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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Web Marketing Services in Integrated Marketing

If you want to improve your web presence but don't know how, Integrated Marketing is a great place to start. We can help you plan and execute an attractive and easy-to-use website.

Integrated Marketing offers free web strategy and web creation services including:

  • Website advising
  • Strategic home page layout and planning
  • Home page graphic design
  • Information architecture (navigation) planning
  • Implementation of home page and navigation recommendations
  • Coordination with Web Services in Information Technology for form creation, web permissions, or other special features included in the web plan

To inquire about a new web project, please contact Lindsey Beyer.

Web Development Services in Information Technology

There are several requests that are not appropriate for Integrated Marketing. For these types of updates, please consult whoever is in charge of making updates to your website. If you don't know who that is or don't have anyone assigned, you can request editing permissions from Web Services and handle the updates yourself. Alternatively, you can employ Web Services to do the updates for you.

Integrated Marketing does not handle:

  • General website updates and maintenance
  • Implementation of a design provided by the client
  • Page content population
  • Form creation and other special requests (but we can facilitate creation of these pages for you)

In other words, if you know exactly what you want and just need someone to do it, please contact Web Services.