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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate
October 29, 1997


Speaker Kocina called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.

I. Roll Call
Senators Present: Jason Dorn 6-3-0, Bob Pavlenko 2-0-0, Garth Benson-proxy Jen Hibbard 6-0-2, Jason Reinke 9-0-0, Jim Jacobson 8-0-1, Jason Kanz 6-1-2, Deborah Uecker-proxy Matt Chase 0-3-6, Kate Jacobsen 9-0-0, Matt Anderson 9-0-0, Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield 1-1-7, Sylvia Oelberg-2-0-0, Dan Van Every 7-0-1, Vicki Edwards-Merton-proxy Peni Blakley 8-0-1, Cindy West 7-2-0, Michelle Selvidge 2-0-0, Lucretia Burgess 2-0-0, Kyle Jarvis 2-0-0, Melissa Bergeron 8-1-0, Heather Dye-proxy Jen Drganc 8-0-1, Emily Auseth-proxy Eric Bakke 5-1-1, Seth Swanson 9-0-0, Scott Silver 8-0-1, John O'Hara 8-1-0, Melanie Wolters 5-1-3
Allison Plathe 6-2-1
Senators Absent: Brent Larson 1-8-0, Michael Vawracz 3-5-1, Jesse Palmer 8-1-0,
Amy Enter 1-1-0

Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 8-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 9-0-0,
Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley 6-1-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 4-3-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Gesse Gonzalez 5-2-0
Executive Staff Absent: Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 5-2-0, Treasurer Jeannie Payne

II. Student Forum No student presented themselves.

III. Presentations
a) Lady Mavs Hockey - Coach Tracy Majeski
Currently the team is a club team, but next year will be moving to an intercollegiate team. See attached. Students get into games free. Games are played at the Mankato Civic Center. The team has been fundraising and advertising to gain enthusiasm in the team for next year. They will be seeking help from the Student Activity Fund if the team goes to the National Tournament.

b) Mini Mavs - Coordinator Michelle Muryzn
See written report.

c) Brian Dietz and Jason Patten
The two wanted to help control the rumors concerning their involvement in presenting a tradition building event to President Rush. The two formed a group that wanted to bring some tradition building event to campus. The group wanted something to be positive, build tradition, and be an annual event. Eric Thomas, Scott Thomas and Stacy Stoldorf felt that the MSU climate has changed in the last year and wanted to hold a big, exciting, and fun event for students. They hope that we can all learn a lot from each other. They wanted to pull other folks from around campus. They targeted key "movers and shakers" and student leaders to bring the idea forward. The group wants to bring together all student organizations. The group expects students to begin seeing "the fruits of their labor" winter quarter. They want a speaker, a dinner, and a dance. Brian Dietz and Jason Patten did not use their titles as Senate leaders. They "kept it a secret" for reasons that were twofold; 1) they wanted to keep the idea in the formation stage as to not disturb any plans, 2) the second was because they wanted to build excitement.

Senator Jacobson - can you be more specific on the event? Patten - not really, we want it to be a surprise and this is all tentative. Senator Jacobson - can you give us an inkling? Eric Thomas - not really, we are here to address "what happened last week." Senator Jacobson - where will this be held? Dietz - the Civic Center. Jacobson - I am concerned that the event is tradition building for MSU, but will not be on campus. Senator Jacobson - so, is there any student money involved & how much? Dietz/ Scott Thomas - no student money, ballpark cost for speakers are between $200 and $250,000. Stoldorf - this is not a "couple-type-thing". Senator Dye (Jen Drganc) - why did this group not bring this to the students that represented the students? Dietz - we did not feel that was appropriate. Patten - Senate is not a programming board. Stoldorf - "we all stepped out-side of our roles to do this." Senator Benson (proxy Jenny Hibbard) - I think that it is important that you did not represent yourself as a member of Senate, Senate is intimidating and it is important not to offend any students. I am glad that you represented yourself as a student. This is quite positive.

IV. Approval of Minutes - 10/22/97 Minutes approved as amended.

V. Board and Committee Report
a) Union Board - Chair Scott Thomas
Chair has established a task force on dealing with noise complaints. This is the 30th Anniversary of the Student Union. Celebration will coincide with the opening of the remodeled Garden Deli over Winter Break.

Coordinator McGee - When will we have groundbreaking? Chair Thomas - we hope in the Spring, but we don't know. It's Minnesota State! Senator Rafik (proxy Dustin Mayfield) - complaints about noise concerning KRNR, were the complaints made by students. Chair Thomas - yes, to my understanding.

b) Student Allocations Committee

R# 10.29.97A
Committee recommendation - increase Reporter Editor salary by $2000. See attached text.

