Cruisin' the Decades

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Cruisin' the Decades (Sundays @ 8:00 a.m.)

Cruisin’ The Decades is a one-of-a-kind 60-minute radio program focusing on over 100 years of recorded music, playing one song per decade from 1920 to today. Cruisin’ The Decades shines a spotlight on all genres of music, while focusing on the history, technology of recording, and evolution of popular music from yesterday to today. Cruisin’ The Decades is hosted and curated by Brad Savage and produced at The Summit WAPS-FM in Akron, OH. Savage uses his deep knowledge of music, along with his vast experience and massive music library, to put together a show that is as informative and engaging as it is entertaining. It’s a show for true music lovers, by a true music lover!

Hear episodes of Cruisin' the Decades on-demand for two weeks via the KMSU app, available for iOS and Android devices!


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