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65th MSSA Senate

January 21 1998 4:00 PM  

I.         Roll Call         Senators Present: Jason Dorn 10-5-0, Bob Pavlenko 8-0-0, Garth Benson 12-0-3-Proxy Jen Hibbard, Jim Jacobson 13-0-2, Kate Jacobsen 15-0-0, Matt Anderson 14-0-0, Allison Plathe-proxy Allison McGee 10-2-3, Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Peni Blakley 6-0-2,  Dan Van Every 13-1-1, Vicki Edwards Merton 14-0-1, Cindy West 13-2-0, Melissa Bergeron 14-1-0, Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon, Seth Swanson 14-1-0, Scott Silver 14-0-1, , Amy Enter 6-1-1, Michael Vawracz 8-6-1, Kyle Jarvis 8-0-0, Jesse Palmer 13-2-1, Melanie Wolters 10-2-3, Emily Auseth-proxy Eric Bakke 6-5-2 Senators Absent: Jason Kanz 9-4-2, Deborah Uecker 0-7-8, Maruf Rafik 1-4-10, Lucretia Burgess 4-3-1,  John O'Hara 11-2-2 Executive Staff Present: President Brian Dietz 14-1-0, Vice President Jason Patten 15-0-0, Cultural Diversity Coordinator Allison McGee 9-4-0, Legislative Affairs Coordinator  Peni Blakley 9-4-0, Treasurer Jen Hibbard 2-0-0,  Cultural Diversity Coordinator Jesse Gonzalez Executive Staff Absent:  Campus Coordinator Emily Auseth, Urban Affairs Coordinator Matt Chase  

II.         Student Forum          Jessica Drow-MSU Dance Team Captain          Qualified for National's last year.  Finished 8th in nation in 1997.  Qualified in 1998, 54          teams sent in rankings, MSU placed 18th.           Goal is to rank in top five.  Last year funds came out of post-season travel.  Were          notified this year that funds were not available in January.  Team will be fundraising-hosting an exhibition in March.  Money for Nationals was due last week.  Goal for top five is very achievable, would like to go and represent MSU.Roger Baardson-Vets Club, 85 members.  Speaking for University would like          to replace Jeri Evers in Registrar as Vets representative.  Looking           for help to fund position.  Vets serve for country, yet when they come to school they do not have someone to help administer veterans work. Sidewalks are in need, University opening themselves up for lawsuit. Sidewalks are          foolish, they have not been shoveled.  Metro's answer is we don't have enough people. Maybe students could get involved as service projects.  Creates problem for wheel chair students . This is a safety issue.  

III.         Election - Business Seat No student represented, seat remains open                   

IV.          Presentations                  

  • Spirit/Cheer - Henry Morris-Director Student Union Henry Morris is now open for questions on budget, proposal, future. Senator Jim Jacobson-How and why are budgets in deficit? Henry Morris -Majority comes from fundraising. $3300 from Senate.  In fundraising you do not always make your goal. Must make up dollars the next year. University policy is to make up budget.  Some years you make the budget, others not. Senator Jim Jacobson-requirements for fundraising, guidelines?  Percent that each group must fundraise. Henry Morris-not a set amount, but what they want to do.  They need to make up difference. Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-do you verify what is in account before you approve expenditure? Henry Morris-it would depend on account. Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-what responsibility does Kelly Meier have? Henry Morris -Kelly is Assistant Director, responsible for overall operations  

