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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate
October 22, 1997
4:00 PM


Speaker Kocina called the meeting to order at 4:01 p.m.

I. Roll Call
Senators Present: Jason Dorn 5-3-0, Bob Pavlenko 1-0-0, Garth Benson 6-0-1, Jason Reinke 8-0-0, Jim Jacobson-proxy Michelle Murzyn 7-0-1, Jason Kanz-proxy Eric Bakke 5-1-2, Deborah Uecker -proxy Matt Chase 0-3-5, Kate Jacobsen 8-0-0, Matt Anderson 8-0-0, Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield 1-1-6, Dan Van Every 7-0-1, Vicki Edwards-Merton-8-0-0, Cindy West 6-2-0, Michelle Selvidge 1-0-0, Lucretia Burgess 1-0-0,
Michael Vawracz 3-4-1, Kyle Jarvis 1-0-0, Melissa Bergeron 7-1-0, Emily Auseth 5-1-0, Seth Swanson 8-0-0, Scott Silver 6-0-1, John O'Hara 7-1-0, Jesse Palmer 8-0-0, Melanie Wolters-proxy Jen Hibbard 4-1-3, Amy Enter 1-0-0

Senators Absent Brent Larson 1--7-0,

Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 7-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 8-0-0, Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 5-1-0, Cultural Diversity Jesse Gonzalez 4-2--0, Treasurer Jeannie Payne

Executive Staff Absent:: Cultural Diversity Allison McGee 3-3-0, Legislative Affairs Peni Blakley

II. Student Forum No students came forward.

III. Presentations
a) Dave Hendel - Career Development Center Director
Director Hendel presented posters for MSU Career Fairs, Career Day, and Social and Behavioral Sciences Career Day Panels & Exhibitors. These are helpful for current students and high school counselors. These documents are also being emailed to Faculty and Staff. The other two documents will be printed in the Reporter during Career Month. See attached documents.

b) Union Board - Chair Scott Thomas
Chair Scott Thomas. Phase III still has not been "signed off" by Minnesota State. President Rush met with Chancellor Morire Anderson on moving the process along. Remodeling is beginning in the lower level of the CSU. A large amount of work will be done during the Winter Break. A task force has met for three weeks now on how to improve the visibility of the Garden Deli. The Board has office hours and welcomes visits. The Board also has email located at "".

Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - will there be a ground breaking ceremony before "sign off" from Minnesota State? Chair Thomas - no. Senator Kanz (proxy Eric Bakke) - What will be done with the old space formerly used by SCTC on the main level? Chair Thomas - we have no plans.

c) Constitution Commission - Chair Eric Bakke
Vice Chair Vicki Edwards-Merton resigned and Matt Harmon took her place. The Commission established an attendance policy.

d) KRNR/Senate Liaison - Bob Pavlenko See attached report.

Senator Van Every - what is the format of the station? Pavlenko - it used to be alternative and rock. Now we are having Country, Rap and R&B and Swing music. Senator Bergeron - what was the attendance at the dance? Pavlenko - at any one time, about 20 - 30. Senator Bergeron - how many cable splitters did you hand out? Pavlenko - 20 - 25. Senator Van Every - how many outside groups have DJ'd? Pavlenko - it is normally individuals, we have about three a day that come in. Senator Van Every - how many requests for events do you have? Pavlenko - that is only occasional.

IV. Approval of Minutes - 10/15/97
The meeting minutes of 10/15/97 were approved with clerical changes.

V. Committee Report
a) Student Allocations - Chair Michelle Murzyn
Chair Murzyn described the roll of the committee in relation to the Student Activity Fee budget and the Student Activity Fund. Full time students pay $133.56 per quarter.

Recommendation #10.22.97A - SAC Primary Step

Be it Resolved: That the Student Allocations Committee affirm the October 8, 1997 resolution of the Mankato State Student Association Senate 10.08.97A to give $45.00 to Habitat for Humanity and be if further;

Resolved: That the Student Allocations Committee request that all future Student Activity Fund request be reviewed by the Student Allocations Committee prior to any Senate action.

