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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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May 24, 1995

Call to order at 3:15 pm

Agenda approved with amendments

Minutes: Add roll call to end of Minutes. Approved

Ratification of Elections

Approved in blocks of constituency

President Wallace and Vice President Chase

Vice President Flynn moved to ratify, Senator Fullhart seconded,. Approved

Off Campus

Mohammad Ali Abbas

Kristee Alm

Eddy Guzek

Jason Hulstein

Cary Krusemark

Allen Smith

Steven Tkach

Mashood Yunus

Vice President Flynn moved to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved


Megan Daniels

Vice President Flynn motion to approve

Senator Hunter second. Approved


Mona Soukieh

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved

Gage A

Anne Retzloff

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded.

Approved with contingency that if her appeal is not approved the seat is forfeit

Maverick Hall

Diane Peterson, candidate withdrew

Allied Health and Nursing

Ingrid Ellingson

Tim Hagen

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved

Arts and Humanities

Mona Askalani

Tony Hanson

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved


Rick Dekoter

Eric Tungland

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved


Bradley Crep

Jennifer Gruber

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Schleicher seconded. Approved

Science, Engineering, and Technology

Chris Davies

Mohammed Nasim

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved

Newspaper Committee

John Katz

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved

Graduate Studies

Jeff Anderson

Jason Nado

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Shelly Benson

Tara Mueller

Michelle Murzyn

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Fullhart seconded. Approved

Elections Chairperson Flynn: Apologies on behalf of committee to Tara Schneider


Doran Hunter

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Auseth seconded Approved

Student Union

Peni Blakley

Paul Benson

Vice President Flynn motioned to approve

Senator Auseth seconded. Approved

Vice President Flynn moved to ratify the entire elections

Senator Auseth seconded Passed

*Senator Majeske abstained on all ratification's


Vice President Flynn inaugurated Matthew Chase. He introduced the assembly to Mr. Chase's family.

Matthew Chase took the oath of the office of the Vice President of the MSSA at 3:00pm

Vice President Flynn presented him with a print of student union to remember why he is here.

Matt challenged the students, the student association has not always just sat in these chairs. The Senate was active. we need to keep this active. It has been a learning process for them and will be for us. "Next year we need to remember the old saying when the time gets tough the tough gets going... education is on the back burner of Minnesota politics" "If we don't like things we are going to change them"


Mona Wallace took the oath of the office of the President of the MSSA at 3:37 pm.

she was inaugurated by President Hammes.


Mona thanked Kris, and the outgoing senators for a job well done and for their service, thanked students for giving her the opportunity to run. thanked those that ran with her especially Stephanie "I challenge you to understand one another." Are you aware of the difficulties students face on this campus. We can be strong and healthy if we put politics aside. Your leadership and dedication will pave the way for students at Mankato State. I challenge the administration to listen to the students.


Vice President Flynn thanked everyone for coming.

Chair. Schriock presented to Kris Esser a gavel for her service

Schriock: it is trying "there are moments when you would like to throw the gavel at someone"


Speaker Esser: Cheri asked today if I was going to cry. I lied Cheri. It's a thankless job, Its worth it. STANDING OVATION

Vice President Flynn We will take a voluntary recess and will reconvene at 4:05 (3:54)

Called back to order at 4:06

There was no majority winner in staff of the year so we will revote on the top three

President Report:

Kris Hammes passed out certificates of recognition to the staff.

"yes I have made mistakes this year, but no one in this room can say they are perfect."

"never forget who put you in office"

"never forget that you are a leader here"

"the best ideas come from people who are not in the positions of power."

Standing Ovation

Vice President Report

Jerry Flynn gave out awards to Mohammad Abbas He represented the students well.

Without Norma much of what we do here would never get recorded in the minutes

Matt Harmon took over mid year from the "Miser" who called it his own

Jim Louis has given of his time unlike many others except maybe Eric Bakke

Paula Perkins for always being ready but never being called on to serve the students.

Allison who comes in early all the time and serves on many committees.

