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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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65th MSSA Senate

January 14, 1998 4:00 pm  

Meeting called to order by Speaker Kocina at 4:04 P.M. 

I.         Roll Call Senators Present: Bob Pavlenko 7-0-0, Garth Benson 12-0-2, Mim Jacobson 12-0-2, Kate Jacobsen 14-0-0, Matt Anderson 14-0-0, Allison Plathe-proxy Allison McGee 10-2-2, Sylvia Oelberg-proxy Peni Blakley 6-0-1, Dan Van Every 12-1-1, Vicki Edwards-Merton 13-0-1, Cindy West 12-2-0, Melissa Bergeron 13-1-0, Seth Swanson 13-1-0, Scott Silver 13-0-1, John O'Hara-proxy Jen Drganc 11-1-2, Amy Enter 5-1-1, Michael Vawracz 7-6-1, Kyle Jarvis 7-0-0, Jesse Palmer 12-2-1, Melanie Wolters 9-2-3, Emily Auseth-proxy Eric Bakke 6-5-1 Senators Absent: Jason Dorn 9-5-0, Jason Kanz 9-3-2, Deborah Uecker 0-6-8, Maruf Rafik 1-3-10,   Michelle Selvidge 5-2-0, Lucretia Burgess 4-2-1, Heather Dye 9-3-1 Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 13-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 13-0-0, Culturer Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 8-4-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 8-4-0,  Executive Staff Absert:  Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse  Gonzalez           

  • Student Forum Eric Bakke - serving as proxy however wishes to make known his own statements.  Reminder that we are here to represent students, and strongly follow university policies, however difficult path may be.          Francis Klinkner - as former MSSA Vice President  and constituent of Social & Behavioral Sciences speaking in regards to cheerleading.  Administrators are overloaded,  Henry Morris is in charge of 5 SAF  funded accounts with a budget  of over 1.5  million dollars.  Cheerleading Program deficit is fault of Meier and Morris. In 1997 SDP&A has a deficit of $7,000, 96-12,000.  98-6,000.  Athletics has a deficit of  67,000.  Yet Athletics and SDP&A both are willing to fund the Cheerleading Program.  These programs do not have enough money.  Both groups may tell you they do have money, but at end of the year they will run deficits.  The competitions that the cheerleaders attend are not sanctioned by NCAA, they may cost up to $12,000.  Fundraising must be done, also how much time will be spent in performing, workshops, etc.  Spirit cheer should continue but funding should come from  another source.  Long term solution is simple, Cheer must be declared an Intercollegiate sport, this will give them more opportunities for funding, recognized competition etc.  Morris and Meier should be striped of duties.  We need to get back to that. Matt Harmon-SAC acted irresponsibly, reprimand from this body is appropriate.  Blame belongs on Henry Morris, he has not kept track of where money is going.  It is our money, body should seriously look at this issue in regards to Henry Morris.

III.         Presentations                  

    • Constitution Commission - Chair Eric Bakke.  The main thing this quarter is trying to come up with meeting time.  Emily Auseth has resigned.  Eagerly wait to see who President  Dietz  appoints.


IV.         Approval of Minutes November 12 approved    November 19  approved 

V.         Committee Reports         

a) Student Allocations Committee - Michelle Murzyn (see written report) Student Aoolcations Committee Recommendations  #8 Health Service Depreciation Fund Move to recommend approval of the request to use up to $4,300 from the Health Service Depreciation Fund for exam chair replacement.  Unanimous, motion carried. #9 Supplemental Allocation-Football Move to recommend a supplemental allocation of $438.79 to cover meals necessary due to severe weather conditions on the football team's trip to Northern Colorado. SAC Chair Murzyn-$2248 was pid from fundraising account. Senator Swanson-is policy the same for all teams? Senator Jacobson-where there any other teams stranded?  Unanimous, motion carried #10 Meal Cap Move to amend Article IV, Section K to state the following: The maximum daily meal allowance for those programs funded in part from student activity fees is $12.50 per day.  Outside fundraising to supplement the SAF meal allowance is permitted.  The sum of both shall not exceed $28.00 per day. SAC Chair Murzyn-The Hockey team will be playing in Alaska.  Currently St. Cloud Hockey has no restrictions, Duluth is $33.00, Grand Forks $26.00, etc. Senator O'Hara (Proxy Drganc) Why $28.00? Murzyn-This will keep the costs lower then if we had no restrictions.  Unanimous, motion carried. #11 Dance Ensemble Move to recommend supplemental funding of $66.00 for the Dance Ensemble. SAC Chair Murzyn-Dance Ensemble had requested money for 7 people.  SAC removed $66.00 from request, however received information that 5 women, 1 man and 1 coach were attending. They are required to have a room for the coach and the man.  This is not additional funding. Unanimous, motion carried #12 Cheerleading Request Move to recommend that Student Development Programs and Activities be allowed to use up to $5500.00 of their budget to assist in the overall operation of the Cheer squad and the mascot Stomper with the following stipulations:

