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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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November 16, 1994


Meeting was called to order at 4:010 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (8-0-1)Lisa Warnke (5-3-1) Marc Crawford (8-1-0) Emily Halloran (9-0-0) Brian Sutter (9-0-0) Danae Blanck (9-0-0) Wasim Imran (5-3-0) Matthew Chase (9-0-0) Tricia Finnigan (9-0-0) Steve Ziller (8-1-0) John Mulcahy (9-0-0) Kristee Alm (8-0-1) Amy Galarneault (7-0-0) Brandon Herold (4-5-0) Ryan Jex (7-1-1) Leslie Knight (7-0-2) Tracy Majeske (9-0-0) Stacy Rogge (2-1-0) Steven Tkach (7-0-0) Krista Schleicher (9-0-0) Megan Daniels (7-0-0) Jessica Johnson (8-1/2-0) Scott Vance (2-0-0) Libby Albers (7-0-2) Eddy Guzek (7-0-0) Emily Auseth (7-0-0) (President Kris Hammes (7-0-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(9-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(9-0-0) Staff members in attendance: Becky Brown (8-1-0) Mona Wallace (9-0-0), Mike Kirkwood (9-0-0) Naomi Marietta (8-1-0) Steph Schriock (9-0-0) Francis Klinkner(7-2-0)

Agenda approved after addition of senator reports. Motion was made to have Senator reports in writing unless a senator wishes to speak. Passes

Change in 11/9/94 Minutes - Legislative Affairs Report Part A Section 4 and Part B

Section 4 be stricken from minutes. Appointments: Budget Committee members

OK'd. Francis Klinkner-Chairman, Eric Bakke, Marc Crawford, Emily Auseth

Motion Passed

Scott Vance: Motion to remove Complimentary Books from table.

Tracy Majeske: 2nd. Passed

Presentation - Dean Barb Keating-Complimentary Books

Discussed problem of violating ethical standards when complimentary books are sold by teachers as "used" books. The professors should not be selling them and the bookstores should not be dealing with them. It is up to the Student Senate to decide their position on this issue. IFO hasn't had time to deal with this issue.

Perry Cuttino-Manage University Bookstore

We have sold Complimentary copies for various classes. He presented the process

of dealing with complimentary books. The bookstore gets complimentary copies at a used book price. He said it was right for bookstores to buy complimentary copies as used books because he asked the question, "Have we really done anything wrong? The only person who can enforce this is the professor who sells them. The way technology has been going I don't think textbooks will really be around much longer to really effect the increase or prices drastically. We wanted to save students money, that is why we bought the complimentary books and sold them.

(Extends System in Florida specializes w/Complimentary Books, Maverick Bookstore deals w/Nebraska Bookstore buys books from Extends).

Motion to entertain general discussion on the complimentary book issue.

Tracy-Amend motion w/a ten minute limit on debate. Motion Passes

Matt-I think we should form a policy dealing with complimentary books.

Amy-We should kill this issue and stop wasting our time

John-I hope nothing comes up w/a motion, it is political. We should not allow the faculty to

"play" us, they are pushing this issue on us

Francis-we can support complimentary books, not support, or not do anything. Let's just let this float off into oblivion.

Other discussion....people said basically the same.

Ryan-motion to close discussion

Marc-2nd Motion Passes

Eddy -motion to table indefinitely

Amy-2nd Motion Passes

*This motion is not debatable. There is no motion or policy that was passed dealing w/this issue at the Bookstore Advisory Committee.

Elections No elections 11/19/94

Acting Presidential Report - Jerry Flynn (see written report)

Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Mike Kirkwood (see written report)

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace

Recommendation to approve a goal to encourage students of color to participate in search committees for faculties, deans, etc.

Recommendation Passes unanimously

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock (no report)

D. Public Relations-Naomi Marietta

1. Tuesday Nov. 22 10 AM - 2PM a table will be set up for Aids Awareness week.

2. Residence Hall will be involved

E. Student Affairs-Becky Brown

Recommendation out of committee to accept Alcohol/Drug Policy. Amend to change students to be 1st throughout the whole policy (students, faculty, staff)

2nd Steven Amendment Fails

Motion to strike bullet #3 under the Policy statement on Alcoholic Beverages and other Drugs. 2nd

Amendment-to recommend to strike bullet #3, put the Failed word recommend

before strike.