Chair Murzyn - The salary has not been raised in four years. Senator Auseth (proxy Bakke) - rise in favor to support S.A.C. . Senator Jacobson - how is the staff paid? Editor Miller - all but one is paid on commission. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - how has the committee dealt with a set and stable increase rather than lump increases every year? Chair Muryzn - the committee hopes to review that.
The recommendation passes.

Chair Muryzn presented attached committee guidelines that will be used by S.A.C. to consider the continual funding of KRNR.

Senator Rafik (proxy Dustin Mayfield) - in forming the guidelines did the group invite experts in the field such as Fred Vette and the station's advisor. Chair Murzyn - the informal group had a representative from the Communications Board, S.A.C., the Student Union staff, and of the Student Activity Fund administration. Senator Edwards-Merton (proxy Peni Blakley) - are these guidelines attainable at MSU. Chair Murzyn - these guidelines are what the group considers to be a successful station. Senator Van Every - how much flexibility will be allowed? Chair Murzyn - the individual members will vote as they see fit. Senator Van Every - is there an appeals process for these guidelines? Chair Murzyn - these internal committee guidelines can be modified by the committee at any time. Students are welcome at committee meetings at all times. Senator Dye (proxy Jen Drganc) - can you forward material to relevant groups on these guidelines? Chair Murzyn - yes. Senator Oelberg - why was this the only media to be addressed. Chair Murzyn - because they are not currently funded and we want something to base possible funding on. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - will these guidelines be compatible with the mission of KRNR. Chair Muryzn - they appear to fit with what KRNR has told S.A.C.. Coordinator McGee - who formed this committee. Chair Murzyn - I was asked by President Dietz to be part of the group and make guidelines with Henry Morris, Mike Hodapp, a Communications Board member and myself as S.A.C. Chair.

VI. Officer Reports
a) President - Brian Dietz
MSUSA sign-up will be posted and attendance will be basically decided by first-come first-serve. He will be passing along information that he gets from MSUSA. The cost will be covered by MSUSA up to eight people. Concerning appointing, out of the last four years only one set of appointments for MSUSA was approved by the Senate.

Need two students for a Semester Conversion committee.

MSUSA Conference-Jason Patten, Scott Silver, Amy Arenz, Emily Auseth, Peni Blakley, Allison McGee, John O'Hara, Melissa Bergeron (not paid)

MSSA Meet & Confer-Jason Patten, Jason Kocina, Emily Auseth, Peni Blakley, Allison McGee


Senator Auseth (proxy Eric Bakke) - what other items were discussed at Meet & Confer? President Dietz - Phase III (no Minnesota State signature), Health Services, and Semester transfer credits. Senator Oelberg - who's responsibility is behavioral conduct in the Senate meeting. President Dietz - the Speaker. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - did the Meet & Confer Team deal with MSSA resolutions? President Dietz - yes, he appears to be very open to listening to our voice. Coordinator McGee - will we be addressing the Coronation G.P.A. requirement now instead of waiting until next homecoming? President Dietz - yes.

b) Vice President - Jason Patten
Presented President Rush's draft on MSU's Statement of Goals. Wants our viewpoint. Presented new background picture and form to the MavCard. Vice President Fiscal Affairs H. Dean Trauger wants to know our opinions on customer service.

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina
Waiting on MSU Presidential approval from S.A.C. recommended resolutions from 10/22/97.

Speaker Kocina passed the gavel to Vice President Jason Patten.

The Senate recognized student organizations on the speakers recommendations.
Initial Recognition: Family Support Network (Parents Ananymout Advisory Board)
Registration Renewal: RANGE, Dept. of Geography Student Organization, Mankato Area Astronomy Association, Pre-Law Society, MSU Community Golf ClassicE-4 Gentlemen's Club

Speaker Kocina retrieved the gavel.

d) Legislative Affairs - Coordinator Peni Blakley
Congressman Gil Gutknecht will be coming to campus to have a town meeting. The discussion will focus on new laws on tax codes.

The Legislative Affairs Committee is putting the Safety Initiative in the Legislative Affairs Platform.

R# 10.29.97B
Committee Recommendation - put the Safety Initiative on the platform.

Coordinator Blakley - This five year old initiative requests two full-time professional security guard positions on each Minnesota State University and colleges (with significant populations) campus.

Senator Dye (proxy Jen Drganc) - does this need to be passed by the Senate?

Speaker ruling #13: "In order for the Legislative Affairs platform to be the official voice of the MSU students it must be approved and passed by the Senate."

