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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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65th MSSA Senate
November 5, 1997
4:00 p.m.

The meeting was called to order at 4:03 by Speaker Jason Kocina.

I. Roll Call
Senators Present: Jason Dorn 7-3-0, Bob Pavlenko 3-0-0, Garth Benson 7-0-2, Jason Reinke 10-0-0, Jim Jacobson 9-0-1, Jason Kanz 7-1-2, Deborah Uecker-proxy Matt Chase 0-3-7, Kate Jacobsen 10-0-0, Matt Anderson 10-0-0, Maruf Rafik-proxy Dustin Mayfield 1-1-8, Syliva Oelberg 3-0-0, Vicki Edwards-Merton 9-0-1, Cindy West 8-2-0, Michelle Selvidge 3-0-0, Lucretia Burgess 3-0-0, Kyle Jarvis 3-0-0, Melissa Bergeron 9-1-0, Seth Swanson 10-0-0, Scott Silver 10-0-0, Jesse Palmer 9-1-0, Amy Enter 2-1-0
Senators Absent: Brent Larson 1-9-0, Dan Van Every 7-1-1, Heather Dye 8-1-0, Emily Auseth 5-2-1

Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 9-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 10-0-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator Peni Blakley 7-1-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 5-3-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez 6-2-0, Treasurer Jeannie Payne
Executive Staff Absent: Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth 5-3-0

II. Student Forum No students came forward.

III. Presentations
a) KRNR/Senate Liaison - Bob Pavlenko
Renewing music magazine subscriptions. The station is considering web casting. The cost is relatively low and if a reality the station will fund-raise for the project.

b) Constitution Commission
The commission formed two subcommittees. One to review word changes for the Semester Conversion, the other to address the rewriting of the MSSA Constitution Bylaws. We also ruled that our attendance policy and sanction process are constitutional.

c) Ethics Commission
The Commission has met to address issues with several senators. Since there is no precedent to deal with procedures and policies of the Commission the Commission will deal with the issue of putting them in place over the next year.

Senator Jacobson - what proceeding have been done in the past? Chair Kanz - have not been able to locate what has been done in recent years. At this time he does not know where the information is at. Student Eric Bakke - in the past the Commission has acted on an ad-hoc basis.

IV. Approval of Minutes - 10/29/97
The minutes were approved with clerical amendments.

V. Officer Reports
a) President - Brian Dietz
The MSUSA conference this weekend will include a Penny Fellowship dinner. The MSSA will be buying a table and sharing spots with the MSU administration. There is some sign-up sheets in the office for future MSUSA Conferences and Presidential Board of Directors' meetings. The Chair of the Student Events Team Eric Thomas would like to sit down with Senate members to address the GPA issue for Homecoming (the Senate has formally requested the requirement to be abolished.) He is looking for two students to sit on a committee to help the City of Mankato Mass Transit Advisory Committee market to students and to provide better service to students. Ground breaking for the Phase III Student Union addition has been pushed back to April due to Minnesota State. Minnesota State has not signed off on the appropriate papers. Vice President for Academic Affairs Karen Boubel will be having an Academic Affairs roundtable discussion for MSSA to participate in concerning the division.

Eric Bakke-Ethics Commission, Richmond Amporful-Campus Express Ad Hoc

b) Vice President - Jason Patten No report.

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina

Speaker ruling #14
Senators elected in the October Vacancy election must give two Senator reports this quarter.

The Speaker read President Rush's responses to MSSA resolutions.

The Speaker passes the gavel to Vice President Jason Patten.

Senator Plathe - can we please recognize these organizations with one vote for the group?
Senator Edwards-Merton - the Senate should take the time to recognize these organizations because they took the time to go through process.
(The Senate heard each recognition individually.)

Student Organizations Recognition:
Initial Recognition: McElroy Complex Council, Circle K, COSBO
Registration Renewal: Mankato State University French Club, Advertising Club, Phi Kappa Psi, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Sigma Alpha, S.A.G.E., Corrections Club, Biology Club, MSU Habitat for Humanity, International Association of Jazz Educators, Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity , MSU Aviation Club, ASME, Muslim Students' Association, Mankato State Lacrosse, Food & Nutrition Club, Interfraternity Council, Planning Student Organization (PSO), Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Theta, MSU Bowling Club, SCEC-Student Council for Exceptional Children, Engineering Club, MSU Philosophy Club, Society for Technical Communication, American Marketing Association, SHPE-Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, , Hong Kong Student Association, Delta Chi, United Christian Ministry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Accounting Club, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Campus Lutheran Chapel, Sigma Nu Fraternity, German Club, Eta Sigma Gamma, International Business Organization, Political Science/Public Administration Club

The Speaker retrieved the gavel.

VI. Staff Reports
a) Treasurer - Jennifer Payne
The Senate's financial account sits at $16,293.20 less expenses and encumbrances. This is the Treasurer's last quarter. (Congratulations on her new employment.)

b) Legislative Affairs - Peni Blakley
Congressman Gil Gutknecht will be on campus to discuss the new student tax laws, loans, and grants with students in a Town Meeting on October 25th at 4:00 in Ostander Auditorium.

VII. Senator Reports
a) Graduate Seat - Senator Uecker
(As reported by proxy.) The Senator is working on increasing Graduate Assistant pay and benefits.

b) Business Seat - Senator Reinke
Working with Career Development Director Dave Hendel. Has joined COSBO (College of student Business Organizations) and the Academic Computing committee.

c) Off-Campus Seat - Senator Swanson
Working on increasing the athletic meal allowance. Also working with the Faculty Evaluation issues, and has met with Faculty Association President Gail Mericle.

d) Education Seat - Senator Jacobson
Working with the Academic Affairs committee in trying to get better academic advising. They haven't found an identifiable location for a center. The committee is focusing on sophomores to pick up where First Year Experience leaves off. The committee has reviewed three past proposals (drafted in 1990, 1992 & 1995). All not approved by President Rush. The committee is trying to draft a scaled-down version of past proposals. The committee formed a mission statement and will be meeting with Student Affairs Vice President Dr. Healy and Academic Affairs for Vice President Karen Boubel. The committee has elected Senator Dan Van-Every to Vice Chair. As chair of the Academic Affairs committee he will be taking a stricter attendance. Jacobson is serving on the Dean Search Committee with Dean of Library and Information Services Sylverna Ford along with 14 members, including two student representatives. The committee has reduced the field of candidates from twenty candidates to ten and will be making a decision mid-winter quarter.

e) Arts & Humanities Seat - Senator Pavlenko
Appointed General Education committee. Meeting with the College Dean and department heads. Attending Semester Conversion Planning committee.

f) Social & Behavioral Seat - Senator Oelberg
Working with the other S&B Senators, they meet with Dean Susan Coultrap-McQuinn. The Dean would like to reach out specifically to underrepresented students.

g) Crawford Seat - Senator Burgess
Serving on the Legislative Affairs committee.

h) Off-Campus Seat - Senator Silver
As chair of the Student Affairs committee he will be taking a stricter attendance. The committee is working on the surveys the Senate passed last week.

i) S.E.T. Seat - Senator Plathe
Will be heading up the Academic Advising subcommittee of the Academic Affairs committee.

j) Graduate Seat - Senator Jason Kanz
Working to increase benefits and pay to Graduate Assistants.

VIII. Announcements
The acting Recording Secretary would like to train in someone new and is looking for someone to take over. The person does not need to be a Senator. The Senate will not be meeting the week of Thanksgiving.

IX. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned by Speaker Jason Kocina at 4:49 p.m..

The minutes respectfully submitted by Matthew Chase.