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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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65th MSSA Senate
October 1, 1997
4:00 p.m.

I. Roll Call
Senators present: Jason Dorn 2-3-0, Garth Benson 4-0-1, Jason Reinke 5-0-0, Jim Jacobson 5-0-0, Jason Kanz 3-1-1, Deborah Uecker-
proxy Matt Chase 0-3-2, Kate Jacobsen 5-0-0, Matt Anderson 5-0-0, Allison Plathe 5-0-0, Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield 1-1-3, Dan Van Every 5-0-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 5-0-0, Cindy West 3-2-0, Michael Vawracz 2-3-0, Melissa Bergeron 4-1-0, Heather Dye 5-0-0, Seth Swanson 5-0-0, Scott Silver - proxy Sylvia Oelberg 4-0-1, Jesse Palmer 5-0-0, Melanie Wolters -proxy Eric Bakke 3-1-1

Senators absent: Brent Larson 11-4-0, Emily Auseth 4-1-0, John O'Hara 4-1-0

Executive Staff present: President Brian Dietz 4-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 5-0-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee
2-1-0, Cultural Diversity Jesse Gonzalez 3-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley 3-0-0

Executive Staff absent: Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 2-1-0, Treasurer Jeannie Payne

The meeting was called to order by Speaker Jason Kocina at 4:04 p.m.

II. Student Forum
Student Bob Pavlenko - KRNR will be holding a special event on October 11, 1997.

III. Presentations
a) Vice President for Student Affairs - Dr. Healy
Spoke about what Student Affairs "is". [See attached student Affairs Organization Chart.] The Organizational. Chart has names and positions. Student Enrollment services upcoming goal will include the Direct Deposit of Financial Aid. This tries to make it possible to be a student without being bogged down by administrative processes. The New Student Programs help new students, not just those living in Maverick Hall. Athletics (we fund through SAF, M&E, and Gift dollars.) The Trio programs are federal funded groups through grants etc.. Cultural Diversity - MSSA has had a strong involvement and interest. The Student Involvement area deals with direct student involvement. Malcolm deals with Student Affairs budget, the MSSA leaders, Judicial Affairs and the ISO.
MSSA resolutions get to the President with recommendations from the Student Affairs unit. The Office of Student Affairs is addressing Academic Advising. "We hope we are doing a better job of asking you what you think." Customer service is about finding ways to improve over time. They also are enhancing leadership involvement, job seeking skills, awareness (sexuality, cultural, etc.) "Strong student leadership creates a healthy campus." Cindy Murphy (service learning) has resigned and we hope to quickly fill her position. The University is developing a Career Development Lab. It helps people learn what their interests are and how to focus on them. We also will have workshops throughout the year. This will help advising. Newly constructed or reconstructed facilities include: Soccer pitch, softball field, and Phase I of the Student Health Services. We have a new marketing plan, developed out of research last year. We hope to improve student satisfaction. This summer a lot of preparation was made in dealing with General Education. Phase III ground breaking will be coming up. Student Union Board Chair will cover that briefly later today. "We think that it will be real."

Senator Jacobson - what is enrollment? Healy - head count down 200, credit hour down 1 %., up 9 % in Freshman, down 2% in transfers, continuing graduates down around 100 (this changes frequently).
Senator Jacobson - what more are we doing to keep students here? Healy - we will focus "a great deal on advising." You will see this year a great deal of policy changes. We have asked every academic program specifics on what it takes to get into their program." We also contact non-returning students why they don't return. "We need to make sure students don't choose a major too soon or too fast, but we also want to make sure that they choose a major before their fifth year of classes."
Coordinator Allison McGee - how do you have students choose a major for a college that has specific requirements? Healy - we are going another direction. We want to separate those that have meet admission requirements from those that have declared but have not been admitted. We need to make sure those people are advised. We need to find out what they need so we can help them.
Senator Seth Swanson - "would it be that difficult to create an office just for academic advising?" Healy - advising is delivered by the faculty. The best person to give advise is those faculty that are best knowledgeable about their major.
Senator Jason Dorn - How will "Blue Carding" be affected by Semester Conversion. Healy- I haven't heard of any change.
Senator Melissa Bergeron - I have found that other students are the best advisors for me. We don't always get straight answers from faculty. Can't we include students in all this? Healy - that can be difficult, especially if a student gives you wrong advise. Some schools do this. We have summer orientation peer advisors. Therefore undergraduate students are used in peer advising. Some colleges may have peer advising system.
Senator Allison Plathe - Faculty often give faulty advise. If advising is their responsibility, they should have formal training. Healy - When Student Affairs spoke with MSSA leadership they felt that should be our highest priority. The University hears those concerns.

b) Career Development Center - Dave Hendel
Career Month is October, designated by the University. There will be media coverage, advertisements in the Reporter, and special events. Career Fairs on October 28, 29 and a big finale on October 30, 1997. Activities include information how to get a job and protocol. MSSA involvement - two colleges are hosting days. Those are Social & Behavioral Sciences and Business. The other colleges could use involvement in their events.

c) MSUSA State Chair - Francis Klinkner
Apologies for missing the MSSA orientation, I had a meeting with Chancellor Anderson. What is MSUSA? Before MSUSA each University Student Association would lobby separately and less efficiently. The merger brought strength and organization. There are two associations like ours. The Minnesota State College Student Association and the Minnesota State Technical College Student Association. We have several organizational areas, state & federal legislative affairs, academic affairs, cultural diversity, and student affairs. We have five professional staff. My job as state chair is primarily to lobby, that is federal, state, and Minnesota State.