a.     Up to a total of $1000.00 of the overall budget may be used for scholarships, talent      grants, stipends, and student salary.

b.     A maximum of $1000.00 of the overall budget may be used for coaching or professional      services.

c.     If the account runs in deficit ant any time it will be immediately frozen.

d.     Up to a total of $2000.00 of the overall budget may be used for spirit.     

•The overall budget refers to the total cheerleading budget which inchludes the Athletic funding, Student Development Funding, SAF Funding, and all Fundraised      Money.  Senator Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-Point of Information, SAC budget was not to spend money on cheeleading.  Directly against this motion. Amendment could not go against original motion. Senator Auseth (Proxy Bakke) Point of Order, amendment to adapted text does not lend itself.   Recommendation out of order. #13 Cheerleading Request Move to recommend that Cheerleading receive a supplemental allocation of $3754.00 to purchase Cheer Uniforms and Equipment. Motion Tabled. Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc) - Move to table until new SAC motion comes before floor, 2nd Senator Edwards Merton. Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc) Uniforms should not be issue. Should find out what is going on with Cheerteam. Point of order - motion is new recommendation. Motion-postpone until a new recommednation comes before senate. Proxy  Drganc-Motion: Move to postpone until a new motion regarding Cheer team comes to the Senate floor. Senator Edwards- Merton 2nd. Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-amendment, Senator Jacobson 2nd Move to postpone until such a time as a motion regarding Spirit/Cheer is passed. Friendly amendment changed Spirit/Cheer Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-on behalf of Senator Auseth-will make a motion from Senator Report (written) Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-yield Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-intentions of word spirit/cheer Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-proper noun to describe topic Senator O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-what is correct term for people that cheer at games. Murzyn-no spirit team Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-change to spirit cheerleaders Senator O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-yield Senator Plathe (Proxy McGee)-can we change name at this time. Amendment vote:  9-8 motion carries Senator Plathe (Proxy McGee)-move to amend spirit cheer to spirit/cheer.   Motion-spirit cheerleaders. Motion carries Move to postpone until such a time as a motion regarding Spirit/Cheerleaders is passed. SAC Chair Murzyn-open to comments, however reserve money is not there. Tournament request, dance requests, many requests, money is not there. Senator Jacobson-not accusing SAC of bad decisions, bad decisions were made before they came to SAC.  SAC not to blame, Spirit/Cheerleading knew they over spent.   Murzyn-did consider two proposals, lengthy proposals, frustrated by lack of administrations, but appreciate cheerleaders, they should not suffer for those responsible for program.  $5,500 for captain was excessive-payroll-mandates cost for coaching not to exceed $1000. Must have responsible fiscal management.  Cheerleaders know what they should do if they can continue to cheer. This is a reasonable recommendation for now. Yes, athletics should pay, SDPA, all three should pay. Senator Plathe (Proxy Drganc)-who approved this budget? Murzyn-last summer conversations between MSSA administration and SDP&A and Athletics said cost should be shared Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-point of information What can be done to reprimand administration? Senator Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee)-Cheerleaders do not deserve to face mistakes, but administration does. Is it illegal to offer talent grants? Murzyn-without specific approval talent grants cannot be given.   All the same thing just do not spend more than $1000. Vice President Patten-was Meier on leave last year.? Murzyn-yes, oversight because of leave part of reason for students paid to function in positions that they did. Malcolm O'Sullivan -explanations and excuses-Senate role is try to find out and why. Have right to hold administration accountable. Vice President Patten-how much of this salary caused deficit? Murzyn-stipends were paid in 100.00 increments. 70% was paid by hour. Not sure if this was more then before her absence. Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-Is SAF supposed to give prior approval? No policy broken because it was called a leadership award-talent grants need approval. (See written report from Henry Morris) Senator Jacobson-is this setting dangerous precedent? Murzyn-poor fiscal responsibility. Senate should do something about that. SAC would like to look at that but not their duties now. Senator Jacobson-does Kelly Meier sign off on cheerleading account. Malcolm-Henry Morris is the responsible party Senator Jacobson-difference between cheerleading and spirit Murzyn-spirit - makes signs, contests etc.   Cheerleading-actual cheerleading Murzyn-can find out line items immediate, how long it takes administration is not known. Malcom-An account can be stopped immediately. Confident Senates will can be done quickly. Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-how come in spirit cheer this did not happen? Why did they go over? Malcolm-I happen to work here, all SAC accounts run deficits at sometime during the year. SAC has just requested that you stay within your means.  Must bring plan to bring account to zero within year. Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-I'm confused because like with KRNR things went under. Malcolm-process was to make up deficit in subsequent years. Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-has the spirit cheerleaders been in deficit before, and has this been made up? Murzyn-yes, they made it up, it was not forgiven. It came from other accounts. Senator Bergeron-Can Senate do something to reprimand or strip Henry Morris of duties. Malcolm-Senate has right as body to tell us as administration that we must be responsible. can't say this is what this person will now do regarding their duties. May not come as you want to see it. Malcolm-all administrations are dependent on good will of constituents it serves. Senator Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee)-thanks Michelle, thanks Malcolm.  question-did Mr. Morris specify that he would be available to come see us? Did not sign name, did say he would come to talk to us. President Dietz-Mr. Morris said we could come to his office at any time. Senator Jacobson-why did representatives of cheer team not come today? Murzyn-they were invited. President Dietz-yield time to Malcolm Malcolm, sense was this was about funding not quality of program or participants. Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-Move that rules be suspended to allow senator reports before officer reports.   10-7 motion fails. Senator O'Hara (Proxy  Drganc)-motion (see written report) 2nd Senator Edwards- Merton Move to remove Henry Morris and Kelly Meier from any fiscal responsibility regarding the Spirit/Cheerleading program Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-Point of order, this qualify as New Business, we are not in New Business. Speaker accepted point and advised Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc) that to introduce New Business would be to suspend rules.


