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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Page address:

Basic Information:

In this form, both First and Last Name are required fields.

Email, Phone, and Zip Code are given a specific validation. If you type in an incorrect format of either field, a more specific error message will take place of the "Please Specify".

Above calendar sets a limit for the future date(Date Needed) upon selection of the first date(Date requested). The limit of the day is right now 3 days, but can be changed in the datepicker.js file.


Questionaire Example:

Sample types of input

If a checkbox is required, then it has to be put in manually as well. The following checkbox has a hidden text field affiliated with it, which will only show, if the checkbox is checked. The javascript required for this functionality is in the SMBL file towards the bottom.

File Upload:

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Different Types of Inputs

To the left you will see a semi-basic form. There is a various number of inputs for this form:

  • Open text field
  • Drop-down Selection
  • Selective Dot
  • Check Box
  • Extended Text Area

For a full list of what is currently available please contact

What can forms do?

Within the MSU Mankato site forms are primarily used as a contact tool. When going to a department webpage, their 'Contact Us' is usually a simple form that asks for name, relation to MSU Mankato, and a extended text area for comments. Ex: College of Business Contact Page

When the form is filled out, it is emailed to whom you choose. Putting your email address up can be just as effective for having people contact you as a form.

More than Just Contact Us

The idea behind these forms was that we allowed people to ask others for certain information in a simple way. There even some people that are using forms as a Registration Tool.

The point is that if you want/need to gather specific information from people that travel to your webpage, forms are a great way to do it!