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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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March 29, 1995


Meeting was called to order at 4:07 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (14-1-3) Danae Blanck (17-1-0) Matthew Chase (17-0-0-1) Tara Mueller (7-0-1) John Mulcahy (17-1-0-1) Rick Dekoter (2-0-0) Kristee Alm (17-0-1), Doran Hunter (8-1-0), Aaron Kurdle (7-1-1), Luayn Murphy (3-6-0) Ryan Jex(13 1/2-1-2) Leslie Knight (11-3-4) Tracy Majeske (18-0-0) Stacy Rogge (6-3-2) Krista Schleicher (18-0-0) Megan Daniels (13-0-3) Jessica Johnson (14-1 1/2-1) Chris Held (5-3-0) Emily Auseth (16-0-0) Sean Novack-Proxy Steven Tkach (1-0-1) President Kris Hammes (13-1-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(17-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(17-1-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (16-0-0)Mona Wallace (15-3-0), Naomi Marietta (9-8-1) Steph Schriock (17-0-0-1) Francis Klinkner(16-2-0-1), Steven Tkach (13-1-0) Mohammad Abbas (7-2-0-1)

Agenda stands approved after adding Fitness Hearing-Ryan Jex

2 abstentions-Tracy Majeske, Shawn Novack/proxy Steven Tkach

Minutes of 3/08/95 stand approved.

Public Affairs-Stacy Rogge-turn in schedules to Naomi ASAP

Old Business

Vice President Flynn passed the Speakership to Senator Kurdle w/o objection, no objection raised and gavel passed.

A. Presidential Athletic Veto override-moved Stephanie, 2nd Senator Schleicher

Debate-reading of the veto by President Hammes. The veto has been on the placement of Athletics.

Jodi Wendt-speaks from gallery regarding gender equity situation, need for

funding and reasons for keeping Athletics in Fiscal Affairs.

Senator Chase-too many focuses on Academic Affairs currently, for this reason

it should stay with Fiscal Affairs.

Denise Bitz (gallery) need to reallocate money in this time of gender equity.

Vice Pres. Flynn move to suspend rules 2 speak in favor, 2 speak opposed. Chair allows

1 and 1 after speaking list is done

Senator Schleicher-Vice Pres. Trauger has said he wants Athletics in Fiscal Affairs.

Senator Daniels-Why did Pres. Hammes veto?

Vice Pres Flynn- Move to allow 3 min for debate, Senator Held -2nd

Stephanie-by suspending rules, she gives up her right as maker of motion

Vice President Flynn-speaks for motion, President Hammes speaks against motion

Vice President Flynn-survey had 2 points to consider. Students as fee payers, students as athletes, students as audience. We are representing students. Dean's will represent


President Hammes-Gender equity will have problems no matter if it's in Fiscal

Affairs or Academics. Yields to Senator Mulcahy-Athletics will get more money if there are in Fiscal Affairs then all other groups.

Move to vote. 12 for 3 against 3 abstain. Motion to override Presidential veto


Senator Kurdle passes gavel and speakership back to Vice President Flynn.

Urban Affairs-Matt Chase

Mary Ann Nelson - Women's Center (Rally Permit)

Current Rally - a lot of miscommunication w/Mankato Dept. of Public Safety. Treatment was isolated and lacked support. Went to Human Rights Dept. requested permit policy.

They were denied a policy and told to stay out of it.

Senator Kurdle moves to extend Speakers time to 5 min. Senator Olson-proxy 2nd.

Senator Chase entertains friendly to give no time limit as he promises to speed it up.

Senator Chase-(see written resolution) Senator Majeske (proxy-Stephanie) 2nd

Senator Chase speaks on resolution as liaison of the motion.

Senator Kurdle moves to table resolution. Open Forum, Senator Mulcahy

Move to vote Passes

Senator Chase Move to pass Homeride as is. Stephanie-2nd

Senator Kurdle-speaks on Fraternity being connected with Homeride

Senator Chase-confers Fraternity can not be related because it is solely from

school to home.

Senator Tkach- (proxy for Sean Novack) move to pass by unanimous consent, Kurdle

2nd. Unanimously Approved

Senator Chase-pursuing 3rd party option for all students speaking w/director of Mankato

Dept. of Public Safety

New Business

Vice Presdine Flynn passes gavel to Sentor Kurdle w/o objection. No objections raised, gavel passed.

A. Elections Rules Proposal

Vice President Flynn and Norma Blakely speak on elections. Norma-speaks on

importance of preliminary groundwork for the committee as a committee member

Motion to vote by unanimous consent, Stephanie 2nd Unanimous

B. Anne Retzloff moved to approve two day election proposal. 2nd-Senator Daniels.

Anne Retzloff moved to approve by unanimous consent, Steph objects, back to

debate (motion withdrawn).

