Academic Advisors at Minnesota State University, Mankato play an important role in the success of our students. To support their important work, the University invested in a student success software platform, MavCONNECT, that provides an effective way to offer coordinated support to all students, facilitate opportunities to build meaningful relationships, and provide the right support at the right time.

Why Should Advisors Use MavCONNECT?

  • It provides information about advisees that may be struggling in courses.
  • It facilitates online appointment scheduling to help manage student appointments that sync with Outlook calendars.
  • It allows you to refer students to a variety of campus offices without multiple emails/calls.
  • It creates an advising record for students/staff to refer to best support students.

Updating your Profile

Your basic profile information is imported from our Student Information System (ISRS). This information can be supplemented with a photo, additional email addresses, and telephone numbers. Use this area to share basic biographical and contact details.

  1. Click the three-line icon on the top navigation bar of the MavCONNECT homepage
  2. Select Institutional Profile
  3. Click Upload Photo link
  4. Browse to the photo on your computer
  5. Click the Upload Now button
  6. Add additional contact information
  7. Select the Time Zone
  8. Add information to the General Overview in the My Biography sections and click Submit

NOTE: If any of the information pre-populated in your profile is incorrect, please work with your Human Resources representative to correct this information in their system, as their system will overwrite changes made in MavCONNECT.

Appointment Preferences

If you will make your office hours visible to students, add at least one location. If you plan to make appointment times available to students to schedule online, you can set a deadline for how far in advance students may schedule.

  1. Click the three-line icon on the top navigation bar of the MavCONNECT homepage
  2. Select Appointment Preferences
  3. Select your minimum appointment length
  4. Set a scheduling deadline for students, if desired
  5. Under My Locations, add at least one place where you will schedule meetings
  6. Under Calendar Managers, add any other MavCONNECT user who will have the ability to manage your MavConnect calendar
  7. Click the Submit button

You are able to sync your Outlook calendar with your MavCONNECT calendar. Please email to enable calendar syncing for your account.

Email Notifications

By default, MavCONNECT will send you email notifications about appointments. If you are an assigned adviser, you may also receive notifications about items raised in an instructor’s Midterm Reports. You can change your notification settings under your profile.

  1. Click the three-line icon on the top navigation bar of the MavCONNECT homepage
  2. Select the Email Notifications
  3. Under Appointment Notifications, choose your preferences
  4. Under Summary Emails, choose your preferences for how often, if at all, MavCONNECT emails you summaries of new tracking items and appointment activity
  5. Under Tracking Item Notifications, choose your preferences for how often, if at all, MavCONNECT emails you about new tracking items
  6. Click the Submit button at the top or bottom of the page to save your updates

NOTE: Tracking items marked with an exclamation point will override your notification preferences.


Requesting MavCONNECT and Microsoft Office Calendar Syncing

Email us at to request your calendars to be synced. Please included your techID or StarID in your email. 

NOTE: MavCONNECT appointments will always be sent to your Outlook calendar via appointment invites so you are aware when appointments are scheduled; however, if you want MavCONNECT to read if you have busy times on your Outlook calendar and block off your availability in MavCONNECT to avoid double bookings, you'll want to request your calendars to be synced. 

Establishing Your availability/Office hours in MavCONNECT

Only students/advisees that you have a connection with will have access to your listed office hours. Term-to-term faculty/student and ongoing assigned advisee/advisor are two examples of current University connections.

The easiest way to set up office hours in MavCONNECT is to use the Add Office Hours button that is located on your Dashboard or Appointments page in MavCONNECT.

1. Click the Office Hours button on your MavCONNECT Home
page or Appointments page. This opens the Add Office
Hour form.
2. Enter a Title (name) for this block of time.
Students will see this name when they view
your calendar. The title will also help you
and studentsidentify different types of office
3. Select What day(s)? and indicate any
recurrence (e.g. Repeats every 1 week).
4. Use the What time? fields to enter the start
and end time for the office hours.

To find a student folder, 

1. Login to MavCONNECT

2. Click the Students tab from the Navigation Bar or Enter a Student’s Name or TechID or StarID in the Quick Search box

3. Click on the student's name to open their MavCONNECT folder.


Student Folder Tabs

Folder 2.PNG

  • The Overview tab will display a quick snapshot of general student information.
  • The Information tab displays detailed admissions information and enrollment data.
  • The Success Plans tab is used on a limited basis at the University. It is designed to encourage students to do a specific set of tasks during a specific time period.
  • The Courses tab displays current term course information.
  • The Tracking tab displays all created, active, or resolved tracking items on a particular student. You can filter this list to only view active flags, kudos, or referrals.
  • The Meetings tab is a summary of all appointment activities for a particular student.
  • The Notes tab displays any notes entered about a particular student.
  • The Network tab displays instructors, advisors, student success coaches, and other support staff that have a primary relationship with the student.

Important Filtering Notes:

  • The MavConnect filter is an AND filter so will show you students that meet ALL of the criteria you select.
  • Once a filter is applied in MavCONNECT, it remains in place until you choose to clear it, even if you log out of the system. 

MavConnect Best Practice: Focus on beginning your filter with the smallest group of students possible and narrowing from there by adding additional criteria. 

Using Filters

  1. Log into MavCONNECT.
  2. Click on the Navigation (three lines) button and choose Students.


3. Identify which connection (role) you want to use to find the group of students you are looking for and click the “Edit Filters” button.

Filter 2.PNG

4. Determine the type of filter you want to use and once you’ve set your filter, click submit.

  • Tracking items: Allows for filtering on flags/kudos. Can identify certain types of flags/kudos (e.g. in danger of failing).
  • Cohorts and Relationships: Allows for filtering based on organizations (e.g. student-athlete) or cohorts (identified groups that are set by MavCONNECT administrator)
  • Meetings: Allows for filtering on meetings through MavCONNECT. Can identify certain appointment types to find students that haven’t met about certain required topics (e.g. warning)
  • Success Plans: Feature is not used much by University community.
  • Attributes: Allows for filtering on student data points pulled in from ISRS (e.g. has immunization hold). The term can be important as well as the value of the attribute (contact if you need assistance with this).
Example of a filtered list: Currently Registered Advisees
  1. Identify role you want to search in (e.g. Assigned Advisor). Go to “Edit Filters” button under Students tab in MavCONNECT.
  2. Click on Attribute option and click “Add Attribute”. Find “Current Term Registered Credits” attribute, list the term you are looking to find this list for, and select a value for the attribute.

Filter 3.PNG

This will pull up a list of the students that you are connected to in the role you choose to filter on that are registered for the term you selected.


I tried filtering for a list of my students, but I didn’t get any results. What happened?
It could be how you built your filter (check the value you are using-most of the values are “Assigned to Student” and you can find a full list at the end of this document) or it could be based on your connection/role with the students. Clear out your filter by clicking the “Clear All Filters” button and try again. If you continue to get errors, contact and a system administrator will reach out.

I am trying to filter for a list of students, but don’t see the term I need in the attribute drop-down.
Contact with the role/connection you are using to try to filter for students. A system administrator may need to adjust your role to help you filter accurately.