Senator Bob Pavlenko-what steps were taken last year? Henry Morris-Additional expenses, maternity leave, did go into deficit with expectation to make up deficit.   Senator Melissa Bergeron-What are you planning on doing?  Can you really oversee all the accounts?  In the future should you be overseeing all these accounts if they are in deficit Henry Morris-obviously you are looking at some other accounts.  Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Peni Blakley-currently cheerleading budget is not in deficit?  I was under the impression that budget is in deficit if SAC recommendation is not improved. Henry Morris-If recommendations are not accepted we would have to end program.  Program included funding from athletics, SAF, Cheerleading. Had permission from Vice President to spend $5500 .  Total income $10, 912 $3300 SAC, Fundraising, Athletics 10, 912.  $5412.00 expenses this year. Senator Jim Jacobson-How do you plan to deal with deficit. Henry Morris-will raise money, cut down on expenses, fundraise, anticipate account to be on plus side, if expenses are kept where they are. Senator Jim Jacobson-what is level of fundraising? Henry Morris-depends Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy Allison McGee-should Cheer team be held responsible for mismanagement of funds? Henry Morris-We are operating under university practices. Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee- How would Ms. Meier be held responsible? Henry Morris-If she was not here she should not be responsible, cheerteam is not responsible. Henry Morris-ultimately responsible. Senator Dan Van Every-Not your fault for pregnancy.  Curious, how much would the Cheer team be in deficit if not for leave? Henry Morris-Actuality-reallocation of dollars, fundraising $3, 359 from last year. Senator Dan Van Every-that would give the Cheer/team over a 100 % deficit. do other programs do this also? Henry Morris-95-$14,000, 96-$15,000, 96-deficit of $6000 Senator Melissa Bergeron-You operate a 4 million dollar budget, what are you going to do in future? Great neglect, what is going to done so this does not happen again? These are my dollars being spent, this is not a bottomless fund. Henry Morris-All the time that this has been in deficit, they have never asked SAC for money.  They have always covered it.  As managers we are responsible, activity fees are not being squandered.  They are trying to do fundraising. As a manager, we can't continue to run this program, it is too time intensive, that is why we came to SAC with proposal. Budget amount was not accepted by SAC.  $3300 is not enough to run program.  After SAC allocations, we met with student leaders, we want some other things to happen, we want athletics to help, allocations, we need a change so they don't keep having a deficit.   We met with a realistic proposal that would prevent them from going in red again.  This proposal would manage that account.  Now holding discussions on future.  Alot of time and energy is necessary to raise dollars.  Senator Garth Benson-Proxy Hibbard-do you believe there is such a problem as to  where this program belongs?  Athletics etc. Henry Morris-in 1993 Athletics came to Activities and felt program could best be served in SDP&A.  Three year proposal, reviewed last year.   Last years MSSA leadership felt proposal was adequate. Jen Hibbard-SAC Vice Chair-who is responsible for allocating this program financially?  Confusion because money comes from other programs to help.  Clarification needs to be made.  Henry Morris-not asking for any new dollars. $3300 was received from SAC. With 1/3 program, there will not be a deficit. Henry Morris-ultimately needs to be funded at a level fair to cheerleaders, they put in over $200 to cheer and volunteer hours.  Would like a budget where they do not have to do that.  What happens to Student Life if we cut program?  Cheer is important, it would have a negative impact on university.  We remain committed.  3 main areas, Athletics, SDP&A, Res Life are areas that make students feel good about university.  3 areas should work closely together, one reason why they took Spirit/ cheer. 1/3 is appropriate.  Athletics should continue to fund, it contributes to overall experience of games.  

