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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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September 21, 1994

Meeting was called to order at 3:42 PM. Members in attendance were: Steve Ziller, Rochelle Olson, Lisa Warnke, Marc Crawford, Emily Halloran, Brian Sutter, Danae Blanck, Matthew Chase, Tricia Finnigan, John Mulcahy, Kristee Alm, Brandon Herold Ryan Jex, Leslie Knight, Tracy Majeske, Krista Schleicher, Jessica Johnson, Libby Albers, President Kris Hammes, Vice President Jerry Flynn, Speaker Kris Esser. Staff members in attendance: Becky Brown, Mona Wallace, Mike Kirkwood, Naomi Marietta, Steph Schriock, Francis Klinkner.

The agenda was approved after added Bylaw change under new business.

Presentations: Vice-President Trauger, Tippi Alm, Shirley Laraway

Dean Trauger- Started working with students in Sept. '93 on the MavCard, we are excited about the card being implemented, the production is slow (about 4 min. per card) but hopefully everyone will have the card by end of Oct. Future services of the card include electronic transfer of financial aid checks and payroll checks, also hopefully the card will be accepted around Mankato- off campus locations.

Tippi-working on the process of getting all cards printed and getting the info out to students about getting their pictures taken.

Shirley-First Bank is excited about being a part of the MavCard; started working with MSU in April '93 to get the card going; offer free accounts to students (typical accounts that students want) but can choose between any of the 12 accounts offered.

Question Session:

Naomi-Is there an empty account with my name on it if I don't use the account?

Shirley-Yes, it is there if you want to use it at a later time

John-I went through the process to see what it was like. What would happen if I had defaulted at another bank?

Shirley-Would look at the circumstance and either open a checking account or savings account accordingly.

Becky-Are people required to get an account and do they have to give out their social security number?

Tippi-We are printing the cards as bank cards

Dean-the student has to say that they don't accept the account, but we can serve you much better with the account

Shirley- Yes a social security number is needed to open an account

Tracy-What is the agreement between MSU and First Bank and can we have a copy of the agreement?

Kris H.-we have a copy that we received today.

Rochelle-Do I have to do everything if I just want the card for ID purposes?

Trauger-We are trying to save the students the $20 replacement fee if the y do decide later that they want the full services of the card; Colorado charges for everything, MSU is not, we are trying to keep the cost at nothing for the students

Jerry-First Bank agreement wasn't signed until early Sept. yet we have been working with them since orientation in June? How sure were we about the contract when we started taking pictures?

Shirley-First Bank and MSU has been working together for a long time even though it doesn't seem like a contract wasn't signed, there was an agreement reached.

Tricia-What happens to account when I graduate?

Shirley-If left dormant it will close after 3 years.

Kris E.-Reason I asked you to come in and speak was because of the number of students coming into the office with concerns and questions.

Mike-I think the students are in favor of the MavCard, but they want options. What input did students have on the bank that was chosen? Why do the employees have so many perks and not the students?

Trauger-First Bank has been offering those benefits to employers for 2 years now, it has nothing to do with the MavCard. We had 2 financial institutions submit proposals, we did ask the MSUSA Credit Union. There wasn't student input on which bank we used, I apologize for that. We should've had more.

Kris H.-I think most students are in favor of MavCard, but we didn't know the students would have to have an account. We didn't know a bank was involved. That's why there is a lot of upset students. Frank Viggiano wants to make sure students rights aren't being violated, he is looking out for their rights.

Trauger-We have been working with the attorney general and they say the rights aren't being violated. If we aren't doing the right thing let me know.

Mona-Is First Bank guaranteeing an account for each student?

Shirley-Will get a savings or checking account, but just because your a MSU student doesn't mean your going to get treated any different than other First Bank customers.

If you aren't qualified for a checking account you will get a savings account.


Officer Reports:

A. President Kris Hammes

Things discussed:

Appointment of summer KRNR director

Reorganization of senate office

MSUSA Golf Scramble

State Fair Fund Raiser

BBQ at Dr. Healy's

Future on Student Activity Fees

Bi-weekly meetings with Vice Presidents

Flat rate tuition and drop/add policy

Kathy Sheran-city council

Letters Faculty, New Students, Football coaches regard, gender equity

Office computers

Goals and visions

Praise Esser and Haacke

Summer conferences and MSUSA conferences

Will be creating a task force on the development of the academic advising center

I am in charge of organizing a student forum on the impressions students have

on Diversity for University Development Day. Would like some help with this.

Motion:John-When the person has the floor they address the speaker then the other person questioned or body as a whole with formal titles.

Second. Motion Fails.

B. Vice President Jerry Flynn (see written report)

C. Speaker Kris Esser

I'm sending around a list for names and birthdays. Please fill out a class

schedule so we can have a copy in the office. If you have a senator report to give, please tell me by Tuesday at 6 p.m. Please empty your mailboxes so they don't get cluttered. I will be taping the meetings so it will be easier for Cheri when she is typing the minutes.

Appointments: Cory Gunberg-Student Union Board; Marc Crawford- Constitution; Drew Pastian, Chris Held, Kelly Current-Student Affairs; Matt Chase, Eric Goodlow,Martin Tuhlahie-Cultural Diversity

Staff and Committee Reports:

A. Legislative Affairs-Stephanie Schriock

B. Public Affairs-Naomi Marietta

C. Academic Affairs-Mike Kirkwood

D. Cultural Diversity-Mona Wallace

The ECDC did not meet over the summer. However, as coordinator I accomplished a few things.

In discussion with Sandra Loertz and Malcolm O'Sullivan it was determined that to assist in the recruitment and retention of students of color at MSU, they would be assigned work study positions in the 4 offices we identified (admissions, financial aid, business office, and the registrar's office). These are ones that students, whether visiting for the first time or coming to school here, would have to go to. These students will work in the front lines at these offices.

Our first meeting will be tomorrow at 3 p.m. in CSU 103.

E. Student Affairs-Becky Brown

No report from committee.

F. Union Board-Mo Abbas

Senator Reports

A. Tracy Majeske- see written report

Old Business


New Business

A. Bylaw Change (see attached sheet)

Proposed by Matt Chase. Seconded. Passed Unanimously.

Open Forum

Eric-"Even though you disagree, we are on the same side. Resolve things before we get here, not at the table. Please get along."

Danae-Spoke to Tippi. Need to get posters around campus about the MavCard.

Jerry-note from Becky, do we want to get involved with homecoming?

Lisa- can we be with MPT for the parade? was told 2 organizations couldn't be together

Mo-please read your constitution

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 6:30 P.M.