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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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April 5, 1995


Members in attendance were: Rochelle Olson (14-2-3) Danae Blanck (17-1-0) Matthew Chase (17-0-0-1) Tara Mueller (8-0-1) John Mulcahy (17-1-1-1 proxy Mohammad Abbas) Rick Dekoter (3-0-0) Kristee Alm (18-0-1) doran Hunter (8-1-1 proxy Eddy Guzek) Aaron Kurdle (8-1-1) Ryan Jex (13 1/2-1-2 proxy Taylor George) Leslie Knight (11-3-4) Tracy Majeske (18-0-1 proxy Steph Schriock) Stacy Rogge (6-4-2) Krista Schleicher (18-1-0) Megan Daniels (14-0-3) Jessica Johnson (15-1 1/2-1) Chris Held (6-3-1) Emily Auseth (17-0-0) Sean Novack (1-0-2 proxy Steven Tkach) President Kris Hammes (14-1-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn (18-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser (18-1-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (17-0-0) Mona Wallace (16-3-0) Naomi Marietta (9-9-1) Steph Schriock (18-0-0-1) Francis Klinkner(17-2-0-1) Steven Tkach (13-2-0) Mohammad Abbas (8-2-0-1)

I. Meeting called to order at 4:08

II. Agenda approved with corrections

Minutes approved


(Arrival of Senator Held was recognized by Mo Abbas proxy for Senator Mulcahy)

Three candidates were present for the seat for elections to the seat of McElroy senator Caleb Fullhart, Jeffery Herringa, Francis Klinkner

Each candidate was allowed to speak for 2 min.

Each senator was allowed to ask the same one question of each candidate.

Senator Kurdle: Asked if all requirements for elections had been met (The Speaker said they had) What can you do for the student body as a whole?

Jeffrey: Child care, student involvement.

Francis: Child Care, Library, Computer Center, Involvement

Eddy G. (proxy): What ability do you have that is unique to yourself and can benefit the students?

Francis: Determined and organized. I'm very goal oriented.

Jeffrey: My one strength that I can name is Patience. Health policies/ Insurance.

Caleb: I'm a good listener. I get the information out there.

Senator Held: Do you feel that you may have other commitments that may interfere with this position?

Caleb: No

Jeffrey: No

Francis: I already attend Hall meetings and try to attend RHA. Only additional commitment is Student affairs. I will miss first Hour because of Ellis Street.

Steph S.(proxy for Senator Majeske): If not selected how do you see yourself involved in senate and on campus?

Jeffrey: Keep myself well informed, already involved in two clubs. Will still look for ways to boost club membership and participation.

Francis: Would continue to be involved at current level

Caleb: Stay in Student Affairs

Mo: 1-10 rate position senate will be in your life?

Francis: 7-8

Caleb: 7-8

Jeff: It is now at lower end of scale.

Senator Kurdle: "... What kind of frustrations do you see occurring and how do you propose to deal with them?"

Caleb: its something I strongly believe and won't back down

Jeff: GPA's Littering in hall Broken windows

Francis: Life is always a struggle I respect all viewpoints.

VP Flynn moved to Caucus for two min. Steve Tkach seconded

with out objection 2 min. caucus was held.

2 min. up called to order. Move to immediate vote by Ballot Norma Blakley will count ballots for Speaker Esser.

Kris Esser thanked all candidates and announces that Caleb Fullhart had been elected the new Senator of McElroy complex.

SAC Report: Tracy Majeske: (in writing)

Recommendation out of committee to approve the CSU Budget

Henry Morris Dir. of Student Involvement was present to answer questions

VP Flynn: where do decreases come from?

H. Morris: we have some leeway from revenue.

VP Flynn: do you have a margin of error on the budget?

H. Morris: if income is not generated we will need to make cuts and we do have a reserve.

Stephanie S. (proxy for Senator Majeske): What about the Facilities Fee?

H. Morris: It's the same as last year.

Senator Kurdle: Did you take into account dropped enrollment?

H. Morris: we have had increases in revenue in recent years, but know this trend will end.

Tracey Majeske: SAC was impressed compared to past years, this was well thought out.

Move to Vote Passed unanimously

Recommendation out of committee for ACC budget

Wayne Sharp was present to answer questions

Stephanie S. (proxy): What was ACC like before the computer fee?

