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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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November 9, 1994


Meeting was called to order at 4:08 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (7-0-1)Lisa Warnke (5-2-1) Marc Crawford (7-1-0) Emily Halloran (8-0-0) Brian Sutter (8-0-0) Danae Blanck (8-0-0) Wasim Imran (4-3-0) Matthew Chase (8-0-0) Tricia Finnigan (8-0-0) Steve Ziller (8-0-0) John Mulcahy (8-0-0) Kristee Alm (7-0-1) Amy Galarneault (6-0-0) Brandon Herold (4-4-0)

Ryan Jex (6-1-1) Leslie Knight (6-0-2) Tracy Majeske (8-0-0) Stacy Rogge (2-0-0) Steven Tkach (6-0-0) Krista Schleicher (8-0-0) Megan Daniels (6-0-0) Jessica Johnson (7-1/2-0) Scott Vance (1-0-0)

Libby Albers (7-0-1) Eddy Guzek (6-0-0) Emily Auseth (6-0-0) (President Kris Hammes (7-0-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(8-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(8-0-0) Staff members in attendance: Becky Brown (7-1-0) Mona Wallace (8-0-0), Mike Kirkwood (8-0-0) Naomi Marietta (7-1-0) Steph Schriock (8-0-0) Francis Klinkner(6-2-0)

Agenda approved after adding senator report and change in Old Business

Minutes stand as written

Presentation -Tom Collins- Psychology Professor - Complimentary Books

Publisher does not intend for free (complimentary) copy to be sold, but this is

being done and it is unethical. There is a change of keeping book prices down

permanently if selling of complimentary books is stopped.

Elections Natural Sciences, Math, Home Ec-Scott Vance

Acting Presidential Report - Jerry Flynn

A. Update on Career Development Center Search

B. Unanimous vote to accept Jerry's appointment of Marc Crawford as Acting

Vice President while Kris Hammes is recovering (see written recommendation)

Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Mike Kirkwood (see written report)

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace (see written report)

1. Motion passed that two unexcused absences would result in removal of committee

2. Fall Conference successful

MSUSA appeals passed: 1) Motion passed that 2 unexcused absences would

result in removal of committee 2) Recommend quarterly meetings for

Cultural Diversity 3) Recommend Cultural Diversity for incoming Freshmen

3. Committee goals: Recommendation from committee-encourage students of

color and other unrepresented groups to be involved. Motion Passes

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock

1. No. Mankato students were not allowed to vote early because there was no housing list for MSU students. I will work to change that.

2. MSUSA Conference went well. Resolutions from MSUSA: 1) Student Affairs

brought out information - student autonomy over student activity fees 2)

Semester transfer, student leaders should be part of the whole process so the

students can have a binding vote.

3. Resolutions from Legislative Affairs: 1) Security initiative 2) Support

Leonard Law (freedom of speech in allowing students to express their views,

can't be disciplined for it) 3) Higher Ed Budget in regards to Financial Aid-

child care, low income students, max., awards...etc.

4. Higher Ed Bd. meeting Tuesday November 15

5. Executive Council Meeting Wed 11/16

6. Higher Ed Bd. Budget-Thursday

D. Public Relations-Naomi Marietta (see written report)

1. Meetings Monday 5:00

2. Dec. 2nd World Aids Day

3. Nov 21-23 Aids Awareness Days (Tables on 22nd & 23rd), working w/Health

Ed., Red Ribbons, table tents, flyers & body silhouettes, women's center sponsoring

a speaker.

4. Fundraising for United Way

5. Campus Express PR (survey done on parking advisory)

6. PR Class winding down.

7. Cable Company may be here.

E. Student Affairs-Becky Brown (see written report)

Two motions: 1) Bring back goals and get approved since one was modified, 5th goal

changed to security and security issues Passed 2) A task force would be created

to look into alternative housing for single parents. Norma Blakely chair of Task

Force. Passed

F. SAC-Tracy Majeske for Jacqueline Lager (see written recommendation)

Recommendation to allot $3500.00 for Men's & Women's Soccer club to go

National tournament Passed Jerry voted no.

G. Union Board-Mo Abbas

1. Had meeting w/Dr. Healy. What is the purpose of the Union and how can we

achieve these goals? TV-one in Indigo that shows only news.

2. Renovation report-Mr. Morris gave a list of possible renovations the Union may or

may not support.

3. Proposal from Barb Keating

4. Opening on Union Board

H. Constitution Committee-Eric Bakke (see written report)

Officer Reports

A. Acting Vice President Marc Crawford

I'll try to do a good job. Thank you for voting me in unanimously

B. Speaker-Kris Esser

1. Met w/Robin Meyer (SDP&A) to discuss the process that student organizations

are recognized by.

2. Move to rescind recognition of Ellis St. Singers Motion Passes

C. Treasurer Francis Klinkner

Budget Committee is needed so that others can know the exact status of the



Academic Computing Center Committee-Scott Vance, Budget Sub Meet & Confer-

Stephanie Schriock, Judicial Board-Becky Brown, Union Board-Joseph D. Anderson,

Senate Budget Committee forwarded to next week.

Senator Reports

A. Libby Albers (see written report)

B. Tracy Majeske (see written report)

C. Tricia Finnigan-feels strongly about goals the Senate has. Has enjoyed being a part

of Senate. Graduating end of quarter (written resignation)

Old Business

A. MavCard-Steph's Resolution (see written resolution)

Krista-moved Steven-2nd

Frank Viggiano, Ex. Director MSUSA.

Rights of students to make their own choice dealing with (freedom of choice)

financial institutions. Save time and money is a good idea, debit card good but taking away students right to choose is not a good idea. Create an open market for each type of

financial institution that gives students a choice.

Vice President Dean Trauger

The University just wants to provide better services to students. Issue of monopolies keep coming up. You may use it and you may not use it-you don't have to use First Bank. The Bookstore & ARA are the same way, they are contracts to one vendor. We'd like to invite the Senate to investigate the MavCard and its process. It there is a legitimate reason we re infringing upon students rights then we should find that out. I believe you have a choice either to get a MavCard or a student ID card. The MavCard is the way that universities are going to serve their students. This is an MSU issue not a State issue.

Jerry-=I think that we all are making significant grounds. We need to clear things in

house-then take it outside.

Scott-Work for a positive effect for the students. MavCard is a good idea and every new thing has its bugs. I'd like to see the card work with other financial institutions though.

Moved to table the motion until the Attorney General could respond.

2nd-Danae Motion Fails

Vice President Trauger-Banks had the options to work together and decided not to. First Bank has taken a major risk. We want to effectively serve the students of MSU

Francis-Students want to use services of the MavCard and to get them they must use First Bank. All

institutions should be used.

Matt-If the deal is that we have this MavCard in front of us now, let's not give up a

good thing.

Amy-Move to table issue to 1st item at next meeting

Eric-2nd Fails

MSUSA Proposal 11 in favor, 5 no, 2/3 vote 5 abstentions (treated as no votes)

Main Motion Fails Kris Hammes voted no to the MSUSA Proposal

Point of information brought about by Jerry referring to Robert's Rules of Order and abstentions=no votes

Move to recess for 3 minutes, 2nd Passes

B. Constitution Committee/Referral moving referral to next week

New Business

A. Moved to table Library Funding and Complimentary Books

Amendment to table Library Funding to next week and not complimentary


Previous question called and failed.

Amendment voted on and Passed

*Adjourned meeting to Senate Office

B. Complimentary books

1. Complimentary books are of such a matter to be solved intelligently

in front of entire Senate.

Amy-move to table until next week. 2nd Motion Passes

Open Forum


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:38 P.M.