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This is a list of software that is installed on Krypton.

With most of the packages you can get additional help by typing

man <package name>

where package name is from the list below.

To search through the manual pages for a specific keyword

man -k <keyword>

To get a listing of all the files that are associated with a package.
This is useful to see exactly what binaries and manual pages are installed.

dpkg -L <package name>

Documentation for all of the packages are located at

/usr/share/doc/<package name>/

#!/bin/bash echo -e "Content-Type: text/html\n" echo "" (/usr/local/bin/packages-installed;cat /usr/local/packages-desc.txt) |sort -f |perl -p -e 's# {3,}##' echo "
Package NameDescription
#' | perl -p -e 's#^#
#' | perl -p -e 's#$#