Senator Jim Jacobson-when you came to SAC, why did you not go to Athletics? Henry Morris-we did, spent all summer negotiating their part.  SAC had said Student Development funds were not to be used.  Needed other sources of funding.  Meeting with SAC in November, was to ask restriction of funds to be removed. Senator Jim Jacobson-can you talk about cheerleaders getting paid. Henry Morris-Coaches got paid, captains were paid for setting up things, not paid to be cheerleaders.  Thought cheerleading for cash cartoon was quite inappropriate. Henry Morris-issue is not that they get paid to be cheerleaders.  I think there are abut 30 cheerleaders, excluding coaches, 7 or 8 got stipends.  Cheerleaders do not get paid to cheer. Senator Jim Jacobson-where there any talent grants? Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee-do you believe that the cheer team is important to the cheer team?   Henry Morris-they did not come last week because we thought the issue was budget, if the issue was to continue their program,  it would have been important for them to be here.  Issue was in regard to budget. Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee-Therefore Cheer team is important to them, you, myself. Henry Morris-because of diminishing resources, things do have to go away, however, as overall student life, losing this program would have a very diminishing effect. Cited case of student from Japan wanting to come to MSU to cheer. Senator Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon-agree with why cheerleaders weren't here last week.  Do cheerleaders want to comment this week? Henry Morris-I don't care if I am here 5 hours, I would rather people ask me and get correct answers, would rather have information cleared up then confusion. Senator Kate Jacobsen -without money from SAC what can you do?  Henry Morris-SAC money has already been allocated.  Would like to reallocate funds from Student Activities.  Not asking for new money.  If not authorized to use Student Development dollars, they will have to end Cheer program. SAC Chair Murzyn-understanding was that $,500 from Athletics was authorized by Vice President of Student Affairs.   Henry Morris-we were $6000 in hole for year.  

Murzyn-Deficit was $6,000 if you did not receive funding from athletics. Henry Morris-going back to what SAC chair said, in November we were prepared to stop program if things did not change.  Did receive funding today, it has been an interesting couple of weeks.  Am prepared to deal with issues, distressing that there were attacks on staff people that volunteer time, also students that volunteer hours.  In future we hope that we can have open dialogues, we may not agree but we both can hear directly from each other. Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-is it appropriate for anyone else to speak. Speaker-any cheerleaders that would like to address senate? Cris Medrano-in program for three years.  Feel program can now compete with Division I.  This is a program that has students that give 20 hours a week. They cheer before 1600 people.  Cutting back on programs like this will make MSU look like community college.  It is important to join programs like Senate, cheerleading, dance, what would Mankato State produce if we did not have these programs?  Mankato State has been in Nationals for last three years.  

By cutting programs we are hurting students that are trying to make Mankato State a better place. Senator Jim Jacobson-How do you see Cheer team?  Competition or something that supports athletic programs? Kris-both, football-basketball believe we are helping make programs better.  Teams appreciate cheerleaders being there.  Teams hear them, sense them. Senator Jim Jacobson-if budget cuts, would you choose competition or supporting teams? Senator Cindy West-How can we help teams that compete? Kris-we need to do these things right, uniforms, staffing, coaching.  If someone sees things shoddy, they might not want to be apart of program. Coordinator Gonzalez-have you tried to do outside funding like Taylor Corp. Kris-would like to see us win National championship Did sales of phone cards, booklets, approach outside businesses.  

Coordinator Gonzalez-thank Cheer team, you do a great job. Kris-cheered at basketball games.  Ran into someone from community that was raving about program.  Feel good to be apart of program.  Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy -How many hours do you put in an average week? Kris-About 20 hours a week Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee-if you were to be paid, it would be part-time.  I think you do more. Kelly ?  Hockey Squad, cheered at All Seasons, now cheering at Civic Center, for over 3,000 fans.  Cheerleaders need to reflect growth.  Fans come up and compliment cheerleaders, program.  First class operation.  Hockey team gives them alot of support.  Missed when they are not there.  Coed squads practice every day.  Every one puts in alot of time, it would be a big lose if we did not have cheer team. Suspend rules for President's report-carried                                              

b) KRNR Liaison - Bob Pavlenko DJ schedule is full.  Starting to negotiate with organizations, including a cellular phone company and a coffee shop.  Benefit dance will be held in Union, in early March.  Understand confusion regarding budget. Currently $800 or 900 dollars remaining in budget. Senator Melissa Bergeron-have you though of making dance a Valentines dance?


