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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate
October 8, 1997
4:00 PM


The meeting was called to order at 4:03 p.m. by Speaker Jason Kocina.

I. Roll Call
Senators present: Jason Dorn 3-3-0, Garth Benson 5-0-1, Jasoon Reinke 6-0-0, Jim Jacobson 6-0-0, Jason Kanz 4-1-1, Deborah Uecker proxy Matt Chase 0-3-3, Kate Jacobsen 6-0-0, Matt Anderson 6-0-0, Allison Plathe 6-0-0, Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield 1-1-4, Dan Van Every proxy Matt Harmon 6-0-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 6-0-0, Cindy West 4-2-0, Michael Vawracz proxy Jason Davis-Donnelly 2-3-1, Melissa Bergeron 5-1-0, Heather Dye 6-0-0, Seth Swanson 6-0-0, Scott Silver 5-0-1, John O'Hara 5-1-0, Jesse Palmer 6-0-0, Melanie Wolters proxy Eric Bakke 3-1-2

Senators absent: Brent Larson 1-5-0

Executive Staff present: President Brian Dietz 5-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 6-0-0, Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 3-1-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalex 4-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley 4-0-0

Executive Staff absent: Cutlural Diversity Coordinaotr Allison McGee 2-2-0, Treasurer Jeannie Payne

II. Student Forum - No student presented themselves.

III. Presentations
a) Constitution Commission - Chair Eric Bakke
Speaker ruling #2 was overturned on May 23, 1997. The appeal was initiated by 1996-97 President Tony Hanson. The Commission held elections. Eric Bakke received the Chair, Vicki Edwards-Merton was elected Vice Chair. The Recording Secretary is Kate Jacobsen.

b) KRNR/Senate Liaison - Bob Pavlenko
See written report.
Senator Auseth - how is KRNR doing on specifications made by the Senate at the 1996-97 Budget Hearing? Pavlenko - yes, we are doing promotions and events first and then we will hit the fundraising.
Senator Bergeron - why is a high school student "interning"? Pavlenko - he approached us.
Senator Uecker (proxy Matthew Chase) - how much money does KRNR have left in their account, are they keeping up with the Bresnan cable bill? Pavlenko - they have $1800 left. Yes their cable bill is being paid, and we are considering reducing our cable package.

IV. Approval of Minutes - 10/1/97 - Minutes approved without debate

V. Board and Committee Reports
a) Union Board - Chair Scott Thomas - No report.

VI. Officer Reports
a) President - Brian Dietz

Appointments: Dustin Mayfield, WWW Committee; Emily Auseth, Student Organization Activity Funding Committee (SOAFC); Chuck Bain, Student Organization Activity Funding Committee (SOAFC); Matt Anderson, Ensuring Cultural Diversity Committee; and Allison Plathe, Ensuring Cultural Diversity.

b) Vice President - Jason Patten
Reminded the Senators of the upcoming Student Association elections
c) Speaker - Jason Kocina
The Speaker discussed Robert's Rules of Order with the members of Senate.
Speaker Kocina passes the gavel to President Dietz.

The speaker recommends the recognition of student organizations. The Senate approves of the recognition without objection. Recognized Student Organizations: Initial Recognition: Mankato State Law Enforcement Club,
Mankato State University Mycological Society, MIS Club Registration Renewal: Anthropology Student Association, Athletic Training Club, Blue Skunk Society, Campus Bible Fellowship, Delta Sigma Pi, Graduate Student Organization, Loa Student Association, Mankato State Construction Management Student Association, Mass Communications Club, Psychology Club, Psi Chi-the National Honor Society in Psychology, RPSIG-
Role Playing Special Interest Group, Social Work Club, Students for Bangladesh, Technology Education Club,
Vietnamese American Student Association (VASA), Women's Studies Student Organization

The Speaker retrieves the gavel from President Dietz.

VII. Staff Reports
a) Leg. Affairs Coordinator - Peni Blakley (see written report)

b) Campus Affairs - Coordinator Emily Auseth
Academic Affairs is working on a definition for "advising". The goal is to get an Academic Advising Center.
Student Affairs is discussing a wet campus (sporting events), rental & housing, ACC and the drop/add policy.
Senator Jacobson - doesn't ACC fall under Academic Affairs? Senator Auseth - ACC falls under Academic Affairs, but Student Affairs is taking it on (there are several off-campus issues). The committee will meet with Wayne Sharpe.
c) Cultural Diversity - Co-Coordinator Allison McGee - no report

d) Cultural Diversity - Co-Coordinator Jesus Gonzalez - no report

e) Urban Affairs - Coordinator Matthew Chase - oral report

VIII. Senator Report
a) Off-Campus Senator Emily Auseth

Spoke about Habitat for Humanity. The group is taking a working trip to Mississippi (they sleep in churches and keep expenses low).
#R-10.08.97A Sponsor: Senator Emily Auseth Co-Spnsor: Proxy Eric Bakke

Be it resolved that the Senate allocate $45 to Habitat for Humanity from the Student Activity fund for gas to travel to a conference.

Senator Auseth - usually Habitat for Humanity goes to SOAFC for money, but they are not operational yet. Senator Edwards-Merton - does the group have any operational budget? Are they a Recognized Student Organization? Senator Auseth - the group is an RSO, it does have a fund but it is set aside for the trip to Mississippi.
Motion passes unanimously.

IX. Announcements
Cheryl Kalakian, Student Relations Coordinator from the College of Education, is coming today at 5:00 to speak to Senate members about Academic Advising.

X. Adjournment - Speaker Kocina adjourned the meeting at 4:46 p.m.
Minutes respectfully submitted by Matthew Chase.

Roundtable MSSA/ Cheryl Kalakian - Student Relations Coordinator College of ED.

Summer Orientation is required before freshman are allowed to register.

It is easy to overload a student in the first quarter of school so that they won't graduate in their particular time frame.

Advising doesn't start here, it starts in high school. General Ed. is very confusing here at Mankato State.

Pre-majors are targeted by Dave Ruthenbeck. It's very broad advising, because they aren't sure what route they want to take.

1st year experience- has picked up the pieces for the undeclared majors living in the dorms.
It would be nice if it was a little more centralized.

We forget to explain to students the big picture. Their big goal is first quarter registration. They aren't informed about the importance of the four year degree, or show them what the four year package looks like.

Senator Auseth- How did the Help Center work last year?! Kalakian- it was looked at as a quick fix right before registration.

Senator Auseth- Have they ever looked at not allowing students to register without an advisor's permission?! Kalakian- It is too broad, when you get into commuter's, off-campus students, etc. that cant get to see an advisor the night before registration closes. For freshmen- yes, good idea.

President Dietz- How do we reach those students to pull them in to advising?! Kalakian- Always have someone in their particular department advising them.

Senator Kanz- Mentoring piece- do you see a problem if a mentor has 70 advisee's?! Kalakian- I have tried to promote doing "team" things. Break it down, admit our structure is not working, and go from there.

Senator Plathe- I've heard 1st year experience class is not very helpful. Is this true?! Kalakian- it depends on who the professor is, like any other class.

Look in the bulletin- Our major problem on this campus is academic advising, but where is it on the table of contents?!

There is confusion between first year experience and first year seminar. Then when you go to look it up in the schedule, you find one class. There's no wonder there's confusion.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Emily Auseth