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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 19, 1995


The meeting was called to order at 4:13 PM. Members in attendance were:

Jamie Johnson (1-0-0) Rochelle Olson (14-2-3) Rick Dekoter (4-1-0) Danae Blanck (19-2-0) Matthew Chase (20-0-0-1) Tara Mueller (9-0-2) proxy Peni Blakely/Jen Drganc, John Mulcahy (17-1-3-1) proxy Jim Louis, Kristee Alm (18-0-2) Ryan Jex (13 1/2 -1-4) proxy Taylor George, Leslie Knight (11-5-4) Tracy Majeske (19-0-2) proxy Stephanie Schriock, Chris Held (6-4-0-1) Aaron Kurdle (10-1-1) Sean Novack (1-2-2) proxy Steven Tkach, Krista Schleicher (20-1-0) Megan Daniels (16-0-3) Jessica Johnson (17-1 1/2-1) Caleb Fullhart (3-0-0) Doran Hunter (8-1-3) proxy Eddy Guzek, Emily Auseth (20-0-0) President Kristopher Hammes (15-1-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn (20-0-0) Kris Esser ( 19-1-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (20-0-0) Mona Wallace (18-3-0) Steven Tkach (15-2-0) Naomi Marrieta (10-10-1) Stephanie Schriock (20-0-0-1) Francis Klinkner (19-2-0-1)

Agenda approved with changes

4/12/85 minutes stand

Fitness hearing for Leslie Knight. She is not present.

discussion on whether to proceed

Senator Kurdle- moved to table for one week to provide Senator Knight a chance to respond

Steven Tkach (proxy for Senator Novack)-seconded

motion passed with no objections

Presentation Tracy Edwardson for RHA. (proposal attached)

Tracy-RHA is going to a national conference. They would like help to pay for it.

VP Flynn- Is this total remaining what you are asking for?

Tracy-We are asking for anything up to that amount.

Senator Kurdle- What is cost per person to go?

Tracy - $590

Coordinator Guzek(proxy for Doran Hunter) -What about last week?

Treasurer Klinkner- Could we just forget last week we were rushed in to things?

Senator Chase- How much money came out of the Senates account for DC trip?

Treasurer Klinkner- $400

Senator Chase- How much money is available from Senate Budget?

Treasurer Klinkner- Nothing
VP Flynn- Does Sac have time to hear a request for this?

Jim Louis (SAC chair)- Yes, sometime next Tuesday


Speaker - The candidates were informed that the elections were scheduled for 5:00 PM. So without objection we won't start them until then

Two seats were unchallenged. They can be done right away.

With out objection we will vote on these. All we need is one vote in favor for each of these to pass.

Jamie Johnson candidate for College of Arts and Humanities, as there is support for her she is elected.

Tracy Harter candidate for the College of Allied Health and Nursing is not present however VP Flynn spoke in favor of her. As there is support she is elected.

Off-campus election will not be held until 5:00. There is only one seat open and 4 candidates.

Old Business

President Hammes moves to take RHA funding off table from last week

Senator Fullhart 2nd Without objection it is voted on. Passes unanimously

President Hammes moves to refer to SAC. Senator Kurdle 2nd.

VP Flynn- I don't think this motion is what we need. The senate should recommend to itself to support them at SAC. As we are the parent committee we should accompany them to SAC.

Jim Louis (proxy for Senator Mulcahy) - I move to attach a rider that a representative of Senate accompany. VP Flynn-2nd

Speaker - This is an amendment and can't be done.

Proxy Louis- Recommends that this be voted down and restated.

President Hammes-I don't think this needs to state that the Senate should accompany them.

Senator Alm call the question

Senator Auseth second

Question fails 6 for 10 against 2 abstaining.

Opens floor to Gallery.

Anne Retzloff- RHA is not allowed to go alone to ask SAC for money we have to go through senate.

Senator Kurdle as the senate is referring this to committee, RHA can now go before SAC

Senator Kurdle- Speaker I would like a ruling on whether this is and an appropriate motion

Speaker - yes .

With out objection we move to a vote. Motion passed with 1 abstention.

Off campus elections


Kim Breuer-" if I weren't at the meetings my constituents wouldn't have a voice so I'll be there"

Elizabeth Hayes- not present sent a note in writing

Jud Keim-"I appreciate what students do"

Carol Kurdle- "I really strongly believe in taking an active role in whatever I'm doing"

Stephanie Schriock (proxy for Senator Majeske) - move to caucus for 5 min.

Proxy Tkach- seconds. Passed unanimously

Senator Kurdle is abstaining from everything on this election.

Meeting called back to order, move to immediate vote by ballot

Jud Keim elected as Off Campus senator

Old Business cont.

Second reading of bylaw for change in membership of Comm. Board

no questions move to a vote

15 in favor 0 opposed 1 abstention Motion passed

New Business

VP Flynn- I move the Student Senate support the serious consideration of substantial funding on behalf of the RHA.

Senator Kurdle- I ask that the chair rule whether this is a resolution or a motion.

Speaker - it is a motion of a resolution

Motion was restated to include the words ëshall stand resolved toí between ëSenateí and ësupportí

Anne Retzloff (proxy for Senator Auseth)- seconded

Proxy Schriock- because we referred this to committee they have to bring it back to us, so we have final say anyway.

