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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Minnesota Statute 179A.03, Subd. 10 specifically defines "Meet and confer" as the exchange of views and concerns between employers and their employees. As such, it represents the process by which a public agency, or such representatives as it may designate, and representatives of recognized employee organizations, have the mutual obligation to convene and deliberate promptly upon request by either party for a reasonable period of time in order to exchange freely information, opinions, and proposals, and to endeavor to reach agreement on matters within the scope of representation prior to the adoption by the public agency.

In addition, Minnesota Statute 179A.07 Subdivision 3. States Subd. 3 states "A public employer has the obligation to meet and confer, under section 179A.08, with professional employees to discuss policies and other matters relating to their employment which are not terms and conditions of employment." This process is referenced in the various bargaining contracts as well as state statutes.

Meet and confers are held once a month with various groups including ASF, the Faculty Association and representatives from each of the classified unions.

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