V.         Approval of Minutes   Minutes of 1/14 approved 

VI.         Committee Reports                  

  • Student Allocations Committee - Vice Chair Jen Hibbard The Student Allocations Committee recommends a SAF subsidy of $8,118 to the Dance Team.   Must fundraise 40% of future trips.  SAC does not want to make it a habit to allocate funds each time they qualify for Nationals. Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-what are participants going to pay out of pocket? Vice Chair Hibbard-higher contribution now, $250.00.  They had not fundraised. Last year money was there.   There will be 17 participants. Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-saw table tents last year, why was fund raising not started this year? Vice Chair Hibbard-money was there for them last year.  Now because this is not NCAA affiliated they can not take money from Post Season Travel account. Henry Morris -table tents were for cheerleaders. Senator Jim Jacobson-feel this is an open ended motion.  Is this for travel, food? Vice Chair Hibbard-budget is for deposit, entry fee, lodging, shuttle, meals for five days, round trip airfare $390.00.  Original proposal was $12, 355. Understand stipulations can be made for food etc.  Did not feel laid out budget was necessary. Senator Jim Jacobson-if you had this budget of $18, 118 this comes to $477.53 The Student Fees you pay are only a little over $300. Vice Chair Hibbard-obviously no fundraising was done this year, but next year must fundraise for 40 %. Senator Jim Jacobson-if competition is not until April, they still have time to fundraise. Vice Chair Hibbard Hibbard-they can fundraise, but were not given enough time. Came up with an amount that was fair for them to go, they can not come up with over $400.00 a person. Senator Jim Jacobson-what was Dance teams budget last year? Vice Chair Hibbard-money comes from Intercollegiate Athletics. Senator Jim Jacobson-did receive $2,000 last year from SAC.

Vice President Patten-move to amend to $6,000, 2nd Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley, Vice President Patten - $6,000 pays for half-makes this realistic for them to go. $250 is realistic for them to pay out of pocket. They would have to fundraise $2,000. They should be given opportunity to travel. Senator Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon-previous speaker mentioned that they were not notified in time. Vice President Patten-NCAA picks up part of funding for Intercollegiate Travel, NCAA does not recognize Dance. Senator Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon-Is competition recognized by NCAA? Georgene Brock-Women's Athletic Director-In past we have come to SAC to ask for additional funding for Post Season Travel.- Athletic competitions are not always NCAA  affiliated.  National Cheerleading Association sponsors, NCAA does not sponsor.  Perform two performances. Senator Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon- Maximum of two performances? Georgene Brock-yes. Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-Is this a for profit organization? Georgene Brock-Everyone tries to make a profit, these are not unreasonable fees. Senator Jim Jacobson-Concerned about this, because I don't know what we are basing the $6,000 on.  There needs to be more in motion. Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee-$6,000 should be given.  We have done the same for others, we gave others a chance to prove themselves.  If we don't do this we are not being fair. Senator Dan Van Every-as far as this amendment goes, I am for it.  The difference between this and other teams is that other requests came before us with itemized proposal. Senator Bob Pavlenko-I don't like this precedent, but I support amendment, they can make up difference by fundraising. Senator Kyle Jarvis-I heard NCAA reimbursed 60.00 per day per player for 5 days.  If they received this they would receive over 5,000. Senator Melissa Bergeron-call question, 2nd Move to end debate, immediate vote on amendment.   

Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee--if you listened to original discussion, they have to fundraise to original budget of $12,000. Vice President-they can fundraise $250. 000 Enter-For next year, they will have to fundraise 40%.  Plan ahead so that next year we will not have to allocate. Senator Garth Benson-Proxy Hibbard-Dance team put $2,383 back in to Post Season last year Senator Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon-competition is April 1-5? Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee-question for Speaker?  Can amendment be made to amendment on floor? Senator Palmer-This is a lot of money, but we should give them because it came up in such short notice. Senator Dan Van Every-this is a special case or it would not have come before this body. $6,000 covers travel, everything else would be paid by fundraising.  Endorse this motion. Jessica-During the length of trip we have to mark our routine, compete, Saturday is a rain contingency day.  

