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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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February 22, 1995


Meeting was called to order at 4:08 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson-proxy Kris

Bakke (12-0-3) Danae Blanck (15-0-0) Matthew Chase (15-0-0) Tara Mueller (6-0-0) John Mulcahy (14-1-0) Kristee Alm (14-0-1), Doran Hunter (5-1-0), Aaron Kurdle (5-0-1), Luayn Murphy (3-3-0) Ryan Jex-proxy Sean Novak (12-1-2) Leslie Knight (11-1-3) Tracy Majeske (15-0-0) Stacy Rogge (5-2-1) Krista Schleicher (15-0-0) Megan Daniels (11-0-2) Jessica Johnson (12-1 1/2-1) Scott Vance (5-2-0), Chris Held (4-2-0) Libby Albers/Carrie Wall-Proxy-Proxy Eddy Guzek (8-0-7) Emily Auseth (13-0-0) President Kris Hammes (12-1-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(15-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(15-0-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (13-0-0)Mona Wallace (15-1-0), Naomi Marietta (9-5-1) Steph Schriock (15-0-0-1) Francis Klinkner(13-2-0-1), Steven Tkach (11-1-0)Mohammad Abbas (5-1-0-1)

Agenda stands approved with additions.

Minutes of 2/15/94 stand approved after addition of Steven Tkach - Friendly.


Motion to continue with elections. Eric Bakke-2nd

Objection because of lack of "ads" in Reporter-Senator Kurdle.

Question considered 12-4-0 Passed

Eric Bakke excused himself from voting on the motion.

Previous question called-Chris Held Senator Majeske-2nd Fails 8-6-1-1

Previous question called-Vice President Flynn 2nd-Senator Auseth

13-2-1-1 Passes 13 yes 2 no 1 abstention 1 vote not cast

Main Motion Passes 11-6-0-1

College of Business Election: 2 candidates, Todd Jensen, Rick Dekoter

Rick Dekoter is new College of Business Senator.

Senator Kurdle motion to appeal chair's decision to recognize Rick Dekoter as Business Senator.

Senator Chase-2nd. 12-4-2-1 vote against appeal. Senator Kurdle -appeal to

constitution committee

Old Business

A. Athletics-Student Athlete Advising Committee, Athletic Directors reporting

order. 30 minute discussion held in control by Athletics/Gallery.

Floor yielded to the Gallery. Time limit voted on. Motion to begin at 4:40 PM

and give half hour to the gallery/Athletics-Eric Bakke. 2nd-Vice Pres. Flynn

Passed. Move to extend time for 10 minutes-Vice President Flynn

2nd-Senator Kurdle Passed time ran out.

Senator Kurdle-move to extend time for the conclusion of Speaker's list.

2nd-Vice President Flynn Passed

Senator Chase-motion to support the placement of Athletics into Fiscal

Affairs until the State of MN biennial budget of the year 2000-1, in

addition to support two Athletic Directors. This is to be reviewed in

five years. 2nd-Senator Auseth

Vice President Flynn-Move to amend the motion to read to support two Athletic Directors in excluded positions 2nd-Senator Kurdle

Amendment Passes unanimously

Senator Majeske-move to approve by unanimous consent

2nd-Senator Kurdle-withdrew 2nd-Senator Auseth, objection-Senator Blanck

Previous question called-Eric Bakke 2nd-Senator Daniels 18-1-0

Role Call Vote

Kris Esser/y Stacy Rogge/y Roach Olson-Proxy Eric Bakke/y Rick Dekoter/y Danae Blanck/y

Matthew Chase/y Tara Mueller/y John Mulcahy/y Kristee Alm/y Luayn Murphy/y

Ryan Jex-proxy Sean Novak/y Tracy Majeske/y Aaron Kurdle/y Krista Schleicher/y

Megan Daniels/y Libby Albers-proxy-Carrie Wall-proxy-Eddy Guzek/y Emily Auseth/y

Kris Hammes/y Jerry Flynn/y

Senator Chase Main Motion Passes unanimous

Student Forum (No students present)

SAC Reserve Policy(see written recommendation)

Need for reserve to increase over the next five years in case of emergencies for organization's equipment, etc.

Previous question called-Senator Blanck 2nd-Senator Auseth 14-3-0

Main motion Passes (1st of 3 part motion)

Senator Kurdle-move to send back to committee 2nd-Senator Auseth

Withdrawal of motion by Senator Kurdle

Eric Bakke-question called 2nd-Senator Schleicher 17-1-0

Main motion Passes (2nd part of 3) 1 abstention

question called-Senator Auseth 2nd-Senator Blanck 14-2-2

Main motion Passes (3rd part of 3)

Move to adjourn-Senator Majeske 2nd-Senator Held Fails

Move to recess for 5 minutes-Stephanie Schriock 6:52 PM 2nd-Senator Auseth Passes

Meeting called back to order 7:05 PM

Old Business

B. By-Law Reading (2nd Reading) (see written report)

Main motion Passes

Officer Reports

A. President Kristopher Hammes (see written report)

B. Vice President Jerry Flynn (no report)

C. Speaker Kris Esser

Student Organization Recognition:

Lau Student Organization, Technology Education Club

D. Treasurer Francis Klinkner (no report)


Elections Committee-Allison Plathe, Public Affairs-Sean Novak, Student Affairs-Joleen


Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Eddy Guzek (see written reprt)

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace (see written report)

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock (no report)

D. Public Affairs- Naomi Marietta (no report)

E. Student Affairs-Steven Tkach (no report)

F. SAC-Jim Louis

G. Union Board-Mohammad Abbas (no report)

H. Communication Board-Krista Schleicher (no report)

I. Constitution Committee (no report)

Senator Reports

A. John Mulcahy -see written copy of Used Book Bargain

B. Jessica Johnson-see written report

Open Forum


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM