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You may take the placement test at the following website:

Your placement exam score will be provided to you and the department at the end of the exam.Once you have completed the exam and received your score, please follow these placement guidelines:
FRENCH Placement Information
Score                    Register for
Less than 200         French 101
200-300                  French 102
301-400                  French 201
400+                      See French faculty member for placement
GERMAN Placement Information
Score:                    Register for
Less than 200        German 101
200-300                 German 102
301-400                 German 201
400+                      See a German faculty member for placement.
SPANISH Placement Information
If your score is close to 200,your appropriate placement is Spanish 102.  
If your score is close to 300,your appropriate placement is Spanish 201.
If your score is close to 350-400, your appropriate placement is Spanish 202 or Spanish 210w. You may register for 202 (grammar and culture focus) or 210w (project-based learning and writing intensive).
If your score is close to or above 400, you may enroll in 210w or contact an instructor or the department for an appropriate course at the 300 level and above.  
Important note:  If you have had significant experience in a heritage-speaker environment, in a Spanish-speaking country or in another romance language, your test scores may be unreliable. If this is the case for you, please contact the department office for additional placement information.