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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Academic Affairs Committee

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Academic Affairs Committee

Academic Affairs Coordinator: Qendresa Isniqi (Appointed 8/23/17)

Meetings: Tuesday 11am in MSSA Office (CSU 280)


Unlimited - Appointed from MSSA 0 From Other Constituencies Total
  • Griffin Goode (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Allied Health & Nursing Senator
  • Micheal Dufresne  ( Appointed 01/31/18) - Academic Arts & Humanities College Senator
  • Shelly Thao (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Allied Health & Nursing Senator
  • Erica Thompson (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Allied Health & Nursing Senator
  • Alexander Johnson (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Arts & Humanities Senator
  • Samson Akintan (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Business Senator
  • Keaton Collas (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Business Senator
  • Monica Warner (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Education Senator
  • Laurie Hiebert (Appointed 09/06/17) - Academic Graduate Studies Senator
  • Katrina Cronk (Appointed 01/3118) - Academic Graduate Studies Senator
  • Tonmoy Paul (Appointed 5/02/17) - Academic CSET Senator
  • Alima Bah (Appointed 5/02/17) - Academic CSET Senator
  • Nathaniel Pesklo (Appointed 11/01/17) - Academic Social & Behavorial Sciences Senator
  • Ibelizet Dominguez (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic Social & Behavorial Sciences Senator
  • Nayeem Imtiaz (Appointed 4/26/17) Academic At-Large Senator
  • Qendresa Isniqi "Qiki" (Appointed 4/26/17) - Academic At-Large Senator
  • Qendresa Isniqi (Appointed 8/23/17) - Academic Affair Coordinator (Salaried Position)
  • Brhane Gebregziabher (Appointed 8/23/17)
Appointed to Date

The Academic Affairs Committee is responsible for representing student's positions in academic areas at Minnesota State University, Mankato. The specific duties for this committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Handling grade appeals
  • General education
  • Grading policies
  • Academic calendar

According to the Bylaws - Article IV, Section 2 - Academic Affairs Committee (Bylaw as amended 4/26/17)

The Academic Affairs Committee shall be responsible for representing the student position in academic areas.

Subsection 1: Membership of the Academic Affairs Committee will be open to all students with Presidential appointment but must include all Senators representing an Academic College, including Graduate and At-Large Senators.

Subsection 2: The Academic Affairs Coordinator shall be the chair of the committee and shall coordinate the election of a committee secretary to record meeting minutes. The Coordinator will be expected to report these minutes during Presidential Cabinet meetings.

Subsection 3: The Academic Affairs committee will meet weekly throughout the academic year. During a meeting scheduled, once a month, by the Academic Affairs Coordinator, the chair of each Academic Affairs related committee (listed above) will report on their committee actions. If a committee chair cannot attend the Academic Affairs Committee meeting, scheduled for their committee report, they must appoint a designee to attend in their place.

Subsection 4: The Academic Affairs Committee will work with grade appeals and academic policy review.