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Name E-mail Position
Kathryn “Jay”

Gerontological Studies (Ph.D., Harvard University) comparative approaches to gerontology; conducted Ph.D. research in Copenhagen, Denmark; Danish language

Rennesa Jessup rennesa.jessup@mnsu.edu

Department of World Languages and Cultures; Program Director of Scandinavian Studies

Tomasz Inglot tomasz.inglot@mnsu.edu

Political Science/Law Enforcement, International Relations (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison) teaches comparative politics--especially the European Union--and the welfare state in Scandinavia and elsewhere; research on comparative social polity; affiliated with International Relations Program

Tamara Wilkins tamara.wilkins@mnsu.edu

Political Science/Law Enforcement (M.S., East Texas State University) teaches Comparative Criminal Justice; has accompanied students to Iceland to observe criminal justice system

Robin Wingo robin.wingo@mnsu.edu

Social Work (M.S.W., University of Missouri-Columbia) teaches Global Responses to Human Need; has co-sponsored social policy study trip to England.