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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 26, 1995


The meeting was called to order at 4:10 PM. members in attendance were: Jamie Johnson (2-0-0) Rick Dekoter (5-1-0) Tracy Harter 0-2-0)Danae Blanck (20-2-0) Matthew Chase (21-0-0-1) Tara Mueller (10-0-3-proxy Peni Blakley) John Mulcahy (18-1-3-1) Kristee Alm (19-0-2) Judd Keim (2-0-0) Ryan Jex (13 1/2 -1-5-proxy Taylor George) Tracy Majeske (19-0-3-proxy Stephanie Schriock) Chris Held (Aaron Kurdle (10-2-1) Sean Novack (1-2-3-proxy Steven Tkach) Krista Schleicher (21-1-0) Megan Daniels (17-0-3) Jessica Johnson (18-1 1/2-1) Caleb Fullhart (4-0-0) Doran Hunter (9-1-3) Emily Auseth (21-0-0) President Kris Hammes (16-1-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn (21-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser (20-1-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (21-0-0) Mona Wallace (19-3-0) Steven Tkach (16 -2-0) Naomi Marrieta (10-11-1) Stephanie Schriock (21-0-0-1) Francis Klinkner (20-2-0-1)

Agenda approved as written

Minutes approved as written

Student Forum:

Tom Hokanson. Spoke in support of The Men's Tennis team because during the last SAC meeting it was suggested to cut the team. And was stated that tennis was not popular in this area. However, at the High school level it is very popular and Gustavus Adolphus College is seventh in the nation. Tennis is a life time sport. Even when they were winning it didn't bring in much money, but it was considered important. (Handout) Everybody should take a cut including popular teams like football.

Vice President Flynn: by doing across the board cuts would we be bleeding them (small sports)to death

Tom Hokanson: Maybe, in the high schools nationally they used to not even look at Football when making cuts but now they are seeing lifetime sports as important.

Senator Keim: What is it going to take to improve tennis if we keep it at the level it is at?

Tom H.: Keeping the same coach around for more then a year or two is the main thing. "There is a lack of continuity in the program. I think that is the biggest problem."

Senator Schleicher: Cutting programs has an effect on the Univ. During the

Phone-a-thon people who had been on the Gymnastics team would not give money because it had been cut.

Senator Majeske: Proposal: Creating a NEW Handbook. (in writing)

Robert Hayden: Ran an idea before the senate on a possible new proposal. This came out of a meeting with acting Dir. of the library. They want to update the technology in the Lib. I want to establish a Library Media Information Technology fee.


1) The PALS system is upgrading, but MSU has no facilities to make use of this new technology and no money to purchase compatible equipment, thus we are stuck with decade-old antiquated equipment.

2) We are unable to afford licensing fees on research-oriented CD-Roms, which can run into thousands of dollars for multiple users.

3)The equipment in the ISI (which was donated to us) is old. Also there is no money to fund lab assistants so that this lab can even be opened and available to students.

This fee will only be used for upgrading and maintaining library technology. It would be subject to budget approval by SAC. I talked briefly to 45 students around campus and not one was against it. He would like to work this up into a formal proposal and bring it back to us. A full proposal will be brought up later after it is more fleshed out

Jim Louis: Check the state University Board policy on a computer fee.

Steph Schriock (proxy for Senator Majeske): If this is not a computer fee we need to go through the Higher Ed Board as it would be a new fee.

Senator Chase: I would like a survey done on this somewhere along the line.

SAC reports:

Brought by SAC Chair Louis

Recommendation out of committee to allocate up to $1300 to RHA. This is for their National Conference.

Treasurer Klinkner: "Have we begun to dig into our reserve this Year?"

Chair Louis : No

They may be able to go to by bus if so it would decrease the need by $1000 but they still would need money for gas to the cities.

Chair Louis: It may set a precedent to other student organizations whom we do not give money to for national trips.

Proxy Schriock: Moved to caucus for 3 Min.

Senator Blanck: seconded

9-5-5 (needs 2/3) Motion fails End discussion Move to a vote 9-6-4 Motion fails

Proxy Schriock: Move to caucus for 5 min.

Steven Tkach (proxy for Sean Novack): second

Motion Passes

Meeting called back to order at 5:15

Proxy Schriock: Moved to fund $760 to RHA

Proxy Tkach: second

Move to vote 13-3-3 Passes

The Sports Continuation Committee has been meeting for over a month with a directive form President Rush. We can not fund all the sports and be competitive. (Their criteria for cutting sports are in writing) Sports looked at to be cut were tennis, wrestling, and swimming. They are cutting scholarships across the board. Gender equity looks at two things the number of participants and scholarship dollars. Goal this year is 55%/45%.

Recommendation out of committee: to give SOAFC $2500 for rest of year.

Currently they have $250 dollars, if the money is not used it goes back to SAC.

Matt: SOAFC spends money most wisely, most conservatively of any group on campus.

move to a vote. Passes

Recommendation from committee: change Section 3 Article L in Articles of Operation to read 'The maximum SAF daily meal allowance for these programs funded in part from student activity fees is $12.50 per day. Outside fundraising to supplement is also permitted for meal allowance. The sum of both shall not exceed $20.00 per day. it is expected that current fundraising will not be used to fund the food money. This will be effective July 1st 1995.

Move to vote. Passes Chase abstained

Recommendation out of committee: Move to have a separate Health Service Fee based on a per student Flat fee instead of a the per credit model. This fee will become effective F.Y. 1997. The Policies, procedures, will be set up by Health Services, Student Affairs, SAC and MSSA. Health Services will follow the normal allocation process for determining the Fee as the ACC.