Vice President Flynn: Treasurer Klinkner came up with the idea of a non mav card ID with a cash Stripe. Francis and I will be on the fiscal affairs focus group this summer to get this done.

To the President elect: think about putting a grad. student or grad studies senator on Meet and Confer.

Tomorrow at SCTC at 4:00pm there will be a fund raiser for Oklahoma.

Standing Ovation

Speakers Report

MSSA Picnic

Speaker Esser passed out certificates of recognition to the senators.

"this is a thankless job, but it is a necessary job, and each one of you are very special people"

Treasurers Report

Francis: If we can't get the Mav Card off the ground in the second year then all our hard work is for nothing. Thank you all for working with me on this balanced budget. to incoming senators "you don't lead with money rather you lead with spirit"

Staff and Committee

Academic Affairs (in writing)

semesters, flat rate tuition, academic advising center

Cultural Diversity:

Try to remember that caring for others regardless of their background is really the reason we were put on this earth.

Legislative Affairs:

There will be a tuition increase one possibility is 6% next year and 8% the following year. The other plan is 4% next year and 4% the following year with the provision that each university can decide to raise it 10%

Next year keep an eye on the Higher Ed Board.

Build the bridge to MSUSA

Take pride in the university.

Work with the administration but always question what they are doing and why they are doing it.

Public Affairs

No report

Student Affairs:

I found the administration to be friendly to work with-a big thank you to Tracy Majeske.


Thank you for giving me this opportunity

Union Board

We discussed ARAMARK's intention to raise prices in the Union.

Phase Three - we don't have money to build the addition as it is now.

Communication Board

I'd like to thank Eric Bakke if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here right now.

And Matt Harmon and Jerry Flynn

Constitution Committee:

thank all committee members, and senate for keeping us on our toes with many by-laws.

Urban Affairs

I would like to thank Stephanie, you have shown me so much. I love you


We have new letter head. Thanks for putting up with me.

Old Business

Item A

Council of Presidents

Vice President Flynn: I move to insert in section one '/Vice President' after 'President'

Senator Schleicher seconded

Coordinator Schriock: I don't see that we need this, moved to a vote.

Amendment Passed

Senator Chase moved to table for one week

Senator Thach seconded

Move to a vote 13-5-0 Passes

Item B

Non- Voting Members

Speaker read the original by-law

Senator Chase moved to table for one week. Senator Tkach seconds

Move to a vote 8-7-3 Fails

Senator Johnson called question

Senator Chase seconded

Move to vote 15-3-0 Passes

Vote on main motion needs 2/3 5-11-2 Fails

Senator Schleicher, Vice President Flynn, and President Hammes voted for it

Vice President Flynn Point of leniency

Vice President Flynn: I'd like to take a min. to present something to someone in the Gallery

A pen and clock stand was given to Cheri.

Cheri: Kris stay healthy on the Basketball court

Stephanie is our Roger Moe.

My Magic man Jim

Francis it's like we have a marriage.

The RHA NACHUR funding

I move $280 dollars

Chair Louis: they already have that.

Speaker: The senate has already approved the money

Senator Chase - I withdraw

Senator Report

John Mulcahy: (In writing)

Open Forum

Mohammad Abbas: You were all special to me.

Francis deserves a hand

Jerry showed me a leader is about stepping up when you need it it's about taking the heat

Norma taught me some about my self.

Kris taught me leadership is about loyalty.

It is important to be loyal.

Treasurer Klinkner: I thank the budget committee.

Senator Blanck: I don't know weather I've come to love this room or to hate it. I'm going to miss senate. " the choices you make dictate the lives you lead"

Vice President Flynn: move to close open forum. Senator Alm seconded Passed


Barbecue at Margaret Healy's

Vice President Flynn I'm up for an award tomorrow please be here tomorrow night at 7:00 pm the Student Development banquet.

Phase Three Open Forum meeting. 3:00 pm in Ostrander next Wed.


Vice President Flynn moved to adjourn

Senator Majeske and all others present seconded. Passed 5:58