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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

COVID-19 campus response and Return to Learn news and updates.


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This is the new template

Throughout our website you will find pages that look just like or similar to this page. This design was made to be responsive with the size of the window and be consistent throughout the entire website.

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The picture slideshow

Above you will see a slideshow of blank pictures. For creating a new page you have the option to have any number of pictures being in the slideshow each with their own unique caption, or just keep them all the same. Just make sure when making the page that the images are in the dimensions noted above.

I want something different...

We do have some variation to this design, but are limited to retain consistency of design across our entire website.

New Buttons

As you can see there are some long purple buttons inside some of these boxes. These work just like links, and should be used to direct people to highlighted information. Normal links within just text is also fine, but this option allows for that little extra pop!

I'm just not sure about the grey...

Unfortunately there is no option to change the background image or color at this current time. With the template the aim is to have a consistent look throughout our site. If everyone has some strange poke-a-dot rainbow background, then that doesn't represent our University in the way marketing would like.

These boxes are too small

If you haven't yet checked it out take a look at the Variation Option of the template. This shows a page with a larger section. With this we have the option to rearrange the site in a number of new ways!