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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate
October 15, 1997
4:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Speaker Kocina at 4:05 p.m.

I. Roll Call
Senators present: Jason Dorn 4-3-0, Garth Benson 6-0-1, Jason Reinke 7-0-0, Jim Jacobson 7-0-0, Jason Kanz 5-1-1, Deborah Uecker proxy -Matt Chase 0-3-4, Kate Jacobsen 7-0-0, Matt Anderson 7-0-0, Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield 1-1-5, Dan Van Every 6-0-1,
Vicki Edwards-Merton 7-0-0, Cindy West 5-2-0, Melissa Bergeron 6-1-0, Emily Auseth 4-1-0, Seth Swanson 7-0-0, Scott Silver 6-0-1, Josh O'Hara 6-1-0, Jesse Palmer 7-0-0, Melanie Wolters-proxy 4-1-2

Senators absent: Brent Larson 1-6-0, Allison Plathe 6-1-0, Michael Vawracz 2-4-1, Heather Dye 6-1-0

Executive Staff present: President Brian Dietz 6-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 7-0-0, Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 4-1-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 3-2-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley 5-0-0

Executive Staff absent: Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 4-1-0, Treasurer Jeannie Payne

II. Elections Returns
Elections committee member Jason Patten submitted the election results for ratification The newly elected Senators took their seats at the table. Mav Hall-Amy Enter, McElroy -Kyle Jarvis, Arts & Humanities-Bob Pavlenko, Crawford-Lucretia Burgess, UnDeclared-Michelle Selvidge, Social & Behavioral Science-Sylvia Oelberg

III. Student Forum
Eric Bakke came forward to thank Melanie Wolters for allowing him to be her proxy for the last several weeks.

IV. Approval of Minutes - 10/8/97
The minutes were approved without objection.

V. Boards & Committee Reports
a) Student Allocations - Chair Michelle Murzyn
No member present addressed the Senate.

VI. Officer Reports
a) President - Brian Dietz
President Dietz welcomed the new Senators and advised them of some of their duties.

The President appointed Melissa Bergeron to Legislative Affairs.

b) Vice President - Jason Patten
The Vice President answered several routine questions.

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina
The Speaker responded to Senator questions.

VII. Staff Reports
a) Legislative Affairs - Coordinator Peni Blakley (See written report)

b) Campus Coordinator - Emily Auseth
Student Affairs is discussing Teacher Evaluations.
Emily deferred to Academic Affairs Chair Jim Jacobson. - Academic Affairs is working on a definition of academic advising. A working definition, "is the process by which students receive accurate, timely, and useful information in which to fulfill general education requirements and enter the college of their choice (and facilitate/assure academic success.)"

c) Cultural Diversity - Co-coordinator - Allison McGee
Allison spoke on upcoming events. The BSU and KRNR handed out cable-splitters on the evening of homecoming.

d) Cultural Diversity Coordinator - Jesus Gonzalez

VIII. Senator Reports
a) Off Campus Seat - Melanie Wolters (no report)

IX. New Business
a) Aviation Club Intercollegiate Flight Team
#R-10.15.97A Sponsor: Senator Melissa Bergeron Co-Sponsor: Dan Van Every

Whereas: The Aviation Club's Flight Team will be proudly representing Mankato State University, in the Region 5 Intercollegiate Flight Competition in Dubuque, IA, and;
Whereas: the team members have worked hard all summer in developing a strong and competitive team, and;
Whereas: the Aviation Club has done significant fund raising and the majority of the costs are being paid for by the participating team members, therefore;
Be it Resolved: That; the MSU Aviation Club Intercollegiate Flight Team be allocated $1,440.00 to partially fund the Flight Team, at the regional flight meet in Dubuque IA. The funds allocated to the Flight Team would be for transportation and lodging of the Flight Team Members. The amount allocated is based on $90.00 per team member, with a team consisting of sixteen members.

Senator Bergeron - the team will allow MSU to be represented in a great manner.
Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton - was this sent to the Student Allocations Committee? Speaker Kocina - yes, the request was not approved.
Jim Jacobson - see written expense report. Vice President Patten - wonders what happens if we open up this for all groups to ask for money. Is this academic? Jim Jacobson - this is academic, recruiting, but also an intercollegiate competition. Heard that SAC wanted more fundraising, but they paid for a lot out of their pocket. Senator Blakley - do organizations first have to come to SAC? Senator Jacobson - I believe that is true. Senator Auseth - how much is each person paying personally? Jim Jacobson - it differs, not all competition is the same. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - "Out of the public institutions in Minnesota, how many schools have a flight team?" Jim Jacobson - three. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - Senate can determine when there is an exception to the SAC standard guidelines. This group is exceptional. Senator Benson - I am a member of SAC. SAC had three reasons for its denial of the request: 1) violation of travel guidelines, 2) it helped only a few students, and 3) it sets a precedent that we will hear all students.

Senator Pavlenko - Move to end debate. The motion to end debate passes.
Roll Call Vote #1
Senators voting yes: Jason Dorn, Bob Pavlenko, Deborah Uecker proxy Matt Chase, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Maruf Rafik proxy Dustin Mayfield, Dan Van Every, Cindy West, Michelle Selvidge, Melissa Bergeron, Emily Auseth, Seth Swanson, Scott Silver, John O'Hara, Melanie Wolters

Senators voting no: Garth Benson, Jason Reinke, Jason Kanz, Kyle Jarvis
Senators voting no with rights: Sylvia Oelberg, Vicki Edwards-Merton
Senators abstaining: Jim Jacobson, Lucretia Burgess
Executive Staff voting no: Jason Patten
Executive Staff abstaining: Brian Dietz

(Senator Jacobson abstained because of conflict of interest.) (Senator Edwards-Merton voted no with rights -"I voted no because I am confident with SAC's decisions and criteria they follow in giving allocations.") (Senator Sylvia Oelberg voted no with rights - "Committees are here to guide us in making choices that represents students as a whole. We should observe their final outcome.")

Senator Vicki-Edwards and Sylvia Oelberg called for a roll call vote.
The main motion to allocation $1440 to the MSU Aviation Club passes 15-7.

X. Announcements
Members made several announcements.

XI. Adjournment
Speaker Kocina adjourned the meeting at 4:58 p.m.