Main motion R #01.21.98A Student Allocations recommends a SAF subsidy of $6,000. to the dance team.  Roll Call R #01.21.98A  Dance Team Subsidy Senator s Voting Yes Jason Dorn, Bob Pavlenko, Garth Benson -Proxy Jen Hibbard, Jim Jacobson, Kate Jacobsen, Matt Anderson, Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee, Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Peni Blakley, Dan Van Every, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Cindy West, Michael Vawracz, Kyle Jarvis, Melissa Bergeron, Emily Auseth-Proxy Eric Bakke, Scott Swanson, Melanie Wolters, Jesse Palmer,  Amy Enter Senators Voting No Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon Executive Staff Voting Yes Vice President Jason Patten  21-2 motion carries

VII.         Officer Reports                  

a) President - Brian Dietz I appreciate giving report.  Met with President Rush,  MSSA Meet & Confer- Monday, Jan. 26. Conference this weekend.  Contact Jason or Peni. Free Bowling, etc. in game room Saturday night.  Gail Mericle would like to address Senate regarding contracts for IFO.  Appointments: Washington DC trip-Brian Dietz, Jason Patten, Jim Senator Jim Jacobson, Matt Harmon, Peni Blakley, Allison McGee, Garth Senator Garth Benson-Proxy Hibbard, Michelle Murzyn  Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-will you be giving us a report? Coordinator Blakley-will be mandatory to do report.                   

b) Vice President - Jason Patten Ethics will be meeting soon.  Attendance at Student Affairs and Academic Affairs will be monitored.  Treasurer Hibbard has reviewed budget, we have around $4,000-5,000 remaining. Student Affairs doing survey                  

c) Speaker - Jason Kocina President Rush's  responses to Senate Resolutions.  The President approved the following resolutions:  R#01.14.98A-Health Service Depreciation Fund, R#01.14.98 B-Supplemental Football allocation, R#01.14.98C-Meal allowance increase, R#01.14.98D Dance Ensemble.    Senator Selvidge has resigned - Undeclared seat open. Attendance-we lost quorum before 7 PM.  Re-evaluate priorities, three hours is not too much to ask.  Please tell me if you are leaving for a class.  If you have a problem, talk to President, VP, or  Speaker.  Coordinator McGee-can you tell people how they can call for a recess? Speaker-I move to recess for 5 or 10 minutes.  Just move to recess. Suspend Rules to allow Coordinator Chase and Senator Jim Jacobson to give reports. Suspend Rules to allow Coordinator Chase to give report.           

VIII.         Staff Reports                  

a) Legislative Affairs - Peni Blakley President Dietz made a decision to with draw $1800 from the Senate account to purchase tickets for DC trip.  Sale is off on Thursday before we go to SAC.  Account will be reimbursed. Lobby-Security Initiative, Athletic Facility, will have information for you next week.  Motion will come out of committee regarding people attending DC trip.  Fill out forms ASAP.  MSUSA Conference this weekend-mandatory for you to attend Conference, limited spaces on out of town MSUSA trips. Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-how long does Conference last on Sunday? Coordinator Blakley-assume around noon Senator Dan Van Every-Proxy Gonzalez-how much is airfare?  If someone is willing to pay, can someone pay to go? Coordinator Blakley-we only have 8 spots. Senator Jason Dorn-Proxy Hiller-do you know how many other schools are taking? Senator Jason Dorn-Proxy Hiller-there are two waves, which one are we participating in? Coordinator Blakley-Us and St. Cloud         

b) Urban Affairs Coordinator - Matt Chase Urban Affairs working on Coalition-So Central Tech, Bethany, MSU- action plan, update negotiations with other associations, city counsel is almost getting ahead of us.  They offered us a committee that would require representation.  Coalition will soon be recognized.  Need student representation, developing long-range mission. I need a copy of your lease from off-campus senators.  We have 3 votes on city counsel for standardized lease.  Housing code is now being changed, need students to identify problems before code is changed. Partners for Affordable Housing-we need a student rep.  Need 3 more people on Urban Affairs.          

