principles. ATS has developed a Quality Matters template in D2L that assists faculty in creating their course materials in compliance with the QM standards. System Status: Normal
Redistributed Computer Setup Redistribution of asset tag equipment for Minnesota State University, Mankato. Computer Setup and Software installed for academic and university business, NOT for faculty/staff personal use. System Status: Normal
Reimage of University Computer University owned computers that require a new operating system installation can be reimaged to provide users with a standard operating environment as well as access to all campus and departmentally licensed software. System Status: Normal
Request Classroom/Lab Scheduling Anyone can submit a request for a classroom/lab after all the colleges and departments have submitted their priority classroom/lab requests. System Status: Normal
Research Survey Support ATS provides support for research surveys through the use of a tool called Class Climate. System Status: Normal
ResTech Network Support If you are living in a residence community, ResTech Services provides support for registering your network connection with Charter as well as providing support for any connectivity issues you experience. System Status: Normal
ResTech Software Support ResTech Services provides students living in the residence hall communities with assistance installing operating systems, antivirus and malware removal software and web browsers. ResTech Services will also provide troubleshooting support to resolve operating system performance issues as well as removal of viruses and malware. System Status: Normal
Secure (Large) File Transfer MOVEit Securely provides a secure platform to send and receive large files to and from recipients within MnSCU as well as outside of MnSCU.

MOVEit Securely is used as a replacement for FTP, a service that had been discontinued by MSU because of its insecure nature.

MOVEit Securely (moveitsecurely.mnscu.edu) is a cloud service provided by and hosted by MnSCU for use of MnSCU schools. Authentication uses StarID (http://starid.mnscu.edu).

MnSCU support is available by MnSCU. For support requests or login issues, please e-mail tac-security@mnscu.edu.

Main contact for MnSCU is Denise Brandt - denise.brandt@so.mnscu.edu 652-556-0587

Browser supported is
IE 10.0
Mozilla/5.0 compatible.

Online technical manual is available https://moveitsecurely.mnscu.edu/doc/en/help.htm
System Status: Normal
Security Cameras The video surveillance camera service leverages the University’s existing network and storage resources with centrally managed IP-based security cameras. System Status: Normal
Service Desk Operating System Reinstallation Reinstallation of Operating System for student computers and Re-imaging of state owned computers For both Macintosh and Windows. System Status: Normal
SharePoint InfoPath Forms Information and Technology Services will work with individuals to convert paper based forms to electronic forms for their SharePoint sites. These forms need to be used for student or employees of MSU, because the forms will require a login to access them. SharePoint allows us limit the forms to specific people. We can also add workflows and approvals to these forms to automate the forms. System Status: Normal
SharePoint Site Setup SharePoint sites allow departments and RSOs the ability to work in a web-based collaborative environment. Information and Technology Services will work with individuals to get sites created that will work for their needs. During this process we will work with the individuals on who needs access to the site and what each person should be able to do on the site. System Status: Normal
SharePoint Workflow Information and Technology Services will work with individuals add workflows to their SharePoint forms and documents. Workflows could be as simple as sending an email if a document is added to a sharepoint library. We can also create workflows to automate some approval process for forms you have created in SharePoint. System Status: Normal
SoTL/SALT Applied Research Support Instructors at Minnesota State Mankato are at the cutting edge of teaching and learning research. The ATS team has experience in structuring research studies to evaluate the efficacy of your teaching innovations and help you find a journal that is right for your research study. System Status: Normal
Student Training Support: Atomic Learning Our team provides training and support for students in a wide range of technology tools through Atomic Learning. System Status: Normal
Student Training Support: Microsoft Academy Our team provides training and support for Microsoft Academy, a certification program in Microsoft products. System Status: Normal
Teaching with Life VideoConferencing and TelePresence Live videoconferencing and TelePresence offer new and novel ways for our faculty to engage learners across time and space. ATS offers services to help you learn how best to leverage the affordances of this technology and to teach effectively when your learners are at one or more remote locations. System Status: Normal
Teaching Tools Landscape Monitoring, Reporting, and Development ATS is regularly monitoring innovations in the space of cloud-based tools and apps related to academic technology and making recommendations at the University level. We are happy to collaborate with departments to help identify new cloud-based tools and apps that can help your department or college fulfill its strategic mission. System Status: Normal
URL Shortening URL shortening provides members of the Minnesota State Mankato campus community the ability to shorten web addresses while retaining the Minnesota State Mankato brand. System Status: Normal
Video Production ATS manages a team of student videographers called Mav Visual Productions. This team of well-trained inviduals can record and post-produce an event, interview, or colloquium for your departmen System Status: Normal
VPN (Virtual Private Network) VPN (virtual private network) is a direct and secure way to connect to Minnesota State Mankato's campus network remotely. VPN allows your computer to access resources on campus that are blocked from off-campus networks and the Internet by firewalls. VPN encrypts all data sent between your computer and the VPN server on Minnesota State Mankato's campus to prevent the ability to tap, capture or view your computer's network communication. VPN is particularly important for wireless laptop users. Minnesota State Mankato uses SSL to provide remote access to services that are not available over the Internet such as MavDISK. Two different VPN options are available. The SSL VPN service can be accessed using either a VPN client or through your web browser. System Status: Normal
Warranty Hardware Repair Warranty hardware repair service is available for computers purchased through the Campus Computer Store. Warranty work is performed by our certified repair center for Apple, HP and Dell computers.  System Status: Normal