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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Now accepting applications for Summer 2015!!!

Click here to apply (Kearney International Center website, MSU-Mankato students only)

Interested students from other universities should contact Dr. Jessup. 


Kearney International Center Application

Located in southwestern Sweden along the coast, Halmstad is a vibrant city with an estimated population of 90,000. With a student body numbering around 10,000, Halmstad University (aka Högskolan i Halmstad) is one of the most popular universities in Sweden that provides a very international setting where students from a variety of backgrounds can interact. It has been recognized for its wide range of educational options, innovations and entrepreneurship, and provides plenty of opportunities for students to participate in social activities and community development. Spend a semester or year in Sweden and you'll have nothing but fond memories of your time in this extremely English-fluent, technologically and socially advanced, nature-loving country.


Kearney International Center Application

Umeå is a lovely city in northern Sweden, where both people and businesses value the environment. A strong international presence makes Umeå an excellent place to study and learn about the world and other cultures. Umeå University (UU) prides itself on being "...alive with enthusiasm, creativity and fresh ideas." Umeå was granted the distinct privilege of serving as the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2014! This is a great university for everyone, especially those interested in Scandinavian culture and language.


Dr. Renessa Jessup, Program Director
Armstrong Hall 218E