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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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May 17, 1995

Meeting called to order at 3:17 . Members in attendance were: Jamie Johnson

(4-1-0) Rick Dekoter (5-4-0) Danae Blanck (22-2-0) Matthew Chase (23-1-0-1) Tara Mueller (11-1-4)Sean Cameron (3-0-2) John Mulcahy (21-2-3-1 proxy Penny Rosenthal) Kristee Alm (21-0-2-1) Judd Keim (4-0-0) Ryan Jex (13 1/2 -2-7) Tracy Majeske (21-0-4) Chris Held (7-6-1) Sean Novack 11-2-5 proxy Steven Tkach) Krista Schleicher (24-1-0) Megan Daniels (20-0-3) Jessica Johnson (21-1 1/2-1) Caleb Fullhart (7-0-0) Doran Hunter (12-1-3) Emily Auseth (23-0-1 proxy Eddy Guzek) President Kristopher Hammes (19-1-0) Vice President Jerry Flynn (24-0-0) Speaker Kris Esser (23-1-0) Staff members in attendance: Eddy Guzek (24-0-0) Mona Wallace (22-3-0) Steven Tkach (19-2-0) Naomi Marietta (12-12-1) Stephanie Schriock (24-0-0-1) Francis Klinkner (23-2-0-1)

Agenda approved as amended

Minutes approved

Award Nominations

No additional award nominations.

Vote on awards-awards based on a majority. If necessary, revotes will happen next week. Cheri Bowyer will tabulate.

Elections change in results for the third seat of The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. After the requested recount it was determined that Shelly Benson and not Tara Schneider had won the seat. Tara still has the right to request another recount.

Budget: (following official rules) no appeals.

It will be looked at line by line.

Dance Ensemble - Passes

Ethnic Student Activities - Passes

Forensics - Passes

Health Services - Passes

Intercollegiate Athletics (discussion follows)

Proxy Tkach: What was the original budget brought to SAC?

Vice President Flynn: I don't believe the University is going to reapportion more dollars. This happened to us with Violence Prevention Center before. Gender equity is being slapped on the backs of the students.

Senator Chase: This $34,000 is only a part of what is needed by athletics. We have said we will help with athletics and so we should.

Vice President Flynn: We can't put out incentives based on a contingency.

Senator Keim: Athletics does have resources and experience to raise money.

Coordinator Schriock: Why have we not put this before the legislature?

Don Amiot: The Higher Ed Board basically told us to cut it from the men.

SAC Chair Louis: 45,000 was not what was brought to SAC $34,886 was the increase brought to SAC.

Mike Hodapp: The intentions of the contingency has been heard and understood by the administration and we will not just take the $35,000 and run with it.

Mona: Point Of Order -have we surpassed the 15 min. time limit for debate on this issue? 15 min. has expired for time to debate this motion.

Senator Fullhart is keeping time until Steph returns

Proxy Tkach: moved to extend debate 10 min. Senator Chase seconded

13-4-1 passes

Coordinator Wallace: I see this as the students telling the university that we will help you but you have to help yourselves.

Senator Chase: moved to increase the budget proposal by $6,500 specifically for Men's tennis.

Proxy Tkach: seconded

The $6,500 will not be part of the $34,000 that has the original contingency.

Former Congressman Tim Penny stopped in and Coordinator Wallace yielded her time for him to say hello.

15 min. time for debate expired

Senator Chase moved to extend 10 min. Proxy Tkach seconded 14-4-1 Passes

Senator Chase's motion brings total increase for Athletics to $41,286

Senator Majeske: moved to Caucus 10 min.

Tara Mueller seconded 10-7-2 Passes

Caucus started 4:24

Timekeeper Schriock gaveled the end of time at 4:35

3 min. left for debate.

SAC Chair Louis: This $6,500 would be a 2 cent fee increase.

Debate time expired

Vice President Flynn: I move to extend debate 2 min.

Senator Schleicher: seconded 16-2-1 passes

debate time expired.

vote on $6,500 increase to SAC recommendation


discussion on original SAC recommendation

Senator Fullhart: moved an amendment to add $3000 earmarked for Men's tennis and requires a matching agreement from M&E and matching agreement from outside sources

Vice President Flynn seconded

Senator Schleicher: we all hate to make cuts. If we cut the competitiveness of other sports then we will really hurt the University. there were other factors besides funding in the decision to cut Men's Tennis.

time up move to a vote


amendment passes

Senator Majeske: move to change contingency wording after word 'University ' to add 'administrative and any outside source'

Vice President Flynn: seconded

discussion on amendment

SAC Chair Louis: I don't think this motion is necessary.

move to vote


motion fails

discussion on motion

Vice President Flynn: Moved to approve as amended

Senator Tkach: seconded

Coordinator Schriock: Point of Parliamentary Procedure- we don't need this motion because that is what we are already going to do.

Vice President Flynn's motion is null and void - discussion on original motion

Mike Hodapp: I can let next years President of the Association know what is going on with athletics before the money is allocated to them.

move to a vote 16-0-2 Passes

SAC Chair Louis: The whole motion was not read - revote to make sure everyone understood 15-0-3 Passes

Vice President Flynn: moved to skip to Mini Mavs

Proxy Tkach: seconded

Without objection - passes

Mini Mavs

Mini Mavs is in the process of becoming a licensed facility.

