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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate
November 12, 1997
4:02 PM

I. Roll Call
Senators Present: Jason Dorn 8-3-0, Bob Pavlenko 4-0-0, Garth Benson 8-0-2, Jason Reinke 11-0-0, Jim Jacobson-proxy Michelle Murzyn 9-0-2, Jason Kanz 8-1-2, Deborah Uecker-proxy Matt Chase 0-3-8, Kate Jacobsen 11-0-0, Matt Anderson 11-0-0, Allison Plathe 8-2-1, Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield 1-1-9, Sylvia Oelberg 4-0-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 10-0-1, Dan Van Every 8-1-1, Cindy West 9-2-0, Lucretia Burgess 4-0-0, Kyle Jarvis 4-0-0, Melissa Bergeron 10-1-0, Heather Dye-proxy Matt Harmon 8-1-1, Emily Auseth-proxy Jen Hibbard 5-2-2, Scott Silver 10-0-1, John O'Hara 9-1-1, Jesse Palmer 10-1-0, Melanie Wolters 7-1-3, Amy Enter-proxy Schumacher 2-1-1
Senators Absent: Brent Larson 1-10-0, Michelle Selvidge 3-1-0, Michael Vawracz 4-6-1, Seth Swanson 10-1-0
Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 10-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 11-0-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 7-2-0
Executive Staff Absent: Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 6-3-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator
Peni Blakley 7-2-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 5-4-0

II. Student Forum
Student Matt Chase-invitation to "Senate Alumni Thanksgiving" at his home.
III. Presentations
a) Aviation Club-Jeremy Tews, President .
Thanks for the money-going to nationals-individual placements handout.
IV. Approval of Minutes - 11/5/97 (clerical changes)
V. Committee Reports
a) Student Allocations Committee-Michelle Murzny, Chair
Met Monday, Health Service request for depreciation funding, pending -request for trip to Egypt, 15,000 dollars, denied based on the fact that the committee felt it an inappropriate use of SAF Funds-will be discussing Senator Swanson's request for increased meal allowance on November 24th, please come to meeting if interested
VI. Officer Reports
a) President Brian Dietz (see written report)
E-mail from David Oliver-position for physician will be advertised in medical journal. Chris Schewe, Director of Intermurals-Fieldhouse now open until 9 p.m. New Library hours-6-8 p.m. This will be assessed at end of quarter, library does not have a number -extended hours for finals-Sun-Wed. MSSA Meet and Confer-new library resources, weather policy-phone system, find out if there will be school. Information on HOPE scholarship deadlines. Many problems with printing in ACC, no one able to answer questions, ACC meeting, Thursday room 103, 3 p.m. Next week report on problems/solutions-GPA for Homecoming-President wants to know what everyone thinks-homework, survey-what constituents think of Homecoming GPA, is it too high, too low or don't care.
Question- Senator Edwards-Merton-recap what Homecoming GPA is.
Question-GPA Bergeron-repeat when the ACC hours are and when meeting is.
Speaker repeated the Homecoming issue
Career Development-pleased with meeting-thank individuals-info on next year, Career month will be in October again
Holiday Sharing Tree-100 names-for gifts for the needy-Pie Throwing contest money used for this (1 name)

Michelle Selvidge - ECDC, Semester Conversion - Bob Pavlenko, Allison Plathe, Jim Jacobsen
MSSA Budget Committee - Jason Kocina, Lucretia Burgess, Dustin Mayfield, Jen Hibbard

b) Vice President - Jason Patten-no report

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina-President Rush's response to increasing salary of editor, approved. Thank senators with perfect attendance.
Student Organizations Recognition:
Initial Recognition: Mankato State University Amateur Radio Club
Registration Renewal: Black Student Union

VII. Senator Reports
a) Off Campus- Senator Wolters-written report

b) Allied Health & Nursing- Senator Dorn-student athletic advisory council not meeting

c) Social & Behavioral Sciences - Senator Oelberg

d) Crawford - Senator Burgess-RHA-quietness-winter clothes collection

e) Social & Behavioral Sciences- Senator Edwards-Merton-student advisory board Wed 3 p.m and one with Senator Van Every and Senator Oelberg-spring fundraiser-wants to organize-more enthusiasm-no questions:

f) Off campus - Senator O'Hara-Fall Conference-Student Affairs survey wants to get together with Urban Affairs concerning survey about off campus.

g) Off campus - Senator Silver-Fall conference-Student Affairs chair-Met with Dr. Healy, wants more in-depth.

h) Graduate Studies - Senator Kanz-grad financing, 30 grad schools, will do database and present to Graduate Dean

i) Maverick Hall - Senator Enter-proxy she's on Communications Board

j) Science, Engineering & Technology - Senator Anderson-Academic Affairs, met with EED, Professor West-gave some ideas-discussed with floor people

k) Arts & Humanities - Senator Pavlenko-Dean-money for theater, almost there-student reps from each department to address concerns

l) Off campus - Senator Bergeron (written report)-Attended Fall conference. Trying to talk to Karen Baker regarding recycling bins. Talking to students regarding KRNR.

m) Science Engineering technology - Senator Plathe-Met with Student Relations Coordinator.

n) College of Business - Senator Benson

o) Undeclared - Senator West

Campus Rep Amy Arnes - explained what MSUSA is -positions-explained her job-three conferences-explained-Skip Humphrey there, Chancellor of Minnesota State, various panels, re-auth of hire at ?
VP Patten question-adjustments to athletics, Credit Union, future lobbying, audit,
Unknown as to what this is???
President Dietz next conference...., info in binder in office,
Senator Bergeron-policy-in Mexico, what you do there can be brought before school if you were doing something wrong. Even if you're on your own time, not passed yet, Minnesota State is looking at this now,
Senator Plathe-you could be expelled if you're caught doing something wrong-will bring in a copy of it later.
President Dietz-Res hall own fees when semesters come-Nov 24, 4 p.m.? Go over what they will do, fees are extra services, nothing set by Minnesota State, $35 a year for programming in Res Halls, many more issues-contact Diane Sollinger. Consolidation of colleges?
Senator Selvidge- will it be applied to everyone?
President Dietz, room and board will increase fees
Senator Edwards-Merton-what happened at Conference
Coordinator McGee- answers, explains
Senator Edwards-Merton-campus rep?
President -Jason can go to.
Senator Jarvis asked a question-what's going on?
Coordinator McGee answered, what happened.
Senator Bergeron-raise interest for lobbying-slogan it's up to you.
Senator Pavlenko-Was Campus Rep not at a meeting?
President Dietz-yes
Senator Pavlenko-NO-yield
Senator Silver-clarifies anti-hazing policy.
President Dietz-ask our MSUSA reps about anything concerning these issues.

IX. Announcements
Senator Edwards-Merton-address speaker when asking question

President Dietz-Res Hall fees again. Glen Taylor, possibly committed to a time for celebration.
GPA-ask your constituents.

Coordinator Mcgee-conference ok-met with Dr. Fagi*n, two members added, gave names, Senator Van Every and Discussed senate, asking if on last meeting to do a pizza thing. Dan interjects-networking purposes
Coordinator McGee-thank s everyone for going to conference-special thanks to Peni Blakely (Leg Coordinator) will give up spot to allow someone else to go to Conferences-thank certain senators Scott and John. Will bring 6 proposals for next quarter-regarding welfare reform.
Speaker-You must be recognized before taking floor, direct questions to him, keep from getting personal.

X. Adjournment
Senator Edwards-Merton, motion to adjorn. Pavlenko second. Unanimous.