IV. Approval of Minutes - 9/24/97
There was one clerical change to the minutes of 9/24/97. The amended minutes were approved.

V. Board Reports
a) Union Board - Member Peni Blakley
Scott Thomas was elected Chair, Sarah Pierce was elected Vice Chair. The Board made several Union Reservation policy changes for recommendation to the Senate. [see attached.]

Union Board Recommendation:
[see posting recommendation 1]
Blakley - Posting changes were made which gave on campus persons highest priority.
The recommendation was passed by the Senate with little discussion.

[see posting recommendation 2
Refers to posting clarification concerning approval moved to Union Board front desk]
The recommendation was passed by the Senate with little discussion.

[see posting recommendation 3
Blakley - Needed to enforce the rules.
Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton - is there a first time warning? Blakley - it uses the word "may".
Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez - what is cost? Blakley - cost of cleanup, staff time, etc.
Senator Garth Benson - how long is loss of privileges? Blakley - staff determine that on case by case basis.
The recommendation was passed by the Senate with little discussion.

[see posting recommendation 4
refers to selling, etc. and exceptions. on large board new community connections.]
Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - moves to amend to "three weeks." Motion fails for lack of a second.
The recommendation was passed by the Senate with little discussion.

see posting recommendation 5
Refers to no show & cancellation]
Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton - explain the re-activation fee. Blakley - for example; if your RSO cancels meeting and not the room your organization will be charged a reactivating fee. One freebie is given per quarter.

Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - refer motion to the Student Union Board. Second - Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase).
Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - this lacks a definition of what a canceled event is. Good faith organization meetings don't always have full attendance. Blakley - definition is "one" person showing up.
Chase - who collects the money? Has the fiscal affairs office approved a low dollar amount for collection? Blakley - no response. McGee - where does the money go? Blakley - to the Union operations. Plathe - move to end debate. Motion carries. Motion to refer to committee fails.

[The Senate returns to the Main Motion (Union Board Recommendation).
Plathe - move to end debate. Motion carries. Committee recommendation carries. (Note: Edwards-Merton vote nay.)

see posting recommendation 6
Refers to mother's room]
Senator Dye - moves to end debate. Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - Point of Order (hands must be shown for votes that require two-thirds majorities). Speaker Kocina - point well taken. Motion to end debate carries. Recommendation passes.

see posting recommendation 7
Refers to art committee]

Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - I have a concern that the Student Senate is not part of this policy. Blakley - the Director used to have control, now this panel and the Senate will have recommendation power. Plathe - we have never had control and now we will.
Senator Vicki Edwards-Merton - move to end debate. Motion to end debate passes. Recommendation passes.
Senator Bergeron - move for 15 minute recess. Motion fails.

VI. Officer Reports
a) President - Brian Dietz
Student Health Center renovation ribbon cutting is October 20 at 7:20 in the morning. Enrollment numbers are as follows: [see attached]. Rededication of Warren Street Building to "Alumni & Foundation Center" is on Saturday. Special thanks to the following Senators: Jacobson, Swanson, Benson, and Reinke.

The President made the following appointments:

Urban Affairs Coordinator - Matthew Chase

President Dietz yielded the floor to Coordinator Chase for a brief presentation. [see attached.]

b) Vice President - Jason Patten
Brief report on upcoming activities. Proxy Oelberg - when will students be informed of upcoming elections. Patten - we told the Reporter today. Oelberg - let's get students involved. Patten - I agree. Oelberg - let's move the date of the election. Patten - I don't know that we can do that. Speaker Kocina - the election date is set by the constitution. Plathe - can you make flyers and put then in the academic buildings. Patten - the openings will be in the Reporter, I don't think the process has ever been published. The rules are vague and leave open a lot for interpretation. We haven't had time. Oelberg - this was known in May.
Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - move to caucus for 5 minutes. Speaker Kocina - out of order, we are under reports not a motion. Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - Point of Order (a caucus is in order at any time like a recess.) Speaker Kocina - point well taken. Motion taken fails. McGee - put the process in the Reporter. Patten - OK.

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina
Open seats are the following: Undeclared, Arts & Humanities, Crawford, McElroy, Maverick Hall, Social & Behavioraial Sciences

The speaker read President Rush's response to September 24, 1997 Student Association resolution 092497A. [see attached].
Next week's meeting will conclude at 5:00 p.m. so Cheryl Kalakian, Student Relations Coordinator for the College of Education, can give an Academic Advising presentation.

Senator Melanie Wolters (proxy Bakke) - has the Speaker had reported to him any Constitution Commission rulings that have overturned Speaker rulings? Speaker Kocina - "no".

VII. Staff Reports
a) Legislative Affairs - Coordinator Peni Blakley - no report
b) Campus Affairs - Coordinator Emily Auseth - no report.
c) Cultural Diversity - Co-Coordinator Allison McGee
I want Senate to be involved in Cultural Diversity. I have been assured by President Dietz that the Senate will be involved and I take that very seriously.
d) Cultural Diversity - Co-Coordinator Jesus Gonanlez - no report

VIII. Senator Reports
a) Seth Swanson
In terms of faculty evaluations, in the College of Business, Faculty Evaluations are published for others to see. Why can't students see them? I also think that the Senate should have a "Student Senate Report" on KRNR.

IX. New Business
a) Election of Communications Board seat
As per the By-laws, one Communication Board seat is elected by the Senate. Senator Melissa Bergeron - I nominate Heather Dye. Nominations were closed and Heather Dye was elected to the Communication Board.
X. Announcements
Several announcements were made on upcoming events.
XI. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned by Speaker Jason Kocina at 6:21:23 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Matthew Chase.