A person taking one credit receives the same services as a person taking 12 credits. This won't happen for a year. this won't affect what will happen at this years budget meeting.

Vice President Flynn: moved to table for four weeks (turnover meeting)

Proxy Schriock: seconded. Motion Passes

Intramural and Reporter is coming in on Fri., next week we have Senate, KRNR and The Minnesota River Review.

ACADEMIC AFFAIRS (in writing) presented by Coordinator Guzek

Thanks for coming to Committee of the whole. Next week we will be voting on Flat rate tuition. please educate yourselves on this.

Proxy Schriock: talk with students who went to the Law enforcement meeting they had some concerns.

Public Affairs (in writing)

Vice President Flynn: they are mostly concerned with Elections committee

Cultural Diversity: (in writing) Presented by Coordinator Wallace

ECDC will be donating $250 to friends of the University for scholarships.

Recommendation out of committee that the Senate take a stand on affirmative action at MSU at the May 3 rd meeting. Please look at info on this.

The committee unanimously supports affirmative action.

We have a MSU student that was drafted by The Green Bay Packers Congratulations Steven!

Legislative Affairs: (in writing) presented by Coordinator Schriock

House voted to repeal the merger.

They seem to really want to find a middle ground and not jump right in to this unprepared. Higher Ed. budget bills from both houses have gone through.

Student Affairs: no report

Union Board: (in Writing)

held until Moe gets here

Constitution Committee: ( in writing)

Treasurer Klinkner: Amendment proposals, look at them the yellow copy is outdated, the blue is current. The second hearing on these are next Friday.

Union Board: Presented by Chairperson Abbas:

We will be evaluating usage of the union, there is a need to increase funding so students don't need to pay. We are looking at naming CSU rooms.

Recommendation out of committee to make amendments to articles of operation. done item by item. (see written report)

Art I section 1 changed to Art. II

Moved to a vote Passed

(new) Art. II changed to( in writing) ( directive)

Moved to vote. Passed

Art. II changed to (in writing) (administrative designee)

Proxy Schriock: This could be open to administrative abuse

Vice President Flynn: amend to strike 'designee' and replace with 'CSU supervisor'

Proxy Schriock: seconded

Move to vote. Passes

Vote on amended motion. Passed

Change first meeting of Board to first week after Spring commencement.

Motion Passes

Possible motion to be brought up by a senator

Two students elected in spring elections take office in last meeting in May change to take office in first meeting following Spring commencement.

Vice President Flynn: Supports this for discussionary purposes.

Proxy Schriock: Seconds it

Vice President Flynn: I support it because it will allow for continuity and integrity of the board.

Senator Chase: move to recess for 11 min. Passes at 6: 44

Meeting brought to order at 7:05

Move to change alumni appointment taking office at first meeting after spring graduation. and as a one academic year term

Vice President Flynn: Objection

Motion passes

Change in time that beginning and end of student terms from Nov. to after Spring commencement. Motion on this clause. Passes

Officers election change to be done at second regularly scheduled meeting of Board


2/3 majority for Board officer elections if no one receives a 2/3 majority then a second ballot will be held and then it will be a simple majority.

Move to vote. Addition of a section: Officer recall Passes

Sections numbered 1-11 Passes

Art. IV new addition - Definition of academic year- start and end with Spring commencement

Proxy Schriock: Amend change definition to be at beginning of the document

Vice President Flynn: Second. Amendment motion Passes

Main motion Passes

RHA Report: given by Senator Fullhart

There is a new advisor because Steve Conklin resigned.

They want some say in Constitution changes pertaining to them.

Elections (recommendations are in writing)

Rec. 1 Passes

Rec. 2 Passes

Rec. 3 Passes

Rec. 4 Senator Mulcahy called question Proxy Tkach seconded. Passes


President Kris Hammes had to leave.

Vice President Jerry Flynn

Meet and confer went very well

MavCard promotions in Reporter were sponsored by SAF

Motion out of report on MavCard: (in writing)

Proxy Schriock: Seconded

Proxy Schriock: Dean Trauger said there would be no use of student activities in relation to the MavCard.

Vice President Flynn: I don't really think that Trauger knew. I do think Tippi did knows.

Senator Fullhart: move to table for one week

Senator Chase: Second. Motion Fails

Treasurer Klinkner: If they do it this time where is it going to stop.

Senator Schleicher: They shouldn't be using our money for something they are profiting from.

Senator Chase: Ladies and Gentlemen this is a battle cry...I want to know more information on this issue before we declare war.

Senator Johnson: Moved the question

Senator Chase: Seconded. Fails

Senator Johnson: Move to amend (student to work on)

Senator Fullhart: second. Passes

Senator Hunter: Call question

Senator Chase: Second Passes

Main motion Passes

Speaker Kris Esser report

Friendly reminder on Student Friendly nominations due April 30th

Reporter/Senate soft ball game mid-May

Senate Picnic

Recognized Student Organizations: IEEE, Comp. Science Club, Amer. Ind. Association,

MSU Bowling Club, Approved

Two new open Senate seats, Business and Off Campus

Treasurer Francis Klinkner report

We have no extra money the accounting error was actually -$10

No appointments

Senator reports

Rick Dekoter (in writing)

Open Forum

Might be no Homecoming next year, they want to increase Domecoming

We need this to wake up the students about Homecoming.

Law enforcement internship program has been made optional and will be done ii the summer. The budget crisis is finally really affecting us.

Senator Guzek: Moved to close Open Forum

Vice President Flynn: seconded. Passes


Proxy Tkach: elevator etiquette signs


Moved by Proxy Schriock

Seconded Vice President Flynn. Passes