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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

KMSU 89.7 FM Programming Schedule

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6 a.m. Shuffle Function Morning Show
with "Shyboy" Tim & Shelley
Jazz Overnight
7 a.m. Travel With Rick Steves Hearts of Space (New Age)
8 a.m. Zorba Paster
on your Health
Alive! (Contemporary Christian)
9 a.m. Minnesota Morning
with Karen Wright

(Light News, Public Affairs, Interviews and Music)
Philosophy Talk Listen to
Your Folks
10 a.m. Obligatory High School Time Slot Bluegrass Review
11 a.m. Beale Street Caravan Sounds of Cinema
11:30-1:00 Radio á la Carte - Student Run Variety Show
12 p.m. Dos por Uno (Spanish) Le Show with Harry Shearer
1 p.m. Southern MN Midday with Gully The History of Dread Beat (Reggae) Southern MN Midday with Gully Bike Rides This American Life with Ira Glass
2 p.m. Cosmic Hour We Want the Airwaves 33 1/3 Free Form Freakout Dr. Psycho Acoustics Clandestino (Spanish) Best of Broadway with Herb Kroon
3 p.m. Embrace the Sound with Steve Guse Foxy Playground with Ruby & Maya Sunday Evening Service Variety Pack with DJ Jameson The Way Out with Joe Tougas Radio Machin (Spanish)
Mountain Stage
4 p.m. World Cafe
With David Dye
(New Music, Interview, and Live Performances)
5 p.m. Enfoque A La Comunidad (Spanish) E-Town
6 p.m. Mark's Blue Monday Swingin' Down the Lane Meow Meow with Occasional Music Shuffle Function Unbound MN Music Network Dreadbeat (Reggae) Tent Show Radio (Roots, Blues, Americana)
7 p.m. Ms. Lona Tonight
(Jazz & Variety)
Folk Scene, etc. with Bruce Davis The Quiet Storm
(R&B with Mo)
Maverick Slim Jazz Show Midwest Beat Down World Beat Blues Before Monday
8 p.m.
9 p.m. Echoes Echoes Here There Be Dragons The Five Count
10 p.m. Echoes Beale Street Caravan
11 p.m. FreeFormFoxy Podcast with Mr. Perron NightWaves   Jazz Overnight
12 a.m. Jazz Overnight True Punks Do Electro
1 a.m.–6 a.m. Jazz Overnight