VI.         Officer Reports                  

a) President - Brian Dietz (written report) Lobby Trip-decision made on 21st. Criteria in minutes last week. Conference 23-25, Cheri has copy. Sign up-for lunch $5.00. Constitution does state that you attend one MSUSA event a year. Met with Dr. Healy and Henry Morris, MSSA Meet & Confer Jan 26. Have not met with President Rush, will meet with him tomorrow. Cheerleading issues, Flat rate tuition, if you have questions find Henry Morris or someone that can help you with details. Appointment-Dan Van Every-Ethics Commission Appointment stands Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-in regards to Mr. Morris-is he willing to put his name on information he gives us. President Dietz-I have no prior knowledge that he has not done so in past. Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-would like formal meeting so that he must be held accountable. President Dietz-do not see why that would not be possible. Is not trying to avoid this.  Will ask him. Senator Jacobson-Is Jason Kanz still holding graduate seat? President  Dietz-yes. Senator Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee)-did you as president tell Mr. Morris that coming to visit him is not appropriate, but did you invite him to come speak to this body? Senator Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee)-should constituents go to Henry Morris office? President Dietz-that would  not be inappropriate Senator Edwards-Merton-would it not be better to have him come here to talk to us as a group? President  Dietz-that would be appropriate, but if you want answers ASAP-his door is open.                   

b) Vice President - Jason Patten (no report)                   

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina Senator Rienke has resigned. Resignation needs to be in writing.  Attendance-you know rules regarding reports -2 reports a quarter. Strategy-regarding role call votes.  Role call votes are time consuming, but will help you. What can be done about Cheerleading-Art 2 Sect 3, special meeting can be called by President or 20 % of Senate.  Recognition's: Initial Recognition's:  Men's Ice Hockey, R.U.M. Club Registration Renewal Update: Delta Phi Epsilon R.U.M Club-questions-who is President?  Francis Klinkner. Do they have a constitution?  Yes What is Statement of Purpose:  To promote the responsible use of alcohol by students in a variety of environments.

