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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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September 20, 1995

Call to order at 4:00 p.m.

Roll Call: (Present-Absent-Proxy-Late-Left)

Senators in Attendance: Ingrid Ellingson (4-0-0) Tim Hagen (1-3-0) Mona Askalani (4-0-0) Tony Hanson (3-0-0-0-1) Rick Dekoter (4-0-0) Chris Davies (4-0-0) Mohammad Nasism (4-0-0) Shelly Benson (4-0-0) Michelle Murzyn (4-0-0) Jeff Anderson (4-0-0) Jason Nado (4-0-0) Mohammad Abbas (4-0-0) Jason Hulstein (4-0-0) Cary Krusemark (4-0-0) Allen Smith (3-0-1) Mashood Yunus (3-0-0-1) Megan Daniels (4-0-0) Doran Hunter (2-2-0)

Staff Members in Attendance: President Mona Wallace (4-0-0) Vice President Matthew Chase (4-0-0) Speaker Eddy Guzek (4-0-0) Chief of Staff Matt Harmon (4-0-0) Treasurer Eric Tungland (2-2-0) Academic Affairs Tara Mueller (4-0-0) Legislative Affairs Sheryl Jansen (1-0-0) Public Affairs Jen Drganc (1-0-0) Student Affairs Steven Tkach (4-0-0)


Agenda approved as amended.

PRESENTATION-Dave Ruthenbeck/MSU Advising

Mr. Ruthenbeck was introduced by Vice-President Chase. He then went on to discuss the important role Student Senators play. He feels that it is now increasingly important to demonstrate leadership skills. He encouraged Student Senators to maintain a balance in their lives. At Mankato State University people are finding it more difficult to graduate in four years. This is also a national trend. Mr. Ruthenbeck is now a member of the Undergraduate Curriculum and Instruction Committee. The committee feels that they need student input. Senator Dekoter commented that he would be interested in providing input to such a committee. vice-president Chase commented that Senator Hunter is our representative to that committee. Mr. Ruthenbeck urged the Senate to continue their efforts to open an advising center. Speaker Guzek thanked Mr. Ruthenbeck for coming.

PRESENTATION-Dan Cronn-Mills/Parliamentary Procedures

Mr. Cronn-Mills discussed the reasons behind the use of Parliamentary Procedures. Mr. Cronn-Mills then went over the handout, "Parliamentary Procedures at a Glance" Coordinator Mueller commented that learning Parliamentary Procedure is an ongoing process and that it important to keep on trying even when you make mistakes. Speaker Guzek thanked Mr. Cronn-Mills for his presentation.


Dave Hatts came from Innovative Memorable Programming Activities for Campus Togetherness (Student Events Team). Their mission is to provide programming to the Mankato State University Campus. One of their main focuses this year is to encourage students to get involved. He provided us with a Schedule of Events and some pens and buttons.

From the gallery, Jerry Flynn asked for an update about the mens' tennis team and the Activity Fee Request from Athletics. President Wallace commented that the mens' tennis team is still in the Athletic Program. Vice-president Chase also commented on this issue. Mr. Flynn then went on to ask about the status of KNNR. President Wallace commented that KNNR and KMSU are proposing a merger which is under review by the University.


(See written report) All confirmed without objection.

President Wallace commented that 69 of the 275 positions remain open.


President Mona Wallace (See written report)

Vice-president Matthew Chase (See written report)

Speaker Eddy Guzek (See written report)



Union Board

Chair Penny Blakley/Vice-Chair Joe Anderson. The Union Board is working on issues such as the television in The Indigo and the possible re-decorating of the Red Lounge.

Academic Affairs

Coordinator Mueller met with the Academic Affairs Committee today. There were eleven members present. There are many positions open on this committee and Coordinator Mueller encourages students to get involved.

President Wallace moved for a recess with Senator Daniels seconding.

The motion passed unanimously and Speaker Guzek called a recess at 5:41 p.m. Speaker Guzek reconvened the meeting at 5:58 p.m.


President Wallace commented that there is currently no Cultural Diversity Coordinator. MSUSA is sponsoring a Cultural Diversity Conference on October 20-21, 1995. She encouraged any member to attend and to invite any other interested students to consider attending.

Legislative Affairs (See written report)

Public Affair (See written report)

Student Affairs (See written report)

Coordinator Tkach introduced a recommendation that was approved unanimously by the Student Affairs Committee and it was seconded by Senator Abbas. Discussion was then opened. Coordinator Tkach strongly encouraged the Senate to pass this. The resolution passed unanimously (see attatched). Coordinator Tkach then introduced a resolution which was seconded by Senator Abbas. Vice-president Chase rose in objection to the resolution on the floor. Vice-president Chase stated that he feels that we need more direct information on this topic before taking any action. President Wallace then commented that while she would like to see a Homecoming Parade, she feels that this resolution is too forceful and does not agree with its wording. President Wallace offered an amendment to the resolution. Vice-president Chase seconded. President Wallace then withdrew her amendment. Vice-president Chase moved to previous question. Senator Yunus seconded. The motion failed. President Wallace proposed another amendment and Chase seconded. President Wallace then submitted another amendment, and Vice-president Chase accepted. Discussion was opened. Senator Dekoter recommended to pass this resolution as amended unanimously. The resolution as amended was passed unanimously (see attatched).

SAC (No report)

Communications Board (No report)

Constitution Committee (See written report)

Urban Affairs (See written report)

RHA (No report)

Steering Committee (No report)




Phase III Health Service Executive Order #95-0106F and 95-0105P

President Wallace made a motion to table this until next week. Senator Dekoter seconded. The motion passed 12-01-00.


(No reports)


President Wallace submitted a resolution which was seconded by Senator Abbas. Senator Abbas submitted an amendment which Wallace accepted. The resolution passed unanimously (see attatched).

Vice-president Chase submitted a resolution which was seconded by President Wallace and Senator Abbas. Senator Dekoter recommended the Senate pass this unanimously. Senator Abbas moved to table the resolution (see attatched) with the stipulation that this be sent to SDP&A. This was seconded by President Wallace. The motion passed unanimously.


President Wallace announced that there will be a Minnesota State University Student Association Conference this weekend at Bemidji State University. There are still opportunities to go so if you are interested please contact her.

Speaker Guzek asked that Senators set up an appointment to talk with him.

Senator Krusemark recommended we continue to remain professional.

Please turn in the green information sheets you received at Orientation to Coordinator Drganc.


Senator Abbas made a motion to adjourn which was seconded by Senator Benson. Speaker Guzek adjourned the meeting at 6:58 p.m.