W. Sharp: Before Fee we had dual drive IBM's and only Dot matrix printers. and not many of the classrooms. since fee we have been able to change two computerized classrooms each year. now we are able to keep up with technology.

Senator Kurdle: Do you see problems with software i.e.. access to Internet and mail? What can you see that can be done to help student body to know how to use this technology?

W. Sharp. Best way is through instructors teaching it to you. Biology dept. bought a program for student use.

VP Flynn: what about extending the time to being open 24 hours in some way? Please give some insight on viability of this?

W. Sharp: We compute user hours and what the need is. Some budget trimming is done when very few people use the lab. we have also done surveys on how many hours people want it and would they want to fund it.

VP Flynn: Since this is maintenance and technology is not going to get cheaper... we can't ask for something and not expect to pay for it.

Senator Kurdle motioned to Table until next week

Stephanie (proxy) seconded

Senator Kurdle: we need to get more info on this.

Jim Louis- SAC chair: we can't increase it (computer use fee) past 1$ per credit at state level.

Senator Kurdle: Point of Inquiry ,when was info made available (on ACC budget)

Jim Louis: Last Fri. It was approved by SAC yesterday

Vote to table 9 in favor 8 opposed 1 abstaining - motion -Fails

back to discussion on recommendation

Ryan Jex's Proxy: Will any of you research this?

Senator Kurdle: Yes. I think it deserves more discussion, move to vote on recommendation.

8 in favor 9 opposed 1 abstaining motion Fails

Senator Kurdle: Point of personal Inquiry - will this now go back to meeting?

Speaker: yes

SOAFC will be bringing in a speaker


Bylaw change introduced by Aaron Kurdle last week - Second Reading

Stephanie S. (proxy): The bylaw was made in haste. Nobody sat down to rewrite this... (let's) go to an immediate vote and vote it down.

Senator Kurdle: Now we can amend it and vote on it. I would offer it to the Speaker to open it for amendment.

Matt Harmon spoke on behalf of the Constitution Committee on this bylaw

VP Flynn Move the Question Aaron Seconded Motion Fails

Senator Kurdle: I'd like to make an amendment to strike my original motion in entirety and substitute the motion in the document from the committee.

Stephanie S. moved to table for a week Senator Jex seconded

Senator Kurdle moved to pass by unanimous consent, there are objections

motion to table Passed


At 6:55 Senator Kurdle moved to recess for 10 min. to write letters to legislators about concerns on Higher Ed. Senator Jex seconded

Senator Kurdle amended with out objection to increase it to 15 min. so that those that needed to eat could. Passed without objection.

Meeting called back to order at 6:14


President's Report (in writing) Passed out some info will be on tables in senate. Passed around letter from Hottinger. Next Wed. appreciation day for CSU custodians. Contact Cheri if you want to bring something for that. It will be held from 12:30 -2:30

Mona (proxy) asked Pres. Hammes when the Fin Aid candidate was coming?

Pres. Hammes: CSU 202 at 1:00 PM

Vice President's Report

Postponed until he returned to the room

Speaker's Report

New organization recognition TESA Passed with no objections

Luaynn Murphy put in her Resignation

Stephanie S. (proxy): Should we do any more elections this close to end of year.

Speaker: I plan on this next one being the last with out objection

Pres. Hammes: We should keep doing elections until end of this term.

Senator Kurdle: I take the middle road. We need to be frugal and but we need to have everyone represented at all times if possible.

Speaker: what are the wishes of senate.

(speaking list continued)

Senator Chase: I don't know if someone coming in at this late date can adequately represent the students and be knowledgeable about the budget.

VP Flynn: Point of Inquiry- Previous Constitution Chair Bakke made a direct correlation between a vacancy and vacancy advertisements.

Senator Kurdle: Motion to continue with elections until all seats are filled. this is two-edged, a vote yes, we will continue running elections a vote no we will cease to run elections.

Stephanie S.(proxy): seconded

Mona Wallace (proxy): Lets not quit elections but if a college or group is represented by one senator let's not fill the second seat.

Speaker Point of inquiry- perhaps the senate would be willing to allow me two weeks to do a major campaign blitz before ending elections.

Senator Auseth: Are we saying that just because we are at the end of the year the issues are not as important.

Stephanie S. (proxy): We just accepted a vacancy so we already put the process in motion. We really can't vote this down.