Senator Kanz (proxy Eric Bakke) - Point of Order, this is a stance of the committee, stances don't need Senate's approval. Speaker Kocina - Point not well taken.

Chair Murzyn - S.A.C. would like the Senate to understand that the committee is the first step in the process. Vice President Patten - this simply establishes that S.A.C. wants to see everything first, this takes no power away from the Senate. Senator Benson - this is a system of checks and balances. Senator Van Every - what is precedent on how this process works? Chair Murzyn - precedent is all groups go through S.A.C. Senator Kanz (proxy Eric Bakke) - the word "request" doesn't limit the Senate. Senator Van Every - shouldn't Senate be here for emergencies.

Senator Oelberg - move to end debate. Motion to end debate passes.
Recommendation #10.22.97A passes. [Senator Kanz (proxy Eric Bakke) votes no with rights - "It makes no sense that the MSSA Senate vote on a motion that states the opinion of another body. It is illogical in the extreme and their was no reason to vote on it."

Recommendation #10.22.97B - RHA leadership Trip

Be it Resolved: That the Student Allocations Committee recommend a Student Activity Fund Subsidy of $665.00 for the Residence Hall Association to attend the Midwest Association of College and University Residence Hall's Regional Conference November 14-16, 1997 at the University of Iowa. The subsidy may be used for transportation costs and student registration fees only.

Chair Murzyn - the committee felt this was valuable in training our student leaders. Senator Bergeron - how many conferences are there? Chair Murzyn - three. Senator Auseth - how are they traveling? Chair Murzyn - vans. Senator Bergeron - how much will the next trip cost from the SAF fund? Chair Murzyn - that is up to RHA.

Senator Bergeron (to RHA representative in the gallery) - how much will the next trip cost from the SAF fund? Senator Kanz (proxy Eric Bakke) - point of order, this is not germane. Speaker Kocina - point well taken.

Senator Oelberg - move to end debate. Motion to end debate passes.
Recommendation #10.22.97B passes.

VI. Officer Reports
a) President - Brian Dietz
The first Meet & Confer was held last week. The group discussed Chancellor Anderson's topic of technology roundtable. The Senate will be recognized as a Corporate Sponsor at the Halloween hockey game. The library hours are open later on a trial basis.

Parking Advisory Committee - Kyle Jarvis; Legislative Affairs; Dan Van Every, Elli Piccolo, and Lucrecia Burgess.

Senator Oelberg - can we have students notified of the library hours via email and at the hockey games? President Dietz - good idea, I'll see what I can do. Senator Edwards-Merton - who and how many will be attending the MSUSA Fall Conference? President Dietz - eight, (names listed). Senator Edwards-Merton - whom is the Cultural Diversity Representative? - Jason Patten is the acting representative. Senator Edwards-Merton - this appears to be a violation of the Bylaws (Article VII.4). Senator Kanz (proxy Eric Bakke) - when was this appointment made? Senator Edwards-Merton - we have a lot of new people, why hasn't the Senate been notified prior or given a chance to go? Senator Bergeron - did the Senate present an idea at Meet & Confer about planning a "prom-like" event? President Dietz - no. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - did Senate present this "prom-like" idea at Meet & Confer? President Dietz - at the same time, but before the meeting began. Senator Bergeron - for Fall Conference do you have to be appointed before you can go? President Dietz - no, but the deadline is Oct 12. Student Jen Drganc - Is it true that if no appointment has been made for the CD rep then MSUSA will not pay for the rep.? President Dietz - I'll have to get back to you on that. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - was any money over $100 for Fall Conference approved by the Senate? President Dietz - yield to Vice President Patten, we are not spending any money.

b) Vice President - Jason Patten
I suggest that the Senate inform themselves on KRNR by talking to students, going to the station, and by speaking with Bob Pavlenko. Senator Heather Dye (former SAC member) offered help on explaining S.A.C.'s decision to hold funding of KRNR.