VII.          Staff Reports                  

  • Legislative Affairs Coordinator -Peni Blakley         Getting budget in order for DC trip, and lobby strategies, state and federal.  Need your county names for lobby purposes. State Lobby Day-February 11.  Wednesday-not counted as absence from senate. Encourage all of you to go.  Attended MSU Leg week, Ruth Johnson & John Dorn came to speak to us.  Division of Higher Ed as Ruth Johnson sees it.  She sees inconsistencies.  Spoke of importance of correspondence.  E Mail-not form letter. Yield to Urban Affairs Coordinator Chase-City has been interesting, city has designated a newspaper.  City taking bids for Governmental Center.  Taxes are going up because of new sewer.  Adopt a bus stop by student and city organizations-proposals now being put together.  Campus Express route being expanded- now called Zone-includes James Ave.  Zone Pass-Zone In and Zone Out, can use creative suggestion.  Ridership 49,00-53,000.  SAC will have some burden taken off.  Would like heated bus stop in free lot.  Students will be able to ride for .25.   Need replacement for this committee.  Next meeting Feb 17. Last week-homeless, how many in Mankato?  Will receive this in Feb. meeting.  Welcome Inn served 167 women, men and children.  413 people where given aid.  Turned away 400+ Environmental task force-will get you an application. Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-item of new business will deal with legislative things. Yield


