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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Web Template Documentation

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Here you can find coding documentation for standard domain websites. We provide you with a fairly flexible framework to build your own unique pages. If you run into any problems or have any questions about your page please contact Web Development at or call them at ext. 5469.


SiteMaster is a fancy term for the menu or the navigation for your pages. This file controls how your site is put together: where pages are in relation to one another, the order of pages, whether or not you can navigate to one page form another, and more.


HTML Page is your most basic content page. This file links with the SiteMaster to create an entire page. Where the SiteMaster creates the menu, the HTML Page controls the content of pages that are within the menu.

HTML Landing Page

HTML Landing Page might also be known as a home page. This is the page that people will navigate to first when they come to your site. It is more structured than the HTML Page, but does allow for particular styles which the HTML page does not.

PHP Functions

PHP Functions allow you to add special content to your page such as linking up documents, image slideshows, and fillable forms.

CSS Classes

CSS Classes are the special pre-made styles that are available to use within the domain of webpages.


Images are graphics that can be displayed on your webpage, but there are limitations on how they are implemented.


Videos are a great way to enhance your webpage with additional content through the use of picture and sound. You may want to link a video from another site such as Youtube, or you can host it internally if you have the file for the video.


Much like video, audio can be useful in delivering special content to your users. You can link in a file from an outside source, or you can host the file internally as well.


There are several special features that you can utilize on your webpage. These are here to help you enhance the content of your pages with new and fun tools that make your page your own.