c)  Cultural Diversity - Coordinator McGee CD Committee is awesome.  Recommending a new class, America is so huge, we are just a big melting plot.  Working on Round Table for every organization that is involved in Cultural Diversity. I am a member of BSU- we voted to sell candy grams, this year for Valentines Day. 25% of proceeds will be donated to Mini-Mavs. Received appreciation from student.  Door is always open. Two students came in Office, thought she was nice, reminder to all senators to be nice and keep quorum. Vice President Patten-move to suspend rules for Senator Auseth's report. Motion carried Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-move for 15 minute recess.  Motion fails Senator Bergeron- move for 7 minute recess, 2nd.  Motion carries.


IX.         Senator Reports                  

a)Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-attended Women in Leadership Conference                          

b) Senator Jim Jacobson - motion  R #01.21.98C Mankato State Student Association Resolution to Change State Law 136F.22 regarding the Minnesota State University Student Association  Whereas:         the Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) was formed by Minnesota State law 136F.22 and currently includes all seven (7) state universities; Whereas: the students of Mankato State University pay approximately $85,000 per year in remuneration to MSUSA which is nearly 1/3 of the total MSUSA budget;  Whereas:         the Mankato  State University Student Association represents approximately 1/3 of all state university  students who pay fees to MSUSA; Whereas: each state university currently has equal voting privileges in the MSUSA organization; therefore be it  Resolved:         that Mankato State University may request that the Minnesota State Legislature change law 136F.22 to allow Student Associations to be proportionately represented and give each Student Association the option to continue membership with MSUSA  Senator Jim Jacobson-other universities receive dollar for dollar what we receive. It is only fair that we receive more.  St. Cloud has passed a resolution similar to this. Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee-this is important, we are the largest schools we should receive our share of funding. Senator  Proxy-Gonzalez-important, table Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-motion will make opportunity available if we want to pursue other options so that we get more representation. Proxy Hiller-this empowers MSU and MSUSA to have the option of representation. Senator Seth Swanson-call question, motion carries  Senator Jim Jacobson-move to reconsider  R # 01.21.98A -Dance Team allocation. 2nd Hiller Senator Jim Jacobson-concerned with recommendation from SAC.  concerned with meal money, no one else gets meal money.  Would like to see this sent back to SAC. Hiller-with draw 2nd. Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-big concerns with this brought up, they stayed for decision, athletic events are funded $12.50.  They should be funded.  This would look poorly to constituents. This should have been done during meeting. Unfair to dance team. Senator Enter-the reason why SAC did not specify, they agreed with what they had. Senator Vicki Edwards Merton-why do they get meals?  Have respect for what we said. Senator Seth Swanson-call question - pass Motion to reconsider fails        

c) Senator Swanson Working on survey, working with Dorn and Wolters on athletic budget                  

d)  Senator Bob Pavlenko Attended semester steering committee, doctoring up language, updating to semester system. Hashing out summer session because of one eight week term.                                               

e) Senator Senator Dan Van Every                  

f) Senator Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-It has been an honor to serve this quarter. Move that final sentence be stricken.  R #01.21.98B  Move that the final line in  the SAC budget proposal be stricken to allow SDP&A funds to be used to support cheerleading. Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-purpose is to allow SAC's recommendation to be debated. Vice President Patten-This is no longer about budget, but about whether to continue the program. Senator Jim Jacobson-disagree, motion is changing budget. A budget that many hours were spent. This is a dangerous move. Proxy Hiller-have amendment reread. What is intent of bill? Henry Morris-Intent is to recapitulate motion of 1/3, 1/3, 1/3.  Intent is to amend last years budget. Senator Bergeron-students should have cheerleading opportunity available to them.  We need to make a decision on this.  People care about this. Make a decision in favor of cheerleading. Senator Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon-Amendment to overall budget from last year?  What is purpose of motion, according to Henry Morris , cheerleading is in black.  Vice President Patten-a comprise was worked out last summer that would give them 1/3 of Student Development money, 1/3 Athletics, 1/3 SAC. They are operating on 2/3 now.  They will not ask for more unless they don't receive final 1/3.   

