Connie Giles gave a presentation on Lifeworks programs on Jan 14, 2014

Click here to checkout Lifeworks website.





Nortech Systems Hosted Quality Council Luncheon May 8th, 2012

Nortech Systems' Brian Smith and Eric Raverty did a find job taking care of MACQ members who drove out to 1950 Excel Drive to tour this electronics manufacturing center. What a building filled with busy employees and the latest in technology. According to the official Nortech Systems website the company is a ". . . full service Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, PCBA electromechanical and wire and cable contract manufacturer for the medical device, military and aerospace, industrial and machine vision markets." Though corporate headquarters are in Wayzata, Minnesota, the Mankato industrial site, with its savvy employees, is a valued contributor. See this website:

Jeff Evenson - Holistic Lifestyle Coach - September 20th.

Lunch bunch hears from Jeff Evenson from Natural Pathways. He talked about Nutrition Therapy, Yoga Training, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching, Reiki, Oneness Blessing, Qigong and Massage Therapy.

Shannon Ballman Pitches "Main Street Chamber" Concept

At the July 12, 2011 round table session, Quality Council Board members heard from Shannon Ballman, local Payroll Solutions Plus Accountant, about the new "MainStreetChamberâ„¢" organization. The "MainStreetChamberâ„¢" is free and it seems to be targeting smaller businesess with less than ten employees. She recognized the benefits of the larger more traditional chamber of commerce organizations like Greater Mankato Growth. However, She felt that for smaller businesses the "MainStreetChamberâ„¢" has potential. "We are focused on the smaller businesses helping them grow," said Ballman.

Lunch Bunch hears from Wendy Anderson on the Small Business Development Center

On Tuesday, May 10 2011, Wendy Anderson, Senior Business Development and Financial Consultant for the Mankato Area SBDC, provided the Quality Council Board with an assessment of recent activity with new and developing small business initiatives. The SBDC is now headquartered at the MSU Alumni and Foundation Center. The SBDC works with upcoming businesses over a nine county area, helping enterpreneurs with business plans and financial models that area financial institutions favor.

Click Here to view the SBDC website

Lunch Bunch hears from Manpower's Branch Manager Gloria Zachow - Tuesday, April 12th

On Tuesday, April 12th, 2011, Gloria Zachow talked about a recent report issued by Manpower called "Welcome to the Human Age." The report highlighted changes in the employment patterns of both employers and job seekers.

Lunch Bunch hears from Verizon Wireless' Dayna Cobb - Tuesday, Feb. 8th

Based on feedback provided by those at the Quality Council's Lunch Bunch on Tuesday, Feb. 8th, Verizon Wireless seems to be winning more community friends and understands the benefits of outreach efforts. Dayna Cobb, Verizon Wireless Supervisor and Customer Care worker bee, talked products but didn't stray from the importance of customer service in an industry that seems to have a blizzard of new widgets coming out every few months.

Lunch Bunch hears from first time candidates: Mayor Elect Eric Anderson and defeated State Rep. contender Dave Kruse - Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010

Mayor-Elect Eric Anderson talked about techniques he used to get elected in November and how he felt his door-to-door campaigning helped him see what the Mankato public felt about the City Council. GOP State House candidate Dave Kruse, a software engineer consultant, talked about how tough it is to run against a popular incumbent. Both praised the help of volunteers, who provided hundreds of hours to support their canditative choice.

Bukata Hayes talked about Diversity - July 13, 2010

At the Round Table meeting on July 13th, guest speaker Bukata Hayes, Executive Director of the Greater Mankato Diversity Council, spoke about the activities he and the many other individuals at GMDC do with K-12 children and helping teach about diversity. They are also not limited to just education in schools. Hayes also invites companies and organizations of all kinds to take part in these workshops.

Although students already learn about diversity in their current education, the Greater Mankato Diversity Council brings fresh perspectives and better prepares students to apply what they learn in order to reduce discrimination. Their mission is to build a commmunity where the attitudes and actions of its people foster mutual respect so that all can fully participate.

"Diversity...It's Respect • Period."

Access their website to learn more or schedule a workshop at

Small Business Development Center's Mike Nolan and Julie Nelson Spoke at Round Table- April 13th

Quality Council Board members were treated with some good news from two representatives of the MnSBDC, the South Central Minnesota branch of the Minnesota Small Business Development Center. Mike Nolan(, Region Director of the South Central Minnesota SBDC, talked about the SBDC's many services all of which are designed to help small businesses, typically those that have 500 employees or less. Julie Nelson (, Program Manager of the South Central Minnesota SBDC, noted that there is no charge for any of the services.

Mike noted that there is plenty of money available for displaced workers 45 years or older; money that can be used for training including tuition. Mike mentioned that those displaced workers should go to the Workforce Center so they can be connected with the displaced worker program. The SBDC is funded from the US Small Business Administration, and the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, with matching funds contributed by more than 40 organizations including "lenders, economic development organizations, cities, counties, higher education and other strategic partners. For the state-wide MnSBDC website click here: MnSBDC For the local website click here: South Central Minnesota Small Business Development Center.


Technipac's Mark Steele Spoke at Round Table - March 9th

  • Mark Steele, President of Technipac, Inc.

Techipac Inc. Website

Rasmussen College's Holly Resner Spoke at Round Table - February 9th

Holly Resner
  • Holly Resner, Professional Education Manager at Rasmussen College

Rasmussen College provides education opporutinties at 15 locations. Among these locations, the average age for their students is around 27. The Higher Learning Commission visited Rasmussen College in October, 2009 giving them the ability to offer both 2-year and 4-year degrees.

Rasmussen College Website
Contact Holly by e-mail:

Snell Motors' Faust and United Way's Boone Spoke at Round Table - January 26th

Jennifer Faust.
  • Director of Professional Development from Snell Motors, Jennifer Faust (featured left)
  • Greater Mankato Area United Way Community Impact Director, Katie Boone

Snell Motors Website
Greater Mankato Area United Way Website

Jennifer Pfeffer MICO, Inc - Lunch Bunch Speaker

August 11th, 2009

Thanks to Virginia (Ginny) Jordan of MICO Inc.

Jennifer Pfeffer Pathstone Living - Lunch Bunch Speaker

May 12th, 2009

Thanks to Jennifer Pfeffer, Director of Campus Operations for Pathstone Living on Sibley Park, for providing Quality Council Board members with a thorough briefing on Pathstone Living's operation. Formerly known as Mankato Lutheran Home, Pathstone Living continues to serve area residents in need. With only sixty-nine beds, the many Pathstone programs affect 450 clients. Providing quality care is a must in their business. See:


Tim Swanson
Lunch Bunch Speaker - April 14th, 2009

Thanks to Dr. Tim Swanson, DDS, for speaking April 14th about
his experiences with customer service & patient care at his
Mankato Orthodontics office.


Jerry Kottschade speaks on Body Shop Repair business - Feb 11th, 2008:


For 38 years Jerry's Body Shop has provided vehicle repairs to thousands. Turnaround time on repairs is very important as every day saved means less car rental costs for insurers. Fixing cars is just part of the business, as dealing with customers who have just been in an accident can attest. Jerry's Body Shop is the second largest operation by volume outside of the Twin Cities. Training employees on all of the new electronic features on vehicles is extremely important. Customer follow-up yields a 99.4% positive response. Kottschade presented these and other ideas to the Quality Council at its Tuesday, February 11th luncheon meeting at the Holiday Inn.

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