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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Union Board

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Student Union Board

Administrative Liaison and Facilitator: Mark Constantine, Centennial Student Union Director (Ex-officio, Non-Voting)

Executive Assistant to the CSU Director and Board Recording Secretary: Sue Olson (Ex-officio, Non-Voting)

Meetings: Varies


8 Voting Members from MSSA 2 From Other Constituencies Total = 10
  • Qendresa Isniqi (Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Mohammed Shahid (Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Andrew Trenne (Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Thomas Callicoat (Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Emily Christensen (Appointed 8/23/17)- Board Chair
  • Christina Hickey (Appointed 8/23/17)
  • Bakhtiar Abid Khan (Elected At-Large 4/25/17)
  • Kole Kleinschmidt (Elected At-Large  4/26/17) 

Mark Constantine - Centennial Student Union Director (Ex-officio-Nonvoting)

Sue Olson, Executive Assistant to the CSU Director and Board Recording Secretary (Ex-officio, Nonvoting)

8 Votiing Students to Date

According to the Constitution

The Student Union Board shall possess the authority to develop recommendations pertaining to the operation of the Centennial Student Union including the approval, modification, or rejection of the Student Union operating budget. It is recognized that the Student Union Director, who is appointed by the University Administration, has the authority to make day-to-day operational decisions and provide overall direction to Student Union employees.

The Centennial Student Union Board shall hear all complaints brought to its attention and make recommendations in an attempt to resolve the problem. The Centennial Student Union Board shall file information reports from time to time to the Student Senate.

Voting members of the Centennial Student Union Board shall elect their own chairperson from among the following: 1) Two students elected at large in the MSSA Spring Election; and 2) Six students appointed by the Student Association President and confirmed by the Student Senate. The Student Union Director is an ex-officio nonviting Board member to better ensure communication. (As Amended in the MSSA Constitution 4/25/17)