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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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October 12, 1994


Meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (4-0-0)Lisa Warnke (3-0-1) Marc Crawford (3-1-0) Emily Halloran (4-0-0) Brian Sutter (4-0-0) Danae Blanck (4-0-0) Wasim Imran (1-2-0) Matthew Chase (4-0-0) Tricia Finnigan (4-0-0) Steve Ziller (4-0-0) John Mulcahy (4-0-0) Kristee Alm (4-0-0) Amy Galarneault (2-0-0) Brandon Herold (3-1-0)

Ryan Jex (3-0-1) Leslie Knight (3-0-1) Tracy Majeske (4-0-0) Mohammad Rahman (0-2-2)

Steven Tkach (2-0-0) Krista Schleicher (4-0-0) Megan Daniels 2-0-0) Jessica Johnson (4-0-0)

Libby Albers (4-0-0) Eddy Guzek (2-0-0) Emily Auseth (2-0-0) (President Kris Hammes (4-0-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(4-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(4-0-0) Staff members in attendance: Becky Brown (4-0-0) Mona Wallace (4-0-0), Mike Kirkwood (4-0-0) Naomi Marietta (4-0-0) Steph Schriock (4-0-0) Francis Klinkner(3-1-0)

The agenda was approved .

Addition to minutes: change in piano time (Kris Esser).

Presentation-Dr. Jones, Vice President Academic Affairs

Semesters vs. Quarters. One year ago system change was introduced, there was an informal poll of faculty that reflected positive feelings to change to semesters. Dr. Rush spoke to the chancellor and this year we will start a campus-wide discussion on the conversion to see how much

support there is. Most of our "sister institutions will be switching. Moorhead already has switched, Winona plans to and so does SCSU. He feels that most of the colleges will follow Moorhead's plan for their conversion. We will come up with a proposal to send to IFO on the State level and it then will come back to MSU for a final vote and would be subject to conversion of curriculum (takes 2-3 years) after student and faculty support. Student's attitudes are harsh initially towards the change. 1) Students don't always like change 2) Students

uninformed-lack of information. Advantages: 1) Students will be advantaged by

conversion 2) Courses are more comprehensive 3) Fewer registration fees/textbooks

4) More time on teaching and learning 5) Get done earlier in May-can compete more

for jobs 6) More weekends available for "catch-up" work 7) More time to drop/add

classes, independent studies.

Tricia-What will you do for students to get information?

Dr. Jones-Public discussion and written information

Tracy-What is process and when will it affect the Students?

Dr. Jones-In two years it is agreed to be implemented, the process will be time intensive with lots of communication.

Steph-Do we as students have a ratifying vote?

Dr. Jones-Too rigid, what I would prefer is if we continue the discussion, MSU won't abandon decision

Jerry-Will there be student participation w/proposal

Dr. Jones-No, there will not.

Matt-Would you sit at table in Union? Would semester alleviate space problems?

Dr. Jones-Space problems would be alleviated, yes I will help in Union.

Naomi-Will we be on same timeline as other universities?

Dr. Jones-The calendar is left up to us, compatibility of schedules will certainly be

looked at.

Steven-Why does it take so long? How will students get info?

Dr. Jones- Bureaucracy takes a long time to be done right. Open forums, etc.

Mona-How will you get the students to know about this since there is a lack of communication

Dr. Jones-newsletter can be used, open forums, public discussions, E.Mail, The Reporter

Libby-Will there be 3 day classes instead of 4?

Dr. Jones-Possibly, there is flexibility in semester system

Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Mike Kirkwood (see written report)

Jerry-Is Academic Affairs going to help w/the calendar?

Mike-We are putting it on the side to wait and see if we are going w/quarters

or semester.

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace (see written report)

1. Halloween party-tickets will be sold in advance.

2. Goals and objectives for the committee need to be set .

C. Legislative Affairs-Steph Schriock (see written report)

Chancellor Noren was here on Monday. Higher Ed is investment to MN!