Point of Clarification-this is dealing w/insurance policies, etc. for the University.

Tricia-motion to move to Meet & Confer to rework the section in question (Bullet #3)

2nd Ryan.

Motion to send back the policy to Meet & Confer to look at Bullet #3 -2nd

Motion Fails

Marc-I recommend that each senator read this policy fully and bring up their personal concerns.

Pervious question called-Ryan

2nd-Mike (proxy for John) Failed

Previous question called-Steven, 2nd Mike Passes

Recommendation to approve MSU Alcohol & Drug Policy Fails

Student Affairs Committee worked on goals and will keep rolling on them

F. SAC-no report

G. Union Board-Mo Abbas (see written report)

1. Recommendation to extend the lease for CSU 246 for MavCard use through the end

of Fall quarter.

2. By-law change on attendance for MSUSA Conferences to make attendance only required for senators when Conference is held at MSU.

Previous question called

2nd Passed.

Officer Reports

A. Acting Vice President Marc Crawford (see written report)

B. Speaker-Kris Esser

Student Organization Recognition's: History Club, Lambda Chi Alpha,

Pi Sigma Alpha-Political Science Honor Society, Textiles & Clothing Club,

Pre-Optometry Club, Economics Club, Council of Student Business Organizations,

International Business Organization, Political Science/Public Administration Club,

Writer's Bloc, Hmong Student Associations, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity,

Senators, two reports a quarter are required! Last meeting of quarter, good luck w/finals, have a good break.

Elections will be held next meeting (1st of winter quarter, I've been giving letters to the deans. Good stand to take on complimentary books. I'm proud of the Senate

for not submitting ourselves as a pawn.

C. Treasurer Francis Klinkner

Long distance phone calls must be submitted in the phone log!

Recommendation from Budget Committee Passes

(the transfer of funds)

Proposed By-law change (see written report)

Motion Passes unanimously

Motion to approve $150 advance of stipend for Jerry to pay him back for hotel fees from Fall Conference. Passes

Recommendation to approve $350 advance of stipend for Pres Hammes. Passes


Senate Budget Committee - Jerry Flynn, Judicial Board-Elise Clemens, Undergraduate

Curriculum-Kris Esser, General Ed Commission-Stephanie Schriock, Tricia Miller,

Commission on Men's Athletics According to OCR Gender Equity & Budget- Brian Sutter,

Jim Louis, Virgil Brown, Jodi Wendt, Legislative Affairs-Scott Vance

Move back to Acting President Report-Jerry Flynn

Dec 1-2. Position meetings for Student Development Office.

Need Steering committee for Mini-Mavs Program. Propose that we allow the Coordinator to take on managerial powers in areas of hiring and firing.

Marc-2nd Passes

Senator Reports

(written reports) Kristee Alm, Danae Blanck, Marcus Crawford, Megan Daniels,

Amy Galarneault, Eddy Guzek/Emily Auseth, John Mulcahy, Jessica Johnson, Krista

Schleicher, Brian Sutter, Ryan Jex, Steven Tkach-as member of ADA would like to be

put on Agenda if it is possible.

Old Business

A. MavCard-MSUSA Proposal

Motion to table indefinitely (Steph Schriock-MavCard Proposal)


Previous question called-Krista

Ryan-2nd Fails

Jerry-this issue is here if we need it, we can bring it back to business if we

feel it is necessary. This should be a local issue, not state wide.

Previous question called-Matt

Steven-2nd Passes

Main motion to reconsider Fails 1 abstention

New Business

A. Jerry addressed a senator's fitness hearing.

Point of Order raised by Scott Vance as to the putting of new business on the table

Kris E. said she would

*Adjourned meeting to Senate Office

B. Complimentary books

1. Complimentary books are of such a matter to be solved intelligently

in front of entire Senate.

Amy-move to table until next week. 2nd Motion Passes

Open Forum


November 22 Mav Hall Dance $2.00

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:13 P.M.