Microsoft Campus Agreement

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The Microsoft Campus Agreement is an annual licensing program created to address the unique needs of higher education institutions. Minnesota State University, Mankato has signed this agreement along with a number of other institutions in MnSCU. This agreement allows the University to use some of Microsoft's applications, operating systems, and client licenses on campus. Please read the FAQ's below for more information on this licensing program.

Campus Agreement details:

  • the software license is for one year: July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010
  • software must be used for school-related purposes
  • if the agreement is not renewed then the software must be removed from all computers
  • Windows upgrades must be done on a system with a legal copy of an operating system
  • Microsoft will not provide us with any technical support (please contact the Help Desk at 389-6654 if you have any technical support questions)

Who can use the software?

  • faculty and staff can install the software on their asset tagged work computers
  • departments can install the software in computer labs used by students (MSU owned computers)
  • faculty and staff can purchase the software for their home computers (Windows) or checkout the software at the Help Desk (Mac Users only). When your employment ends you must uninstall all software associated to the Campus agreement
  • students are not included in this agreement and they are not allowed to install any of the software
  • emeritus or retired staff are not included in this agreement and they are not allowed to install any of the software

What software is included?

  • Microsoft Office 2007 (Windows)
    • Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher, InfoPath and OneNote
  • Microsoft Office 2008 (Mac)
    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Entourage
  • Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System Upgrades
    • upgrades to Windows 2000 Professional, XP Professional, Vista Enterprise and Vista Ultimate

How can I get the software installed on my work computer?

The software is available from two sources:

  1. HelpDesk - 3rd floor of the Memorial Library
    • Software available: all of the software list above under "What Software Is Included"

Can faculty and staff install the software on their home computer?

Office 2007 can be installed on faculty and staff home computers. Arrangements can be made to drop off your computer at the ITS HelpDesk for installation. Another option is to purchase Office 2007 at educational prices from the Campus Computer Store. The operating system software (the upgrade to Windows operating systems) is available for home use, you can purchase through the campus agreement at the Campus Computer Store.

Mac users can check out Office 2008 from the ITS Help Desk and install it on their home computer. Our agreement with Microsoft requires that you use the software for educational purposes and not for personal use. If the Microsoft Campus Agreement is not renewed then you must remove the software from your home computer.

What must you do at the end of the license agreement?

Information & Technology Services (ITS) intends to continue renewing the Microsoft Campus Agreement for an extended period of time. A new agreement must be signed and paid for every year. If we become dissatisfied with the program or have fiscal constraints then we may terminate the agreement. If the Campus Agreement is not renewed then you must uninstall all software installed under the current agreement.

How does the Microsoft Campus Agreement affect department purchases?

Departments no longer have to purchase Microsoft Office software for new computers or for existing computers. When purchasing a new computer, it must be purchased with an operating system. Our agreement with Microsoft only allows us to upgrade the operating system over an existing full and legal operating system (you must have a license for each computer).

Who paid for the Microsoft Campus Agreement?

The cost of the Microsoft Campus Agreement has been paid with profits from the Campus Computer Store. Please consider making all of your department and personal computer related purchases from the Campus Computer Store, so that we can continue to fund the Microsoft Campus Agreement and other IT initiatives on campus.