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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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October 5, 1994

Meeting was called to order at 4:00 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (3-0-0)Lisa Warnke (2-0-1) Marc Crawford (2-1-0) Emily Halloran (3-0-0) Brian Sutter (3-0-0) Danae Blanck (3-0-0) Wasim Imran (1-1-0) Matthew Chase (3-0-0) Tricia Finnigan (3-0-0) Steve Ziller (3-0-0) John Mulcahy (3-0-0) Kristee Alm (3-0-0) Amy Galarneault (1-0-0) Brandon Herold (2-1-0) Ryan Jex (3-0-0) Leslie Knight (2-0-1) Tracy Majeske (3-0-0) Mohammad Rahman (0-2-1) Steven Tkach (1-0-0) Krista Schleicher (3-0-0) Megan Daniels 1-0-0) Jessica Johnson (3-0-0) Libby Albers (3-0-0) Eddy Guzek (1-0-0) Emily Auseth (1-0-0) (President Kris Hammes (3-0-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(3-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(3-0-0) Staff members in attendance: Becky Brown (3-0-0) Mona Wallac(3-0-0), Mike Kirkwood (3-0-0) Naomi Marietta (3-0-0) Steph Schrock (3-0-0) Francis Klinkner(3-0-0)

The agenda was approved after Jerry recommended change: Staff & Committee reports,

Officer reports, Appointments. 2nd by Matt Chase. Motion Passes.

Minutes corrected: Misspelling of Amy Galarneault. Office Campus changed to

Off Campus.

Cultural Diversity History-Mona Wallace (submitted in writing)


A. Academic Affairs-Mike Kirkwood (report given by Steve Ziller)

1. Teacher evals, new surveys questioned.

2. Quarter vs. Semesters

Table in Union or Open Forum w/Dr. Jones?

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace

1. Activities for Fall quarter-host Halloween Party Thursday Oct. 27.

8-11 PM Holiday Inn downtown.

2. Flutist Concert-CO-sponsor $200 (African American flutist)

3. Oct. 8 Pancake Breakfast $3.00, Intercultural Center 8-11 AM

Carkowski Commons

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock

1. Today was Soap Box on the Mall, good response from candidates & students.

Thank you to Tracy, Kris, Jerry & everyone involved in success.

2. Thanks to the Reporter, I hope to work w/them during this

Legislative year. They made a poster for us-very nice.

3. Thank you to Joe Metro for getting Stan's car.

4. Meeting w/Jay Noreen, Chancellor of Higher Ed at South Central

Tech College Conference room 2-3 P.M. Monday 10/10. Discuss Merger.

5. Kris Hammes & Eric Bakke went to meeting w/Chancellor Noreen and staff

in July.

Mona-Any possibility of having a temporary or full-time Cultural Diversity

Coordinator for the Merger?

Eric-Have any meetings taken place dealing with lobbying?

Steph-yes at the Legislative Affairs meetings.

D. Public Relations-Naomi Marietta

1. Aids Awareness Week-October 10 1 PM CSU 202 Brainstorming Session.

Matt-How does Aids Awareness benefit Senate?

Naomi-Used to be sponsored by Violence Prevention/no longer an

organization so Senate picked it up.

E. Student Affairs-Becky Brown (written report)

1. Sat Oct. 29 2:00 PM MSU vs. SCSU at the Dome

a. Committee recommendation to create a sub-committee for the

the need of Home Ride Program.

b. Recommendation to match SDPA $400 donation for DomeComing.

Steven-We (as Senate) should match this money.

Kris-By providing a bus for students makes it safer and provides

transportation for students who might not be able to attend.

Becky-SDP&A was asked to fund this and Athletics was going to fund bus for band and cheerleaders and students.

Tracy-We need money to spend it.

Steph-Our Senate budget is small, we don't know what costs are for

other things during the year, our budget is different then that

for programming.

Tricia-I think we should give the option for a safety issue

Naomi-charge a small fee for ticket, have other organizations


Kris Esser- We are broke. We spent $500 on Law books.

Kris Hammes-We are not broke!

Ryan Jex-I move to refer back to committee. Tracy 2nd.

Ryan-We are wasting time.

Matt-Let's deal with this right now.

Kris H-I agree w/ Matt Motion fails

Matt-I feel it will not benefit enough students

Tracy-Called the question. Passes to vote upon motion.

Committee recommendation to fund $ to SDP&A fails.

