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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 12, 1995


Meeting was called to order at 4:13 PM. Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (14-1-3) Danae Blanck (18-2-0) Matthew Chase (19-0-0-1) Tara Mueller (9-0-1) John Mulcahy (17-1-2-1 proxy Mohammad Abbas) Rick Dekoter (4-0-0) Kristee Alm (17-0-2 proxy Stephanie Schriock) Doran Hunter (8-1-2 proxy Eddy Guzek), Aaron Kurdle (9-1-1), Ryan Jex(13 1/2-1-3 proxy Taylor Geroge) Leslie Knight (11-4-4) Tracy Majeske (19-0-1) Krista Schleicher (19-1-0) Megan Daniels (15-0-3) Jessica Johnson (16-1 1/2-1) Chris Held (6-3-0-1) Emily Auseth (19-0-0) Sean Novack-Proxy Steven Tkach (1-2-1) President Kris Hammes (14-1-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn(19-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser(18-1-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (19-0-0)Mona Wallace (17-3-0), Naomi Marietta (10-9-1) Steph Schriock (19-0-0-1) Francis Klinkner(18-2-0-1), Steven Tkach (14-2-0) Mohammad Abbas (10-2-0-1)

Agenda stands approved after adding additions: K-RHA under Staff and Committee reports.

Minutes of 3/05/95 stand approved after corrections: Steven Tkach correction to his attendance. Tracy Majeske name spelled wrong. Mohammad Abbas no longer staff member.

Presentation-Derek Bertolas-MSUSA Credit Union

Student Forum

Old Business

(Senator Majeske moved to a closed session-2nd Senator Tkach-objection Senator Kurdle-withdrawal of motion-Senator Majeske)

A. By-Law Change Executive Election

Vice President Flynn-move to take By-Law from table

2nd - Senator Kurdle

Vice President Flynn-move to table By-Law Change until located.

2nd Steven

Vice President Flynn-withdrawal of motion

Senator Blanck-move to table indefinitely

2nd-Vice President Flynn

Stephanie Schriock-suggestion-fail By-Law change

Officer Reports

A. President Kristopher Hammes (in writing)

Gave 4 Presidential Awards: Congratulations to John Mulcahy, Mohammad Abbas Matthew Chase and Steven Tkach

B. Vice President Jerry Flynn

Letter to governor read aloud.

Shared concerns about his Vice President position. Read what a leader is. Vice President Flynn moved to vote a no-confidence vote in the President and Vice President positions. 2nd-Senator Auseth. Objection-Senator Kurdle

Senator Kurdle stated that Jerry could not bring a vote of no-confidence upon himself. Jerry withdrew his vote upon himself because of a conflict of interest.

Objection-President Hammes


Previous question called - Vice President Flynn

2nd Steven 8-1-1

Move to caucus - Senator Majeske

2nd-Senator Schleicher

Reconvene 6:06 PM

Motion to debate for 10 minutes-Senator Majeske 2nd Senator Schleicher

Objection - Senator Kurdle. vote after debate.

Move to extend debate 2nd - Senator Majeske

Amend add 6 minutes, 1 minute per person 11-8-1 Passes 6 minute debate

Senator Kurdle-move to take a straw poll on Senate's own personal effectiveness

2nd-Senator Jex Previous question called Senator Jex 2nd-Senator Kurdle

11-7-1 Fails

*Recess for 5 minutes Senator Mueller-2nd

Reconvene 7:05 PM

Previous question called-Senator Guzek 2nd-Vice President Flynn 16-0-1

Main motion to take a straw poll 12-0-8 Passes

Straw Poll-Roll call vote 7-7-6 No Confidence Vote Passed

Back to No-Confidence Vote in President Hammes

Senator Kurdle-move to amend motion and include the Vice President and the Coordinators


Jerry's request to fail motion and offer up two separate issues.

Senator Majeske moved to divide the question (the amendment) 2nd-Danae

Amendments 1) Add vote on Coordinators of no-confidence

2) Add vote on Vice President of no-confidence.

Motion Passes to divide the vote

Senator Majeske-Previous question called 2nd Failed

Previous question called (Senator Jex-proxy) 2nd- Passes

Motion Carries to add Vice President to the vote of no-confidence

Move to 2nd part of amendment to add coordinators to no-confidence

Back to Main Motion

Senator Kurdle-divide motion of no-confidence 2nd-Senator Majeske

Previous question called 2nd Passed

Senator Majeske-move to vote by ballot vote 2nd Passed

Vote of Confidence in the President 5 Yes 15 No

Vote of no-confidence in President has been Passed

Senator Kurdle move to vote by ballot 2nd Tracy

Vote of Confidence in Vice President

Senator Kurdle move to ballot vote

Objection by Vice President Flynn for ballot vote 2nd-Senator Majeske

10-10 No-confidence in Vice President Failed

Vote to reconsider Senator Mueller 2nd-Senator Auseth

C. Speaker Kris Esser

Get friends to come to meetings

Write letters for governor, keep tuition down, get money for higher ed lack

of funding.

D. Treasurer Francis Klinkner

Move to approve $90 for Law books -Senator Majeske 2nd-Senator Schleicher

Information of NACURH Conference (should we give money to RHA)

Table until Caleb finds more information 2nd-Jerry

Taken back from table Move to send this to SAC for review 2nd Failed

Senator Auseth-move to approve money to give to RHA 2nd-Eddy

Move to table until next week.


Staff and Committee Reports

Elections-Jerry Flynn, Chair

Rock the Vote information given out. Pending approval of Copyright Law

recommendations from committee Passed

A. Academic Affairs-Eddy Guzek

B. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace (see written report)

C. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock

D. Public Affairs-

E. Student Affairs-Steven Tkach (see written report)

F. SAC- Recommendation: Increase student fees to $1.00 per credit to 12 credits - Passed

G. Union Board (earlier on agenda) Meet Wednesdays 9:00 A.M. weekly

H. Communication Board-Krista Schleicher (see written report)

By-Law reading one Passed

I. Constitution Committee

Senator Reports

A. Tracy Majeske

B. Krista Schleicher

Open Forum


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned 9:35 PM.