SAC Chair Louis: Point Of Information: The senate can move money from it's own budget to help this program.

Proxy Tkach: Point Of Information: licensing can protect you from possible litigation

Lucinda: it possibly can.

Time for debate expired.

Move to vote on Mini Mavs Passes

Vice President Flynn: Moved to skip to MN River Review

Proxy Tkach seconded

Minnesota River Review (discussion)

Vice President Flynn: Moved to amend to the end of the caveat portion "and encourages arduous efforts to increase fundraising."

Senator Fullhart: Seconded

Senator Mueller: Friendly amendment to say next years funding will be contingent on fundraising.

Speaker: That is already done

Senator Mueller: Withdraw friendly- move to a vote 16-0-1

Move to vote on amended motion. Recommendation passes

Senator Chase: Move to recess for 15 min.

Senator Tkach: Seconded - division called

Recessed at 5:52

Called back to order 6:10

International Students





Senator Majeske: Let's do it right or let's not do it at all.

SAC Chair Louis: Let's give Marcus one year to see what he can do.

Vice President Flynn: Move to amend KRNR line item to $0.00

Senator Chase: Seconds for reason of discussion.

Vice President Flynn: Yes you can pull a plug over night.

Time for debate is up

Senator Fullhart move to extend for 10 min.

Proxy Tkach seconds 12-6-0 Passes

Senator Chase: Withdraw second of the motion. Motion Fails

Back to original motion of the SAC recommendation.

Senator Schleicher: Move to amend motion add to end of caveat 'or make significant progress to extend service to more students.'

President Hammes: Seconded

Senator Mueller: Move friendly that significant progress is to be decided by straw-poll of the student body.

Senator Schleicher: Doesn't accept

Senator Mueller: Makes it a formal amendment

Vice President Flynn: Seconded

SAC Chair Louis: We could do a straw poll for each of these and have lots of students against many of them. There is no need for a straw poll on this thing.

Vise President Flynn: Point Of Information If we don't define significant progress won't we then be doing things after the fact.

Speaker: One person's definition of significant progress is different than another's.

Senator Keim: As an older student I have no idea what this radio station is except for the noise they make downstairs, but I do believe we can't just cut them off without giving them a chance.

Proxy Guzek: I think we need to wait until next year to define significant progress

vote on Senator Mueller's amendment


back to Senator Schleicher's amendment.

Senator Fullhart: Call question Senator Keim seconded 9-5-2 Fails

Proxy Guzek: Point of personal privilege: please read amendment to me.

Senator Chase call question

Senator Majeske second 16-0-1 vote on amendment 5-11-1 Fails

Senator Majeske: move original question

Senator Tkach seconds 14-2-1

SAC recommendation for KRNR Passes

Vice President Flynn: Moved to skip to Reporter

Senator Fullhart seconded



Music Ensembles


Recreational Sports


SAF Administration




Student Development Programs & Activities

Senator Majeske: Point Of Information- in SDP&A often they pool money to do different things.

Senator Schleicher: This makes it a lot easier to do co-programming.

Time for debate is expired

Vice President Flynn: Move to extend debate for 8 min.

Senator Majeske second


Senator Majeske: Point Of Information- any group can shift money up to 10% of budget if over that amount then must come to SAC.

Time expired

Move to a vote


Student Organizations


Senator Chase moved to recess 10 min.

Proxy Guzek seconded


Student Senate

Senator Majeske moved to fund senate at current years subsidy of $62,792

Proxy Tkach seconded

Time is up for debate

Senator Majeske: move to extend 12 min.

Senator Tkach: seconded


Time expired to debate

Senator Daniels called for roll call vote (#1)

Senator Alm seconded 10-7-1 Amendment Passes

Vice President Flynn: moved to amend to funding at a flat $62,000

Senator Schleicher seconds

Senator Johnson called question Senator Schleicher seconded

11-6-0 Passes

Vote on Vice President Flynn's amendment

Motion Passes

Vote on Original motion as amended

Vice President Flynn: requests roll call vote (#2) 12-3-3 Passes

Theater Passes

Student Activity Fee

SAC recommends a student activity fee of $4.84/credit up to 12 credits a $0.07/credit increase. Move to a vote Passes

Total Budget

Vice President Flynn : moved to remove Violence Prevention Center as a line item from the budget from now on.

Senator Chase seconded Passes

Roll call vote on final SAC Budget (final)

16-1-1 Passes

By-Law changes - first reading for both

First By-Law change (in writing) Council of Presidents

Coordinator Schriock: I'd like to suggest that you strike about half of that and let the President's Council use it to make a articles of operation and constitution.

Senator Majeske: I would like to have copies of this put in everyone's boxes, or several copies put in Senate Offices.

Move to vote - first reading Passes

Second By-Law change Non-voting representatives to the senate (in writing)

Coordinator Schriock: Do this as an action /resolution try for a year and then if it works make it a by-law.

Proxy Guzek: I move to call question

Vice President Flynn: second 17-0-0

Vote on motion Passes


Reception next Wed. at 5:00 would be great to go.

Coordinator Wallace: Party tomorrow night 9:00- 2:00 am

Senator Chase: Happy Birthday Anne Retzloff

Wed. May 31 Senate picnic

Vice President Flynn: Move to adjourn

Senator Fullhart: seconded Passes


Adjourned at 9:14 PM