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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Accessible Technologies

IT Professional Services MNSU - Standard available

The following IT services and support are available to assist with accessibility needs.


Service Categories
  • Accessibility Course Review

    Instructors can request an Accessibility Course Review to ensure the accessibility of course content.  This service is provided upon request for students with registered disabilities with Accessibility Resources. Priority is given to rich media such as recorded lectures, videos and movies and interactive media pieces used in the course.

  • Consulting

    Accessibility In collaboration with Accessibility Resources, Information and Technology Services is available to consult with instructors, faculty and students who a) have a registered disability, or b) work with or teach a person with a registered disability to ensure that course materials are accessible and that workplace accommodations are adequate.
    The delivery of the parameters for this service are determined by customer's goals. The resolution time defined for this service is for the delivery of a plan to execute the customer's defined goals.

  • Document Conversion

    Instructors using scanned materials in their courses are required by, Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, to provide equivalent alternatives for students with visual disabilities. Information and Technology Services has a process to assist in document conversion of print materials for visually impaired learners and is available to work with instructors and students to provide translated course materials.

  • Media Captioning

    Instructors using media in their courses are required, by Section 508 of the Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973, to provide equivalent alternatives for students with hearing disabilities. Information and Technology Services has a well-developed process for captioning media with nearly 100% accuracy available for instructors, faculty and students.

  • Media Digitization Services

    Instructors are increasingly dependent on a wide range of media to support instruction. If you have a video or audio clip, we can help get it digitized and posted online, while assisting in performing a four factors Fair Use analysis to ensure that we are as compliant as possible with copyright and intellectual property statutes.

Services Included
Charges for transcription/captioning may apply for groups outside of academic use. Estimates will be provided.

All Minnesota State University Mankato faculty, staff, and students may access these services.
Service Locations
All Campus Locations
Service Level Agreement: MNSU - Standard
Standard Service Level Agreement:
* Normal Response Time - 1 business day
* Normal Resolution Time- 5 business days

* Important Response Time – 1 business day
* Important Resolution Time- 3 business days

* Critical Response Time – 4 hours
* Critical Resolution Time - 1 business day
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