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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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February 15, 1995


Meeting was called to order at 4:15 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson-proxy Steph

Schriock (12-0-2) Danae Blanck (14-0-0) Matthew Chase (14-0-0) Tara Mueller (5-0-0) John Mulcahy (13-1-0) Kristee Alm (13-0-1), Doran Hunter (5-0-0), Aaron Kurdle (4-0-1), Luayn Murphy (2-3-0) Ryan Jex (12-1-1) Leslie Knight (11-0-3) Tracy Majeske (14-0-0) Stacy Rogge (4-2-1) Krista Schleicher (14-0-0) Megan Daniels-proxy Anne Retzloff (10-0-2) Jessica Johnson (11-1 1/2-1) Scott Vance (5-1-0), Chris Held (4-2-0) Libby Albers/Carrie Wall-Proxy (8-0-6) Emily Auseth (12-0-0) President Kris Hammes (12-0-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(14-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(14-0-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (12-0-0)Mona Wallace (14-1-0), Naomi Marietta (9-4-1) Steph Schriock (14-0-0) Francis Klinkner(12-2-0), Steven Tkach (10-1-0)Mohammad Abbas (4-1-0)

Agenda stands approved.

Minutes of 2/1/94 stand approved

Elections Postponed for two weeks

Student Forum Penny Rosenthal Mary Ann Nelson

1) Commission on the Status of Women need a list of concerns from the students to bring to

Women's Commission 2) Dept. of Public Safety parade permit hassle.

Fitness Hearings

Stehpanie Schriock noted that the Reporter was not notified about the Fitness Hearing which is strictly stated in the ByLaws.

Senator Aaron Kurdle-Appeal the decision of the chair

2nd Failed

Move to continue Fitness Hearing-discussion on whether or not we should have the vote due to new information.

Aaron-move to table Fitness Hearing until next week. 2nd-Chris Held

Passed 4 abstentions

Old Business

A. Move to table discussion of men's and women's athletics.

2nd-Steph Passed

B. Steph move to take off the table the banner hanging policy

2nd-Matthew 1 abstention 1 no

Matthew moved to strike exemptions from the policy

2nd Matt removed his motion

Steph-moved to refer back to committee 2nd-Tracy

Tracy called question 2nd-Ryan Passes

This will be discussed next Tuesday 4:00 PM

C. Bylaw

Tracy-refer to committee 2nd-Steph Fails

6-4 abstentions Aaron-no vote

Jerry-move to take from table Bylaw concerning MSUSA conventions

2nd-Danae Fails


New Business

A. Move to override veto on President Hammes MSUSA fee decision-Tracy


*Motion that was vetoed: To support a .02$ increase only of the MSUSA

fee and that MSSA Senate share it's concerns with HEB.

Ryan call question 2nd-Jerry Motion Carries

2/3 needed to override the veto. Motion to override Presidential veto

Passes 18-2

B. Athletic Logo

Move that MSSA support logo #1 for the official MSU athletic logo

2nd-Tracy Friendly to add Mankato State & Mavericks to logo somewhere

Move to approve by unanimous consent-Jerry Passes

C. Move to refer to committee the University poster/banner policy to the

Student Affairs Committee

2nd Tracy called question 2nd - Ryan 15-1-1

Officer Reports

A. President Kristopher Hammes (see written report)

B. Vice President Jerry Flynn (see written report)

C. Speaker Kris Esser

Need people to fill seats for Nursing, Business, Education, HHP (2), DEI

Student Organization Recognition:

Gage A Upper Hall Senate, Cambodian Student Association, Elementary Ed

Organization, Maverick Upper Hall Government, Maverick Hall Lower,

A-Lower Hall Senate, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Paralegal Club

D. Treasurer Francis Klinkner (see written report)

Recommendtion out of committee to have all copy costs equaling more than $20 (400 copies) to be approved by Senate. Moved to amend motion to decrease to $15 passed.

Amendments to include approval of another officier in case of president or

treasurer doing copy work.

Vetoed by President Hammes

Appointments (no appointments)

Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Eddy Guzek

Assistant Vice President Dr. John Winkworth-addressed questions on semesters vs. quarters

Academic Affairs brought a resolution to the floor dealing w/semester conversion.

(See Resolution) Move to Roll Call vote, 2nd-Tracy Passed

Roll Call Vote

Kris Esser/y, Stacy Rogge/y, Roach Olson-Proxy Eric Bakke/y, Danae Blanck/y, Matthew

Chase /y, Tara Mueller/y, Kristee Alm/y, Luayn Murphy/y, Ryan Jex-not present, Leslie

Knight-Proxy Jim Louis/n, Tracy Majeske /y, Chris Held-not present, Aaron Kurdle-

proxy Steph Schriock-y, Steven Tkach/y, Krista Schleicher/y, Megan Daniels/y,

Libby Albers-Proxy Carrie Wall /y, Doran Hunter/y, Emily Auseth-proxy Eddy Guzek/y, Jerry Flynn/y ,Steph Schriock/y, Francis Klinkner/y

Resolution vote 16-1-0 Passes President Hammes not present for vote

Fitness Hearings

Kris Esser-remains on Senate seat as Arts & Humanities Senator

Stacy Rogge-Steph-move to dismiss this Fitness Hearing

2nd-Tracy Danae-called question 2nd-Matt 1 abstention Passes

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace (no report)

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock (see written report

D. Public Affairs- (no report)

E. Student Affairs-Steven Tkach

Suggestion from committee 1) Table in the CSU regarding security & safety

issues/do a survey with use of information from MSU Security 2) Telephone

Line officially a go, now we just need to ask for money

F. SAC-Jim Louis

1. Request for budget reserve info after Elections next week,

2. Recommendation from committee to give an increase of salary $2,031.05

for Senate professional staff. Passed 1 abstention-Kris Esser

3. Discussing increase or decrease in $ amount for food

G. Union Board-Mohammad Abbass (no report)

H. Communication Board-Krista Schleicher

The Communication Board met. We elected Matt Harmon Vice-Chair & Dave

Cowan Recording Secretary. We also decided that we would write to the

Reporter praising them on their rewards. We will be meeting soon to look over

the mid-year budgets of the Reporter, KRNR, & the Minnesota River Review

I. Constitution Committee

Eric-move to suspend rules in order to read the ByLaw again


Bylaw addition to Article 7, Sect 1 to add Treasurer to be an ex-officio non-voting member along w/president and vice-president.

Motion Fails 1 abstention-Jerry

Senator Reports (no reports)

Open Forum

Big thank you to all who went to Lobby Day! Largest group there was MSU.


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM