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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Connecting from IPaq Pocket PCs

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Windows CE - iPaq with Wireless card was used for creating these instructions

  1. Turn your Windows CE device on and go to the Today screen. (See Figure 1)
    Today screen
    Figure 1
  2. Touch the Start button and then choose Programs (See Figure 2)
    Start button screen
    Figure 2
  3. Open File Explorer (See Figure 3)
    Programs screen
    Figure 3
  4. Touch the Network Share button (See Figure 4)
    Network share screen
    Figure 4
  5. Enter the path of your MavDISK folder in the dialog box. (See Figure 5 for example)
    open screen
    Figure 5
  6. Your MavDISK folder will be displayed (See Figure 6)
    MavDISK folder screen
    Figure 6

Frequently Asked Questions about connecting

Can I connect from home?

No, currently ITS will be implementing a VPN which will allow patrons to connect from home as if they are on campus using the campus network.

Can I connect over wireless?

Yes, you can map the share as long as you are connected to the MSU wired or wireless network.