Page address: https://www.mnsu.edu/its/started/website/krypton/policy.html

When using MSU computer resources you are bound by the applicable policies found in The Basic Stuff Student Handbook, Faculty/ Staff Handbook, and other University policies and procedures.

In addition, the following system policies apply for Krypton:

Electronic Mail

Students are encouraged to use the central mail server for their primary e-mail account. To get more information about how to access the server, go to the MSU E-mail information page.

E-mail use on Krypton is intended for instructional purposes. There is a 20MB limit for e-mail and POP and IMAP are not available.

File Storage Quota

Because Krypton does not an unlimited disk resource, usage has been limited to 50 MB of disk space at a time. You may use up to 100 MB but this should be reduced to your 50 MB limit after two days. You may view your quota usage with the quota command.

If a large amount of permanent space is needed to store data, you may use the campus file server. For more information, please refer to the MavDISK information page.

Other System Resource Limits

There have been resource limits placed on the number of open files, maximum number of logins, maximum number of processes, maximum amount of memory and other limits. This is to protect other users and the system from accidental programming bugs and denial of service attacks.


Allowed user CGI-BIN based programs are limited to those programs that do not persist for more than a few seconds. These programs should be used to enhance your web page and not to provide services to others. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Receiving mail
  • Chat boards
  • Services for other users (counters, etc.)

For more information about how to set up CGI-BIN programs, see the HOWTO documentation.

Server Processes

All applications that offer services that are normally run by system accounts or run unattended are strictly prohibited. The following are examples of the type of processes that fall into this category (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Bots (IRC)
  • Daemons (Proxy)
  • Reflectors (CUSeeMe)
  • Servers (FTP, Mail, Web, MUDs)

If you question whether a program falls into this category please contact system management before you attempt to start the program.