Vice President Flynn speaks as maker of motion Flynn yields floor to questions

Senator Mueller offers to amend motion so election results will not be given

until after conclusion of 2nd day of voting.

Amendment Passes. Chair doesn't allows Senator Mulcahy to make his motion.

Mulcahy appeals decision of chair, Senator Hunter 2nd. Motion Passes 12-2

Vice President Flynn withdraws motion, Senator Tkach-proxy Sean Novack

2nd. Motion is withdrawn.

Flynn takes gravel

C. Election Publicity-Vice President Flynn speaks. Moved and 2nd-Senator Tkach

(See written proposal) Move to debate

Vice President Flynn give closing remarks and moves to refer to committee

(Elections) Stephanie 2nd. Motion Carries.

Sentor Kurdle passes gavel back to Vice President Flynn.

Norma Blakely moves to have Senator Chases's resolution brought forward, Anne Retzloff 2nd. Motion passes 14-1-1. Chair Kurdle passes gavel back.

Senator Tkach (proxy Sean Novack) moves to recess for 10 minutes, Senator Mulcahy

2nd Recess

Senator Kurdle moves to amend the motion. Senator Chase yields speaking turn.

Senator Chase moves to divide subject into each clause by clause. Senator Kurdle 2nd

Senator Tkach objects move to vote 12-0-3 Passes to amend clause by clause.

Senator Kurdle speaks to his amendment, rereads motion as amended.

Senator Kurdle called question, Norma 2nd. 10-2 Passes Move to vote on amendment

clause by clause. Vote 5-9 Fails

Senator Chase move to committee of the whole. Senator Kurdle 2nd. Discussion follows.

Senator Chase calls original question. Senator Kurdle 2nd. Move to vote by unanimous consent.

Unanimous. Moved and 2nd to attach senators name. Without objection Passes

Officer Reports

A. President Kristopher Hammes

Delegate Assembly April 7-9

B. Vice President Jerry Flynn

Public thank you to Stacy Rogge and Eric Bakke for Acting as Vice President and President, respectively.

C. Speaker Kris Esser

Letter of permanent proxy from Tracy Majeske (Stephanie Schriock)

D. Treasurer Francis Klinkner (no report)


Emily Lindell-Elections Committee, Student Affairs-Joleen Christie

Moved and 2nd to suspend the rules. Stephanie brings forth motion-moves that

MSSA/Senate adamantly stand opposed to HP 1496. Moved and 2nd to move to vote by unanimous consent. Moved and 2nd to reinstate the rules.

Senator Tkach-moved to make program informational brochures viable throughout residence

hall. Moved & 2nd. Senator Tkach spoke as maker of the motion. Move to vote.

Passed Moved and seconded to reinstate the rules

Staff and Committee Reports

A. Academic Affairs-Eddy Guzek

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace (no report)

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock (see written report)

D. Public Affairs- Naomi Marietta get schedules to Naomi asap

E. Student Affairs-Steven Tkach

F. SAC- Budget hearings begin. Meeting 2-4 Tuesdays, 1-3 Fridays, pertinent

information will be posted in Senate Office. Book of budgets on table. Meetings

are open. Union Bd, ACC Friday March 31. Recommendation to fund Homeride

$500.00. Move to vote-1 abstention, Passes

G. Union Board (earlier on agenda) Meet Wednesdays 9:00 A.M. weekly

H. Communication Board-Krista Schleicher

I. Constitution Committee

Senator Reports

Matthew Chase-Notified Senate of Fiscal Affairs Focus Group, increased pop

prices .05$. Mav Card usage generates .05$ for recycling. Have arranged with

David Cowan for 1 days recycling to be dumped on mall to be used as back drop for

Students for Environmental Awareness activities. Gave thanks to Pres Hammes

for keeping HomeRide alive. Passed resolution to accept Tippy Alm's proposal

to charge $20.00 for a MavCard upgrade from plain ID. $10.00 of that will be put on

student's vending stripe.

Moved to vote by unanimous consent, vote Passes.

Moved to suspend the rules - Senator Majeske. 2nd-Senator Daniels

Senator Kurdle moves to amend article 2 and add to Sec. E bylaws that state President

and Vice President will be elected or defeated as a single ticket through vote cast for the

team. Senator Hunter-2nd

Question called and 2nd, objection. 13-1-1 Passes

Moved to table until next week-Passes 2nd reading begins next week.

Open Forum

Steven Tkach, Tara Mueller, Tracy Majeske, Aaron Kurdle, Emily Auseth, Norma Blakely, Mona Wallace


Adjournment: Emily move to adjourn, Kristee 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 P.M.