Leg Affairs meets Thurs 3:00

Asked questions of senators to see what they need to know about the


How many people know what Higher Ed system consists of?

We need to discuss what the merger is and then go into how we can mend the merger.

D. Public Relations-Naomi Marietta (see written report)

1. Aids awareness meeting, I helped bring different organizations together.

2. Maverick Bulletin Bd (anyone who deserves recognition for showing

Mav. pride)

3. PR class helping us.

4. Suggestion Box

5. Adopt a highway

6. Drive for supplies

7. Committee (2:30 Wed)

8. Possible video taping of meetings on public t.v. (CCTV)

9. Mav Card info on channel #6

E. Student Affairs-Becky Brown

Worked on goals

Committee voted on Vice chair-Tracy Majeske

F. Union Board-Mo Abbas (report given by John Mulcahy)

Priority reservation for a quarter should not be given to any organization.

Motion from Union Board (see written motion)

Main motion Passes

G. SAC-Jacqueline Lager

Motion from committee to fund $1500 to the Music Ensemble for Feb 1995

Convention. (

See Kris Esser's written motion)

Main motion Passes 10 abstentions.

Officer Reports

A. President Kris Hammes

Meeting w/Dr. Jones on increasing library hours.

Booster Club Luncheon Tuesdays Holiday Inn

Booster Club gave money for buses for students

Feel free to talk to me about any issue you may not understand

B. Vice President Jerry Flynn (see written report)

Why did you thrust your personal goals on us?

My goals are to give other senators a light, it is each individuals right to say yes

I like this goal and no I don't like this one.

C. Speaker-Kris Esser

Sign up to meet w/her

Trying to fill the rest of the college seats.

Mike and Kris have meeting for sub-planning of Academic Affairs.

Setting up meetings for presentations during Senate

People are human and I will accept academic excuses

Making a list of potential proxies

Kill chatter when speakers are here

Student Organization Recognition renewals:


Constitution Committee-Monty Letshwiti, Financial Aid-Brenda Holloway, Bookstore

Advisory-Brenda Holloway, Public Affairs-Rochelle Olson, Cultural Diversity-Julius

Washington, FYE- Megan Daniels, Student Union Board-Michelle Huryn, Jay Smith-

Student Affairs, Director of the Library Search-Lisa Sande

Senator Reports (no reports)

Old Business

A. Motion from Constitution Committee Article I dealing w/undeclared senators

should be removed from the Bylaws.

Main motion Passes

New Business

A. Penny Fellowship fund-raiser sponsors a table, part of Fall Conference.

Moved and 2nd to fund & support a table for $150.00 for the Penny Fellowship table.

Previous question called by Tracy 2nd by Libby

Main motion Passes 1 abstention

B. Jerry's Proposal (see written proposal)

Whereas, as we, The Student Senate, are here to serve and represent the needs of the thousands of students at Mankato State University.

Whereas, argumentation and debate is both healthy and good, and in the interest

of educated and effective debate,

Therefore Be it Resolved, any item to be considered under new business must be presented, in the form of written notification on the table in the Senate Office the Wednesday Morning by 11 AM prior to the upcoming Senate meeting and the Speaker notified as she

will be able to place this item on the agenda. Additional New Business will be

accepted w/majority vote at the beginning of meeting.

Eric-this is mischievous

Mike-this is a waste of paper

Steven-heck of alot of money we aren't going to save

Rochelle-can't people just talk during Open Forum?

Matt-We get alot of new things that come up at noon or later, things just come up.

Friendly amendment given by Matt, New Business accepted w/majority vote at

beginning of meeting.

Mike-Previous question called. Rochelle 2nd.

Kris Esser-It would be really nice to have a completed agenda so we know.

Tracy-Friendly Amendment to post the New Business on the round table

in the Senate Office in written form.

Friendly amendment accepted

Previous question called by Tracy

2nd by Steven

Main motion Passes 2 abstentions

Revote called Motion still passes Kris Hammes voted against this motion

Open Forum

Tracy is working on "renter's problems".


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:23 P.M.