Senator Jex- call the question

Senator Daniels seconded

9 for 5 against 1 abstaining (it needs 2/3 vote) Motion fails

Senator Chase- we need to give committees direction when we refer things to them.

Senator Schleicher call the question

Senator Jex seconded

9 for 6 opposed 1 abstention. Motion fails

Proxy Schriock- "you don't give direction on the budget"

Senator Alm- call question

Proxy Tkach- second

10 for 6 against 0 opposed

vote on motion

4 for 10 against 1 abstaining 1 not cast

Senator Kurdle moved to take 10 min 30 sec break to eat at 6:22 PM

Proxy Schriock second. Motion carries

Call to order at 6:38 PM with 16 people present


President's report (in writing)

(report read by Flynn as Pres. Hammes had to leave early)

Vice Presidents report

Last week the Student Senate stood up and admitted fault. Now we are continuously lambasted. News Editor Renee Berg wrote a follow up OP/ED in yesterday's paper. I find it hard to believe that there is no other news to be written and editorials to be given. Senate is being beaten like a dead horse by an organization who is experiencing many of the same problems; member retention and internal focus. I would encourage Ms. Berg to take these into consideration next time she picks up the pen to poke at Senate.

I have been working with Academic Affairs Coordinator, Eddy Guzek on Flat Rate Tuition which will be discussed this Monday at MSSA Meet & Confer. I believe this is a proposal which Vice President Trauger is determined to pursue. I encourage and ask all Senators to please discuss and educate their constituents on this matter. We need to consider how deep this proposal will affect student life. What will happen to our student activity fees? Do we need flat activity? Will we create a new health service fee? At what credit level do we implement the cap? At what level do we mandate full payment? All these issues must be resolved before the Senate assumes a stance on this issue.

Speaker's report

Student friendly award(in writing)

Do we want to do the traditional senate reporter softball game?

Tentative date Tues. May 16th

Recognition of student organizations

Voices raised against Violence. Approved

Corrections Club. Approved

Senate Picnic, think of a date Possibly June 3rd

RHA- we need to rescind RHA as a RSO so they can go to SAC.

A motion from Senator Esser to rescind RHA as an RSO, seconded by Proxy Schriock

no discussion. Passed

Senator Kurdle - Be it resolved that the MSSA Senate challenge the Reporter staff to a softball game to see if they can cover a base because they sure can't cover anything else.

Senator Fullhart seconded. No discussion. Passed

Treasurer's report (in writing)

MSU 3.5 mil in cuts needed in next few years. This is a best case scenario


(people and committees are included in President's report

approved in block form

Appointment stand as no objections

Committee reports

Election's committee:

Senator Schleicher moved for a 5 min recess to read election rules. at 7:15

Jen Drganc (proxy for Tara Mueller) seconded. Passed

Meeting called to order at 7:20

Recommendation out of committee to approve the election rules.

Senator Kurdle- move to go to committee as a whole.

Proxy Schriock- seconded, approved.

Moved back in to full senate at 8:20

Senator Esser moved to accept election rules in amended form

Senator Fullhart seconded

Debate on article IV. section 3

Senator Fullhart moved to amend motion by removing article IV. section 3

Proxy Retzloff seconds

Senator Esser moves the question

Proxy Tkach seconds

7-5-1 (needs 2/3) motion fails

Move the question

division called

7 for 4 against 2 abstaining

Senator Esser move the question

Proxy Schriock seconded.

Original motion as amended passes

Academic Affairs (in writing)

Cultural Diversity (in writing) New logo was refereed back to committee

Leg. Affairs (in writing)

Student Affairs (in Writing)

Recommendation out of committee:

The Student Affairs Committee recommends that the MSSA Senate participate in earth day by contributing $100 for the purpose of purchasing rain forest in the name of Mankato States Students. Motion Fails

Earth Day is Thurs. April 20th

Green Ribbon for earth day sold for $0.25


Recommendation out of committee:

It is moved by the committee to fund the unemployment cost of Fred Snyder which totals $4,623.65

Jen Drganc Move question Steven seconds 4 for 9 against 0 abstaining


Flynn move to amend

Move to a vote

8 for 4 against 2 abstaining (two of the for were disgruntled Yea's)

Passes Esser and VP voted no. Chase voted yes

Union Board (in writing)

Comm Board (in writing)

Constitution (in writing)

Urban Affairs (no report)

RHA (in writing)

Had a retreat rewrote constitution.


Campus cleanup May 20th

Elections May 16th (exec. board)

Senator Reports

Matt Chase (in writing)

Parking adv. forum

April 27 at 1:00 B133 in Weicking

Tracy Majeske (in writing)

Emily Auseth held off until next week

John Mulcahy (in writing)

Open Forum

Senator Chase responds to Senator Majeske's letter

Major disagreement between him and Tracy at MSUSA he was verbally abrasive to her coming from physical argument on her part. He apologizes to whole senate.


Big Walk talk to Jerry

Move to adjourn by Speaker VP Flynn seconds


Motion passes at 10:05 p.m.