F. Union Board-Mo Abbas (given by John)

1. Repainting of Union.

2. Piano policy discussion

3. Credit Card Vending policy draft, waiting on legal issues regarding this.

4. Facilities use.

5. Discussion about Phase III of Reorganization

6. Piano proposal

a. Amend change 6:00 PM to 5:00 PM on paragraph 3 line 2 Passed

Kris Hammes called previous question. Passed

Motion passes-see Resolution w/1st Amendment

Officer Reports

A. President Kris Hammes (see written report)

1. Moved to put minutes in notebook and bulletin board and not give

out unless individual senators request copy.

2. Jerry 2nd.

3. Matt-call previous question

Tracy 2nd Motion Passed

4. Cross cultural support is needed, it is a good idea to meet with

Dr. Fagin (Mona)

5. Booster Club Tuesday 12:00 noon

6. MSUSA Fall Conference

Kris Hammes, Matt Chase, Mona Wallace, Virgil Brown, Elise Clemons,

Tricia Finnigan, Steve Ziller, Krista Schleicher, Stephanie Schriock,

Brian Sutter, Becky Brown. Alternates: Kristee Alm, Kris Esser, Mohammad

Abbas, Amy Galerneault, Megan Daniels

B. Vice President Jerry Flynn (see written report)

C. Speaker Kris Esser

1. Recognition of Clubs: Psychology Club, Ellis St. Singers,

Am. Marketing, Sigma Sigma Sigma

Eric Bakke moved to table the recognition of Students for Bangladesh,


Matt- I want to make sure all discourse and communication is taken care of,

so as not a slam to Bangladesh.

Kris Hammes-I don't think this is proper students grounds.

Ryan-called the previous question


Passes to vote on motion. Original motion Fails

Tracy-Where do Bangladesh go for funding?

Matt- That is what the table of recognition was supposed to do.

Motion to recognize passes


Public Affairs: Anne Retzloff, Krista Schleicher, Eddy Guzek

Communications: Kris Haacke, Kelly Jean Olm

Sexual Assault: Norma Blakley, Sean Novack

Ensuring Cultural Diversity: Steven Tkach

Academic Affairs: Sean Novack

Student Affairs: Anne Retzloff, Steven Tkach

Legislative Affairs: Norma Blakley, Libby Albers

Bookstore Advisory: Amy Galarneault

S.O.A.F.C: Norma Blakley

Public Affairs: Sean Novack

Residence Hall Assoc: Megan Daniels

Kris Hammes struck Communication Board Appointments from minutes until

next week.

Senator Reports

Krista Schleicher (written report)

Matt Chase-Need people for Cultural Diversity, thanks for passing piano issue.

Check your mailboxes.

Senate can increase the drop length for classes.

Mav card information.

Jerry moved to appointments to clarify Communication Board. Appointments

will stand.

Matt-read the new by-law for clarification

Old Business

A. Organization Advisor

We passed resolution

Eric - Move that Senate reconsider.


Eric-The motion was illegal

Steven-move to committee of whole


Kris E.-clarifies that the amendment says we will look into changing or not changing the old motion.

B. Mav Card

Motion - Tracy (see written motion)

Move to accept the motion as long as students have a choice.

C. Gage Hall Govt.-Krista (see written report)

Previous question called, 2nd

Passes one abstention, Eric B. state concerns

Matt-move to suspend the rules

Krista 2nd

Matt calls question


Kris H. move to previous question. 2nd

Division called by Jerry - two abstentions

Motion will be considered April 20, 1994

Eric-I would like to amend the motion so it reads; the Student Senate

recommends the removal of the requirement of an advisor for a student

organization to be recognized and appropriate amendments be made to

University policy to make this possible.

Malcolm-pick a different process because the old one was against policy

Previous question moved by Kris H.

2nd Amendment passes

New Business

A. Elect senator for Communications Board-Jerry nominate Krista Schleicher


Eric-move to close nominations, motion of nomination passes

B. Internal Umbrella Resolution

Amend resolution to strike 13-15

move to immediate vote Motion Passes

C. Kris H-I move to fund $250 to SDP&A for the Dome Game excluding

Cheerleaders & the Band


Rochelle-I move to table to next week. Passes


Previous question called

Rochelle 2nd Motion Fails

Jerry-It is not a waste of money to fund student involvement, let's stop turning them down

Ryan-move to close discussion

Call the question, Matt-2nd Motion fails

Open Forum

Kris H.-I just looked at the budget and we do the money for funding an activity like this.

Eric-I abstained because I didn't want to dictate what Senate should do.

Steven-Revolutionary idea, important item, where are the senators? They need to be

here or get a proxy or something.

Amy-Time commitment is a big deal, what good are you if you're not here!

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:02 P.M.