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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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MavPRINT Linux/CUPS Printing

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This document is written with Debian Etch in mind, though it should be adaptable for other distributions. All of these instructions assume you are working with root privileges and that the printer your connecting to is shared over samba on MSUs network. It might be beneficial to check the printer options from the command line once you've installed your printer-regardless of which method you use to install.

Inorder to get printing working we first need to make sure that you have the correct software installed. At a command prompt do:

# apt-get install cupsys-client cupsys cupsys-bsd smbclient hpijs-ppds

With your favorite text editor, edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf so it contains the line:


Install using foomatic

You can install foomatic and use it to install the printer through the gui instead of using the following steps at the command line. Foomatic can help automate the process of both installation and finding the ppd for your printer. Please note that not all printers are supported by foomatic. To check if your printer is supported by foomatic, install it and run through the installation or go to the OpenPrinting page and click on the "printers" link near the top of the page. Use the form on the next page to search for your printer. If is shows up in the search then it should also be in foomatic. If it doesn't show up you can still use foomatic to install the printer, but you need to find a ppd on your own. When you find the ppd you'll have to navigate to the ppd in foomatic when prompted for it. This document does not cover how to use foomatic, though its fairly intuitive. Look at the command that starts with "lpadmin" for some clues as to the settings you'll need to use. When you run foomatic-gui you'll need to run it from inside KDE or Gnome, if you try to run it from a command line it probably won't ask you for the root password so you won't be able to install any new printers. To install foomatic, at a command prompt do:

# apt-get install foomatic-gui foomatic-filters-ppds

Install using the CUPS web interface

Point your favorite web browser at http://localhost:631/ and click on the "Add Printer" button under the welcome message. Fill in the name, description, and location of the printers, these settings are purely for your own information and will not affect the configuration of the printer. Click on the continue button. On the next screen, select "Windows printer via Samba" as the device and click continue. The next screen will ask you to enter the device uri for the printer. For Mavprint black and white enter smb:// If you want to use MavPRINT for color printouts, enter smb:// Replace username with your email username and password with your email password. Click on the continue button. The next screen will ask you for the model of the printer. You can either search through the menu or you can enter the PPD file directly. If you are printing to MavPRINT black and white then you should enter /usr/share/ppd/hpijs/HP/HP-LaserJet_8100-hpijs.ppd.gz. This is assuming that your PPD files are stored in this directory. For MavPRINT color you should enter /usr/share/ppd/hpijs/HP/HP-Color_LaserJet_8550GN-hpijs.ppd.gz. Finally, click on the add printer button. At this point you may be prompted for a username and password. You should enter the root username and password for the computer you are using, not your email username and password.

Install using the command line (Recommended)

Run the following commands at a command prompt to print to MavPRINT black and white, remember to change the username and password to your campus username and password.

# lpadmin -p MavPRINTBW -P /usr/share/ppd/hpijs/HP/HP-LaserJet_8100-hpijs.ppd.gz \
> -v smb:// \
> -D MavPRINTBW -o printer-is-shared=false
# cupsenable MavPRINTBW
# cupsaccept MavPRINTBW

The commands are similar for printing to MavPRINT color:

# lpadmin -p MavPRINTColor -P /usr/share/ppd/hpijs/HP/HP-Color_LaserJet_8550GN-hpijs.ppd.gz \
> -v smb:// \
> -D MavPRINTColor -o printer-is-shared=false
# cupsenable MavPRINTColor
# cupsaccept MavPRINTColor

To set MavPRINTBW as your default printer do:

# lpadmin -d MavPRINTBW

Printer Options

There are a variety of options available for each printer. To check the options for your printer do:

# lpoptions -p MavPRINTBW -l

To set an option do:

# lpoptions -p MavPRINTBW -o this_option=true_or_false_or_whatever

Very important note

By default the printer you just installed is published (shared) to the rest of the network. It would be a really really good idea (necessity) to go to the cups configuration page at http://localhost:631/, click on the printers tab and unpublish the printer if it is published. When it asks for a username and password use your root account or add your user into the cups group and use your username.

You can set many of the options and settings in the cups web interface. For more information about your cups setup point your favorite web browser at http://localhost:631/