Senator Enter- Next year you won't have this problem? Senator Seth Swanson-call question  2nd   End debate -immediate vote Motion fails 10-8. Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee--If you haven't heard, people do come here for cheerleading.  We are student leaders, why should we stand in their way Senator Kyle Jarvis-what was proposal before SAC? Speaker-last years SAC recommendation was that money was not to come from Student Development dollars. Senator Jason Dorn-Proxy Hiller-bill was not to keep a program around but for funding. Senator Bob Pavlenko-when program gets killed, it paves the way for more. Senator Matt Anderson-question why would we change a budget that was set last year? Why don't we rely on wisdom of predecessor Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-will they have to ask for increase in SDP&A budget next year. Kelly Meier-No, they will not have to ask for more in budget for this. Vice President Patten-either the money has to come from SAF or SDP&A, this would allow them to take it from their budget.  Let them have the ability to take it from their budget. Senator Jim Jacobson-we are changing a budget to make a SAC recommendation work? Maybe student government administration promised something that you could not deliver. Senator Bergeron-I think if this body can give money to Aviation they can give  money for program to exist. Senator Palmer-If SDP&A already made an agreement to give 1/3 to the budget. Let them do that. Senator Jarvis-when was budget changed to 1/3? Vice President Patten-budget was not changed, SAC is still only giving them $3300.  Athletics did give them $5500.  Senator Kyle Jarvis-SDP&A has said they will give them money, if they come back to us we can turn them down? Vice President Patten-they are being proactive.  They are asking for money ahead of time?  They are trying to cover themselves so that they do not have a deficit. Senator Seth Swanson call question 2nd    Motion carries Vote on SDP&A   R#01.212.98B Move that the final line in  the SAC budget proposal , "It is SAC's intent that no SDP&A fiscal resources be utilized for this program." be stricken to allow SDP&A funds to be used to support cheerleading.  Roll Call  R#01.212.98B Senator s Voting Yes Jason Dorn, Bob Pavlenko, Kate Jacobsen, Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee,  Dan Van Every, Cindy West, Kyle Jarvis, Melissa Bergeron,  Emily Auseth-Proxy Eric Bakke, Seth Swanson,  Scott  Silver, Melanie Wolters, Jesse Palmer,  Amy Enter Senators Voting No Jim Jacobson, Matt Anderson, Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon Senators Abstaining Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Peni Blakley Senators Present Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon Executive Staff Voting Yes Vice President Jason Patten  Motion Carries Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-make a motion that President Rush accept SAC's recommendation. Senator Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon-line item has not been amended.  

The Speaker will rule that Proxy Bakke's amendment is out of order. Proxy Bakke-appeal Proxy Bakke-is example of clerical change.  When subsections are changed clerk can make clerical changes. Senator Bergeron-do we have to take two votes on same amendment? Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-agree with chairs decision.  Two votes at beginning, two votes at end.  Not that hard, do it again. Senator Jim Jacobson-Table Speaker-can not table Speaker-two votes need to be taken to amend motion Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-move  2nd Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee  Move to amend Cheer/Spirit line item to allow SDP&A Funds to be used for Cheer/Spirit Swanson call question 2nd    Roll Call Senator s Voting Yes Jason Dorn, Bob Pavlenko, Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee,  Dan Van Every, Kyle Jarvis, Melissa Bergeron,  Emily Auseth-Proxy Eric Bakke, Seth Swanson, Scott  Silver, Melanie Wolters, Jesse Palmer,  Amy Enter Senators Voting No Jim Jacobson, Matt Anderson, Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon, Vicki Edwards-Merton Senators Abstaining Kate Jacobsen, Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Peni Blakley, Cindy West Senators Present Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon Executive Staff Voting Yes Vice President Jason Patten Motion carries  Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-move SAC recommendation #12 be approved by University President.  Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-Senator proxy would want this, I have listened to students, this is what the students want. Senator Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon-Move to amend by adding the following language:  Neither SDP&A or Spirit/Cheerleading be allocated any additional funds for FY 98 Vice President Patten-move to amend words talent grants. Senator Allison Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee-Proxy McGee-you cannot have that in there.  You can not have talent grant. Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-it is all about language, yes SAC can give permission for talent grants but to keep it simple, don't call it a talent grant Senator Bergeron-call question motion carries Amendment is to strike talent grants Henry Morris-would this allow motion of uniforms to come up? Speaker-uniforms were in original SAC recommendation  Student Allocations Committee Recommendation #12  Move to recommend that Student Development Programs and Activities be allowed to use up to $5500.00 of their budget to assist in the overall operation of the Cheer squad and the mascot Stomper with the following stipulations:

