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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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November 2, 1994


Meeting was called to order at 4:05 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (7-0-0)Lisa Warnke (5-1-1) Marc Crawford (6-1-0) Emily Halloran (7-0-0) Brian Sutter (7-0-0) Danae Blanck (7-0-0) Wasim Imran (4-2-0) Matthew Chase (7-0-0) Tricia Finnigan (7-0-0) Steve Ziller (7-0-0) John Mulcahy (7-0-0) Kristee Alm (6-0-1) Amy Galarneault (5-0-0) Brandon Herold (4-3-0) Ryan Jex (5-1-1) Leslie Knight (6-0-1) Tracy Majeske (7-0-0) Mohammad Rahman (0-3-4) Steven Tkach (5-0-0) Krista Schleicher (7-0-0) Megan Daniels (5-0-0) Jessica Johnson (7-0-0) Libby Albers (6-0-1) Eddy Guzek (5-0-0) Emily Auseth (5-0-0) (President Kris Hammes (7-0-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(7-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(7-0-0) Staff members in attendance: Becky Brown (7-0-0) Mona Wallace (7-0-0), Mike Kirkwood (7-0-0) Naomi Marietta (6-1-0) Steph Schriock (7-0-0) Francis Klinkner(5-2-0)

Agenda approved with one addition

Minutes stand as written

Presentation - Keith Solsvig, Marketing Representative for ARAMC (Automatic

Retailers America Marketing Corporations) formerly ARA. Looking for student participation, added more meal plans, meal exchange program, changed menu selection. Looking at new opportunities (Total Quality Management)

Elections Arts & Humanities-Stacy Rogge

Officer Report

A. Kris Hammes President

1. MSSA Goals & Objectives (see written report)

Motion to approve Senate goals, 2nd by Jerry

Main motion Passes unanimous.

2. MSUSA Fall Conference Nov.-4-6

Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Mike Kirkwood (see written report)

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace (see written report)

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock

1. Vote Tuesday Nov. 8.

2. Tables will be set up to get information out to students in the Union,

videos will be at tables too.

3. Thanks to Reporter for support

4. Discussion w/Joe Metro (Security initiative was talked about)

5. Preliminary Hearing for Higher Ed Board, proposal for financial aid.

D. Public Relations-Naomi Marietta

1. Meeting 5:00 Mon Nov. 7.

2. People from committee need to call Naomi for information

E. SAC-Jacqueline Lager (no report)

F. Student Affairs-Becky Brown

1. Goals for committee narrowed down to 20 and then have 8 extensive goals

from committee and add them to the Senate goals.

a. Renters Association

b. Services for students outside Maverick Hall

c. Student Worker Bill of Rights

d. Another Physician for Health Services

e. Security escort boundary limits better publicized

f. Pro-rated Campus Express Bus pass

g. Alternative Housing for single parents

h. Operation Outreach

Main motion Passes

2. Small updates on little things, let me know if anything comes up.

G. Union Board-Mo Abbas (John Mulcahy)

1. We need to make ourselves more public.

2. Credit card Policy passed in Senate, but it's sitting in Administration. Credit Card

people say it's illegal.

3. Baby changing tables needed for the Union, checking on feasibility.

4. What's expected of Union Board, need to decide on what concerns need to

be brought up and what needs to be done from last year.

Officer Reports

A. Vice President Jerry Flynn

Happy Birthday to Robb Murray (Reporter)

Spoke to Andrea Ruesch - MSUSA about attending and needing

registration booklets

B. Speaker-Kris Esser

1. Happy B Day to Robb Murray (Reporter)

Recognition of Organizations: 1999 Generation, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Advertising

Club, Moslem Student Association, Crawford D Hall Govt., Delta Phi Epsilon,

Campus Lutheran Chapel & Student Center, Kappa Sigma, RPSIG, Students for

Environmental Awareness, Aztlan Ballet Folklorico, Pre Professional Chemical

Dependency Student Organization, LaCrosse, Downhill Ski Club, African Students

Association, Unified Black Women, Amnesty International, Eta Sigma Gamma,

Admin. Management Society, Wels Lutheran Campus Ministry, Finance Club,

Pakistan Student Association, Gay Lesbian Bisexual Assoc., Society of Women

Engineers, Fellowship of Christian Athletes,

Prince Club recognition tabled until other organizations are recognized.

Previous question called by Ryan Jex. 2nd Lisa Fails

Previous question called by Steven Tkach, 2nd by Tracy, 4 abstentions

C. Treasurer Francis Klinkner (no report)


Commission on the Status of Women: Penny Rosenthal, Julia Curran,

Sally Booher

Senator Reports

A. John Mulcahy (in writing)

1. Spoke on teacher/faculty evaluation proposal

2. Bookstore Advisory Proposal - Maverick & University Bookstore proposed to

stop selling used books. Fails

Old Business

(Bakke on the ball-he remembered the By-law change)

1. By-Law regarding proxies

Move to a vote 1 abstention

Amy-Motion-Proxy must be a member of the the case of an academic senator, a minor or major in that college may serve as a proxy.

Main motion Passes

New Business

A. Veteran Day Resolution (see written resolution)

2nd by Jerry

Tracy-our support w/this would be greatly appreciated by the Vet's Club.

It would make MSU community more aware.

Steven-previous question called

2nd Lisa Main Motion Passes unanimous

B. Adjustment of library hours of operation (see report motion)

Jerry present motion


Friendly Amendment to change Saturday hours from 10-5 instead of 11-4

(not accepted by Jerry)

Moved to an official amendment by Becky as Leslie's proxy

2nd by Tracy, Ryan Jex called question, Jerry 2nd Fails

Friendly amendment by Mike to have a floating hour to apply to

where the most user hours are.

Becky accepts. Previous question called by Ryan Jex

Previous question called and 2nd. Main Motion Passes unanimously

Open Forum

1. MavCard problem

1. Steph-against it

2. Mona-against it, for the idea

3. Marc-I had no problems w/the MavCard

4. Matt-worked up display for advertising

5. Krista-MSUSA business will go down in 4 years.

6. Tracy-Students are getting mandated into getting the MavCard, students were supposed to

have an option. It is not what we agreed to have when we originally agreed with

the MavCard.

7. Rochelle-Should this get placed on Student Affairs?

8. Steph-I want to hear from the students, we could pack this place w/students

w/MavCard concerns.

9. Eric-we can't say MavCard concerns, we need to say comments.

10. Rochelle-we need to let people know where and when are meetings are.

Motion to close Open Forum


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:13 P.M.