Senator Jacobson - is this taking student jobs away? Coordinator Blakley - we are shorthanded and we need this to get more professional trained personnel. Senator Jacobson - this sounds like it will be top heavy? Coordinator Blakley - we have students that deal with real criminals armed with three months experience and a flashlight. Senator Jacobson - why more administrative staff. Coordinator Blakley - among other items, they can train. Senator Benson (proxy Jenny Hibbard) - having experience working at University Security I know that we have a hard time getting good people. Senator Rafik (proxy Dustin Mayfield) - will this add a new service? Coordinator Blakley - no, it enhances existing services. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - we lose good student Security Guards to the community. We can pass this, we almost did it the last three years. Senator Dye (proxy Jen Dgranc) - Security should train us on how to lobby for something of this magnitude. I would like security to tell us more about this. Coordinator Blakley - I have no problem postponing this for a week.

Recommendation from committee passes.

Coordinator Blakley yielded the remainder of her time to Urban Affairs Coordinator Matthew Chase. See attached written report.

VII. Senator Reports
a) Undeclared Seat - Senator Michelle Selvidge
Will soon be working to deal with concerns of students that have not yet declared a major in their academic area. Also plans to meet with fellow Undeclared Senator Cindy West.

b) Off-Campus Seat - Senator Melissa Bergeron
Will be tackling the drop/add policy. Have been working on increasing the recycling bins on campus. See written report.

c) McElroy Seat - Senator Kyle Jarvis
Meeting with the new Residence Hall complex director. Continuing to meet with student floors of McElroy

d) Off-Campus Seat - Senator Emily Auseth
(Given by proxy Eric Bakke at the Senator's instruction.) Expanding involvement to attending Black Student Union. Echoes President Dietz assessment in a positive opinion of the MSU administration.

e) Social & Behavioral Sciences Seat - Senator Dan Van Every
Attended the Parking Appeals Board, there appears to be many complaints on overselling permits. Attending Legislative Affairs Committee. Recruiting members for the committee. Attended Social & Behavioral Sciences Dean advisory council meeting. Speaking with constituents on KRNR, most don't listen.

VIII. New Business

Date: 29 October 1997
Title: Survey for Student Senate Regarding University competency
Sponsor: Senator Heather Dye - Proxy Jen Drgance
Co-sponsor: Senator Melissa Bergeron

Be it hereby

Resolved: Resolved that the Student Senate conduct a survey regarding University Competence; and be it further

Resolved: that one lower and one upper division class from each college and two graduate level classes take the survey; and be it further

Resolved: that the Student Affairs Committee help conduct the survey using the survey provided.

Senator Dye (proxy Jen Drganc) - This will help the Senate let President Rush know how the students feel about MSU offices. This will help us address any problems. President Dietz - what does competency mean? Senator Silver (Student Affairs Committee Chair) - "student friendly" refers to a "smile", this refers to how well we are served. President Dietz - can you change the letter grade to a numerical grade so students won't think badly of the university. Senator Dye (proxy Jen Drganc) - it is important that offices know that students are evaluating them. Senator Bergeron - we need to get the opinions of students.

Vice President Patten - move to refer.
Vice President Patten - need to be more specific in our questions. Senator Benson (proxy Jenny Hibbard) - we need to rewrite and not lump all offices together. Senator Silver - these questions are intentionally vague so that we can get a rough idea of what is out there. Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - this is a good survey that appears to ask statistical questions that will help the committee address problems, if passed this week the committee can use winter break to manipulate the data. Senator Jacobson - deny the referral.
Senator Van Every - move to end debate.

Motion to end debate passes.
Motion to refer fails.

Senator Auseth (proxy Eric Bakke) - move to amend by addition "prior to the survey's distribution the Campus Coordinator, the Speaker of the Senate, and the Chairperson of the Student Affairs Committee shall have a chance to review the survey."

Senator Dye (proxy Jen Drganc) - the survey is complete.
Senator Auseth (proxy Eric Bakke) - without objection I would like to withdraw the motion. Speaker Kocina - motion withdrawn.

Senator Pavlenko - move to end debate.
Motion to end debate passes.
The main motion passes with one objection.

IX. Announcements
Coordinator McGee - reminder: I, as a Coordinator, do not have voting rights.

X. Adjournment
Senator Bergeron - move to adjourn. Roll Call requested.

Roll Call
Senators voting yes: Bob Pavlenko, Garth Benson, Jason Reinke, Jim Jacobson w/rights, Deborah Uecker-proxy Matt Chase, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Sylvia Oelberg, Dan Van Every, Melissa Bergeron, Heather Dye-proxy Jen Drganc, Emily Auseth-proxy Eric Bakke, Seth Swanson, Soctt Silver, Melanie Wolters
Senators votingno: Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield
Senators absent: Jason Dorn, Brent Larson, Jason Kanz, Allison Plathe, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Cindy West, Michelle Selvidge, Lucretia Burgess, Michael Vawracz, Kyle Jarvis, John O'Hara, Jesse Palmer
Executive Staff voting yes: President Brian Dietz, Vice President Jason Patten

Speaker Kocina adjourned the meeting at 6:38 p.m.


Minutes respectfully submitted by Matthew Chase.