A.  Up to a total of $1,000.00 of the overall budget may be used for scholarships, talent grants, stipends, and student salary.

B.  A maximum of $1000.00 of the overall budget may be used for coaching or professional services.

C.  If the account runs in deficit at any time it will be immediately frozen.

D.  Up to a total of $2000.00 of the overall budget may be used for spirit. •The overall budget refers to the total cheerleading budget which includes the Athletic Funding, Student Development Funding, SAF Funding, and all Fundraised money.   Motion Carries  Senator Emily Auseth-Proxy Bakke-is motion on uniforms on table? Senator Jim Jacobson-table until we have more information 2nd Senator Vicki Edwards Merton Senator Amy Enter-why don't we ask them, they are here. Proxy Hiller-move to caucus for 10 minutes   Motion fails Speaker-postpone for one week Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-neither Chair or Vice Chair is here, we don't have information. Motion to postpone carries 

X.         New Business                  

a) D.C. Trip R# 01.21.98D Whereas:         As the sole purpose of the Washington D.C. trip is to lobby and  Whereas:         it is important to be well versed in the issues and lobby techniques to do so effectively.  Therefore be it  Resolved:         that all preparation meetings for the D.C. trip be mandatory.  Be it further  Resolved:         that failure to attend any meeting without rescheduling with the Legislative Affairs Coordinator will forfeit your spot on the trip.  Be it further  Resolved:         that failure to attend after the cancellation date as stated by MSUSA, the individual in question will be responsible to reimburse the senate for airfare and other fees as determined by the president of the MSSA         Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-tickets are not transferable, MSUSA has room assignments, representatives need to know what we are doing. Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee--going for business, or take back your name. Senator  Seth  Swanson-call question Bergeron 2nd Motion carries          

b)  Senator Kate Jacobsen Move 2nd Senator Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee R#01.21.98E Sponsor:  Senator Kate Jacobsen  Co-sponsor :  Senator Dan Van Every  Be it resolved:         That the MSSA Senate requests that MSU President Richard Rush submit to the MSSA Senate a formal written explanation as to why the Spirit/Cheer  account was allowed to enter the deficit it finished the Fiscal Year '97 with, and be it further  Resolved: That MSU President Richard Rush provide a written explanation of what action the University will take to cover said deficit, and be it further  Resolved: That MSU President Rush provide in writing what actions the University will take to insure this program will remain solvent.  Motion carries 

  • Announcements Senator Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Blakley-get money to Cheri for MSUSA lunch


XII. Adjournment Roll Call Senator s Voting Yes Bob Pavlenko, Matt Anderson, Kate Jacobsen, Allison Plathe-Proxy McGee,  Sylvia Oelberg-Proxy Peni Blakley, Dan Van Every, Kyle Jarvis, Melissa Bergeron,  Emily Auseth-Proxy Eric Bakke, Vicki Edwards-Merton, Scott  Silver, Melanie Wolters, Jesse Palmer,  Amy Enter, Heather Dye-Proxy Matt Harmon, Senators Voting No  Cindy West  Senators Present Jason Dorn-Proxy Chris Hiller,  Seth Swanson, Executive Staff Voting Yes Vice President Jason Patten