VIII.         Senator Reports                  

a) Senator Van Every I don't believe that Vice President Healy has decided not to take appointments for Veterans Affairs position. Meeting with Dean of Social & Behavioral. Possibility of having a student survey that we will be able to have more representation on hiring. Can KRNR-KMSU simulcast? Women's Hockey, Saturday and Sunday. Women are 24 and 1. Show school spirit. Motion Van Every-see written report yield to Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc) Move to remove Henry Morris and Kelly Meier from any fiscal responsibility regarding the Spirit/Cheerleading program. 2nd Senator Edwards-Merton Senator Edwards-Merton-President Dietz we make decisions for a great amount of people. We have to look at what is going on. Obviously we need to take a stand. We need to put an end to spending. Senator Van Every yield to President Dietz Understand concerns, there are concerns, we need to be accountable, but they should be here. How many of us know all the facts?  Make sure that you find out. Henry and Kelly should be here. We need answers, but we should not go on without them here. Yield to gallery. SAC Chair Murzyn-table this for a week. Take time to read, and talk to people, E-Mail, Henry, Margi, make informed decision. Matt Harmon-motion is bad idea for one reason-motion assumes that Senate has authority to remove Henry Morris.  Motion is reactionary, President Rush will veto.   Senator Pavlenko-wait until we have information until we go on with this. Senator Edwards-Merton, we are not just sitting here, we are getting the ball rolling, we are talking, we can not ignore these deficits. Francis Klinkner-I do agree that the ball needs to begin rolling, perhaps it would be good to hear from Mr. Morris about the details about how we ended up in this situation. But schedule should have been cleared in a week so he could have been here. Issue does need to be brought up. Motion does not go far enough. Senator Edwards-Merton-what is there to talk about, should have had representation here today. Vice President Patten-what are we looking at? There are other accounts in deficit. Henry said this summer that at $3300 they could not afford to do this. We were told they would come before with proposal of 1/3. If this does not happen we will be in deficit. SDP&A did not plan ahead because of Kelly Meiers leave. Long term plans need to be made. Cheerleading will balance out. University as a whole is in deficit. Pointing out individuals will not help this issue. Murzyn- if they get money from athletics, Subway, SAC they will be positive. Vice President Patten-Mr. Morris did see this, he said that if this body does not make adjustments, program will shut down. President Dietz-yield Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-postpone indefinitely this motion.  Recommend this procedure. Senator O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-will support indefinitely if letter is written to Dr. Rush about length of this discussion and views. Malcolm reports what he observes at meeting.  Approved minutes are sent after approval. President Dietz-meets with President Rush tomorrow, he will discuss this tomorrow if body wishes. Senator Van Every-against motion- would like to see vote. Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-Speaker represents this body.  Comments to President Rush would have to be from Speaker. Senator Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee)-Against motion-agree with not tabling, because in opinion someone should answer for what has happened.  Henry Morris should have invitation to come to this table. Senator Bergeron-disagree with motion. Henry Morris should have chance to defend. Senator Pavlenko-calls question. Immediate vote on postponing indefinitely. Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-if we postpone indefinitely-it will not be brought up again Motion fails. Main motion-move to remove Henry Morris and Kelly Meier from Cheer team responsibility. Senator Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee)-we can not give out money every year. If no money, no more MSU. You can't guarantee that Cheerleading  will be in black. Senator Pavlenko -"Second verse same as the first" calls question Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc) Point of Order, Senator Pavlenko spoke before he called the question, motion out of order. Speaker Kocina accepts point. Senator Jarvis-feel we are jumping gun. Senator Bergeron-call question. 11-6 motion fails Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-the point is our money has been over spent. Morris spent money he did not have. He did not get approval to spend. He has not made a formal statement to senate. He should not be a signature of record for anything. Senator John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc)-stand against administration, we are not going to take this. We know that Henry will not be out of job because of this but we must take a stand. Senator Edwards-Merton-Henry did not even sign this paper. This does not mean anything. Recycle it. Senator Van Every-Amend motion to read -"move to request that Henry Morris and Kelly Meier be removed from any fiscal responsibility regarding the spirit /cheer program." 2nd Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley) Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-table pending question, no second, motion fails. Senator Jarvis-yield Senator Edwards-Merton calls question 10-4 Roll Call  Senators voting yes Bob Pavlenko, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Sylvia Oelberg-proxy Peni Blakley, Dan Van Every, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Melissa Bergeron, John O'Hara-proxy Jen Drganc Senators voting no Kyle Jarvis, Emily Auseth-proxy Eric Bakke, Scott Silver, Jesse Palmer, Amy Enter, Allison Plathe-Proxy Allison McGee with rights Senators abstaining Melanie Wolters Executive Staff voting no President Brian Dietz, Vice President Jason Patten  Senator Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee)-rights - I want them (Henry and Kelly) to speak before the senate. Pavlenko-rights 8-8 question fails Senator Edward-Merton-Call vote of no confidence in President and Vice President Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-point of order only Senator Van Every can motion from his report and quorum  was lost Senator Van Every-Unacceptable trend in this body for unexcused absences                  

b) Senator Auseth-Proxy Eric Bakke Congratulate Jennifer Hibbard on new Treasurer position.  No motion because of lost quorum         


IX.         New Business                   

a) D.C. Trip Senator Sylvia Oelberg (Proxy Blakley)-sick of lack of quorum.  Will resign if this continues. Senator Edwards-Merton-this is a mockery.  Disorder resulted from members of the senate believing that meeting was over. Speaker Kocina-Meeting can  continue with lack of quorum or adjourn. Senator Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke)-is there a topic on the floor?  New Business can not proceed without quorum

  • Announcements 

XI.         Adjournment Bakke-move to adjourn, VP Patten 2nd  Roll Call Vote Senators voting yes Matt Anderson, Allison Plathe (Proxy McGee), Melissa Bergeron, Emily Auseth (Proxy Bakke) Scott Silver, Melanie Wolters Senators voting no Bob Pavlenko, Syliva Oelberg(Proxy Blakley), Vicki Edwards-Merton, Cindy West Senators voting present or abstaining Kate Jacobsen, Dan Van Every, John O'Hara (Proxy Drganc) Executive Staff voting yes Vice President Patten Executive Staff voting no President Dietz 7-5  adjourned   6:46 P.M.