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina
The resolutions passed concerning Student Union policy were approved by President Rush. The resolution concerning Habitat for Humanity was put on hold by Rush. The resolution concerning the Aviation Flight Team was approved by Rush.

The Speaker asks that we give our guest presenters respect and diligently listen to them. The Speaker asks that any Senator confused about their job should talk to the Speaker.

The Senate has the authority to review Recognized Student Organizations every five years. That review is due this year and will be conducted by the Speaker.

After review of the Constitution Commission's overturning Speaker ruling 2, the legislation from April 30, 1997 concerning Speaker appointments having two votes, one to create the position and another to appoint the individual stands.

Recommended recognition by Speaker:
Initial Recognition: LDSSA Institute of Religion Interior Design Student Association, MSU Vets Club, Pi Sigma Alpha, Pre-Med Association, Order of Omega
Registration Renewal: American Indian Student Association, American Chemical Society Student Affiliate Club, African Student Association, Christians in Action, College Republicans, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, The Honor Society of Ph Kappa Phi, Human Resource Mgmt Club, IEEE, International Student Association, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Maranatha Christian Fellowship, MSU Finance Club,
MSU Men's Club Volleyball, MSU Shotokan Karate, MSU Wildlife Club, Men's Rugby, Minnesota Rehabilitation-Student Division, National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH), Panhellenic Council, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Social Studies Club, Spanish Club, Student Art League, Textiles & Clothing Club, Voices Raised Against Violence, Women's Rugby Club

Maranatha Christian Fellowship -
Senator Bergeron - I object. This group and its people are offensive. Recognition approved.
All student organization recommended recognition's approved.

VII. Staff Reports
a) Campus Affairs - Coordinator Emily Auseth
Student Affairs is reviewing the Security Initiative.
Academic Affairs has written a definition of advising. Coordinator Auseth and Vice President Patten "will be presenting it to the IFO (SIC - Faculty Association)"

b) Cultural Diversity - Co-coordinator Jesus Gonzalez See attached presentation.

Senator Edwards-Merton - how will this be funded? Coordinator Gonzalez - the Cultural Diversity office thinks we can get a grant, mix that money with other school financial support and registration fees. We can also attempt to reduce costs. We are working on a budget. Senator Van Every - do you have an idea of the registration fees and is it open to all MSSA members? Coordinator Gonzalez - it is open to all. I don't know how much registration fees will be yet. Senator Benson - how does networking fit in with the rest of the conference? Coordinator Gonzalez - this makes it bigger and to be a tool for students that attend.

VIII. Senator Reports
a) Senator Wolters - Off Campus Oral Report

b) Senator Anderson - Science, Eng. & Tech.
Working a lot with Academic Affairs.

c) Senator Edwards-Merton - Soc. & Behavioral Science
Working with Academic Affairs. Setting up times with the Dean. Networking in class. Has posted office hours. Will be an active participant with the Career Development Center.

IX. New Business
a) Seth Swanson Co-sponsor Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield
Resolution #10.22.97C- Athletic Food Allowance increase to $15.00.

Be it resolved that the MSSA Senate support raising the athletic food budget from $12.50 to $15.00.

Motion seconded by Senator Mayfield.
Senator Swanson - this motion is a stance by Senate, not an act? This motion levels out the amounts of money given to student athletes for food. Vice President - why did the Senator not go through S.A.C.? Senator Auseth - this motion requests support for presentation to S.A.C.

Senator Edwards-Merton - move to refer to S.A.C.

Senator Edwards-Merton - I don't like it. Vice President Patten - I have no opinion, but it should go through the process.

Senator Auseth - offer friendly amendment, to make a "recommendation" to S.A.C.
Speaker Kocina - Out of Order, the discussion is on the motion to refer

The motion to refer Resolution #10.22.97C to the Student Athletics Committee passes.

X. Announcements
Several timely announcements were made. Proxy Hibbard - Senator Wolters lead the Women's Soccer team to a second place in conference.

XI. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned by Speaker Kocina at 6:08 p.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Matthew Chase.