VP Flynn offered a friendly amendment, not accepted, offered as a formal, seconded by Steven Tkach

Amendment: The Senate will spend $25 on Poster adds and fulfill the constitutional requirement to advertise in the reporter with 2 classified ads.

Senator Kurdle: Proposed 2 min. for 2 min. against

Senator Jex objected

Senator Held called the question

Senator Jex seconded

Senator Kurdle: Point of Order- Maker of motion hasn't spoken

Stephanie Schriock (proxy) He can after the question passes

11 in favor 4 against 1 abstaining

Motion to call the question Passes

VP Flynn speaks on amendment

Mo Abbas (proxy): Point of Inquiry- if we vote for this, will we continue to have elections.

Speaker: yes

Vote on motion Amendment passes with one abstention

Senator Kurdle: called question on entire motion

VP Flynn: Seconded with two abstentions the entire motion passed

Vice President's Report

We need someone to give a campus tour for Fin Aid candidate.

Treasurer's Report (none given)


Denise Bitz to Continuation of Men's Athletics passed with no objections.


Elections Committee. (in Writing)

Recommendation on Academic seat reallocation

the Constitution committee Chair was checked on this

VP Flynn: Point of Inquiry- was this opinion from a committee meeting.

Matt Harmon: No

Speaker rendered recommendation unconstitutional.

Mo Abbas (proxy): appealed to constitution Committee.

Recommendation to limit campaign time to two week previous to Elections

Senator Kurdle: Move to approve by unanimous consent, objected by Senator Auseth Senator Kurdle called question Senator Alm seconded

14 in favor 1 against 1abstention (on question) Motion Passed

Recommendation that members of elections have no power of proxy, motion carries with one abstention.

Recommendation on Block Posters , Motion Passed

VP Flynn moved to take a hiatus in report until he gets the last recommendation from office

Academic Affairs (in writing)

Cultural Diversity: (in writing)

Move back to Elections committee report

Financial Report and Sample passed around

Legislative Affairs

( in writing) read letter from Paul Hettland.

Public Affairs. (no report)

Student Affairs. (in writing)

Edendale nursery donated a tree for Earth Day.

Coordinator Tkach: It was so easy . Earth Day is going well.

Mo Abbas (proxy): Are you guys looking at Cleaning up campus?

Opened to gallery: Ann Retzloff- RHA is doing this it would be good if we got together in this.

VP Flynn: When is RHA cleanup

Ann Retzloff: We haven't set a date yet.

Union Board:

Facilities Use Fee. Senators Please please come to next committee meeting. Look at the budget proposals before we bring it here. Also we are looking at the CSU articles of operation.

VP Flynn: What about getting Senate PR board back in union.

Chair Abbas: We don't know yet.

Urban Affairs: (in writing)

Wants approval participate and have our name on a flyer about an open forum presented by CFRG. Name and note on bottom of flyer

Senator Kurdle: cautions Senate on how they deal with this.

Mona Wallace (proxy): People should call the CFRG if they want info and to join. We can co-sponsor it.

VP Flynn: I recommend we remove Matt's name and our office number. and direct them to find their own central phone.

Senator Kurdle and Proxy Mona Wallace object to co-sponsorship but we can support it. State what we are supporting.

Matt: I think all we are supporting is open dialog and that is all.

Jerry: By sponsorship we have liability on this.

Ryan: Let's take words sponsored and MSSA away from this

Senator Kurdle: Change it so instead of co-sponsoring we are "participating" in

Elections Committee report opened up to vote on recommendation of the Financial reports

Passed unanimously.


Senator Chase (in writing)

Moved to suspend the rules with out objection.

Procedural rules change: To allow motions to originate from reports. As always motions need a second. Passed with one objection. Suspension of rules lifted

Senator Majeske (in writing)


Senator Kurdle: Asked for feedback from Senate to write some special rules of order to clarify Robert's Rules of Order, so everybody can figure out what is going on.

Stephanie S. (proxy): Please do that Aaron. "We can make a difference"

VP Flynn: We need to shorten these tables.

Senator Alm: We do have SAC budget meetings. I encourage you all to attend them.

Eddy G. (proxy) : Center for Academic complaints. training to be advocates for this. Talk to me.

Mo Abbas (proxy): If I've offended you this past week don't take it personally. This will be my last year in Student Government.


Senator Held: Moved to adjourn. Passed by unanimous consent.