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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Newspaper Board

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Newspaper Board

Meetings: Varies

Newspaper Board Chair: (Election Pending) - Chair shall not be the Editor-in-Chief, or any student staff member of The Reporter.


4 Elected from Student Body 4 From Other Constituencies Total = 8

David Bassey, Board Seat for Student Elected at large, Spring Election 2017

Bailey Wolff, Board Seat for Student Elected at large, Spring Election 2017

Aaron D'Silva, Board Seat for Student Elected at large, Spring Election 2017

Mario Escoto (Appointed 8/30/17)

Ellen Mrja, Appointed by the Faculty Association and serves as the Advisor to The Reporter

Rachael Hanel, Community-Alumni-Professional Member

Karen Wright, Community-Alumni-Professional Member (Free Press)

Gabe Hewitt, Editor-in-Chief of The Reporter (Non-Voting Board Member)


According to the Constitution - Article V. - Section 1: Independent Boards - Subsection A: The Newspaper Board

The Newspaper Board, as an advocate for the student managed student newspaper, The Reporter, shall promote an environment which encourages a vigorous student run media and nurtures its profession growth.

The Newspaper Board will provide advice and counsel to the Editior-in-Chief. This advice should reflect standards of professionalism while preserving journalistic independence. The Board reserves the right to ensure that performance of the Editor-in-Chief reflects the objectives and responsiblities identified in the Board approved job description. However, the Board may not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the newspaper.

The Newspaper Board shall possess the authority to appoint the editor-in-chief, and, if necessary, issue personnel sanctions consistent with personnel policies adopted for the operation of the student newspaper and its student employees. With regard to classified employees of the student newspaper, the Board shall follow University policies and collective bargaining unit requirements.

The Newspaper Board shall hear all complaints brought to its attention and make recommendations to the student editor-in-chief or may take action in an attempt to resolve the problem.

The Newspaper Board shall review all budget requests for the student newspaper and forward on to the Student Senate's Student Allocations Committee requests for student activity fee subsidies as needed.

The Newspaper Board shall file informal reports from time to time to the Student Senate including announcements of who has been selected as the editior-in-chief of The Reporter.

Voting membership of the Newspaper Board shall consist of:
  • Four (4) students elected at-large (two during the Spring Elections and two during the Fall Elections) for one year terms. Should student vacancies occur, the Newspaper Board may fill the vacancies as long as five of seven board members participate in the appointment.
  • One (1) faculty member to serve as an Advisor appointed for a one year term by the Faculty Association President.
  • Two non-student community members or alumni, appointed for a one-year term by the Newspaper Board, who are volunteers, and may include, but shall not be limited to, private, public, or non-profit sector media/marketing/advertising/public relations professionals, legal professionals, or faculty/staff.
  • The Editor-in-Chief will serve on the Newspaper Board as a Non-Voting member of the Newspaper Board.
  • The Newspaper Board Chairperson will not be the Editor-in-Chief, or any student staff member of The Reporter.